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   Chapter 214 Boss Please Accept Our Admire

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"! !" All of them looked at their boss in shock.

When Lancy finally realized what had happened, she clapped her hands and was suddenly enlightened. She had never expected that her would thought that! Wilson has grasped the "handle" of Sherry. Marvin also has a handle of Wilson, and it's quite serious.

Other people of the Lu Clan showed, ' Master, please accept our knees!'

Sure enough, who can compete with the boss when he plays!

Maybe it was because Marvin was the son of Wilson that the people did not think the master of the Marvin would punish him after knowing what he had done! It also explained the reason why Sidney showed up in the first place.

Nobody expected that the master of the clan would be so cruel and merciless!

Wilson was trembling with fear. He couldn't believe what he had heard. "What, what did you say?" he stammered...

"Don't you understand?" Marvin seemed distressed. The next second, he stood up and his tall body stood in front of Wilson. "Intentional homicide, intentional injury, intentional kidnapping, and the harm to less eighteen year old children... Ah, it sounds like a strict punishment. "

"…… You! You! You! Are you fucking my son? How dare you treat me like this! "

The next second, Marvin's face changed. He opened up his whole body and shocked everyone present with no efforts! It seemed that he was a criminal and a bad judge!

"Divorce or go to jail? Select one!" "Before I change my mind."

What he meant was that there would be no such a way in next moment! Were these two options too few? Maybe the next second, there was no room for choice.

If that was the case, then the only choice left was to go to jail!

Oh, right. He was going to stay in prison all life.

It was really an eye opening news for others!

Lewis was surprised and proud. His nephew had grown up so fast that he even couldn't compare with him, which made him deserve to be admired!

Sherry finally believed what Lancy and the babies said. Her son was omnipotent, invincible!

And the babies who had seen daddy and mommy was quite calm. Was it not enough? Their daddy can do everything!

He didn't care about Lancy.

Two little buns covered their faces at the same time. Mommy, do you dare to look at daddy with an expression of begging and begging? Did she dare to shut the door and behave herself?

Did Wilson has choice? He stared at Marvin in a daze. He was serious. If he made a wrong choice, Marvin would sent him to prison.

"I agree, I agree to divorce." The man was like a defeated attack. Even a simple response was full of frustration! He lost his energy all of a sudden, Wilson lost, completely losing all his dignity! How ridiculous! Since he was a little boy, he had started to fight against the others... But he lost to his own son at last!

Apart from remove his name, divorce, and break up with the Lu Clan t

by Wilson because of their wages! Of course, the rest were confiscated!

Fortunately, Sidney didn't take his properties back... As for the property, he didn't need to know. Of course, the house property he bought was for those women outside.

Wilson didn't need to sleep on the street. Those women outside were easy to get along with.

However, the result was not as optimistic as Wilson thought? ...

At the beginning, those women outside welcomed his arrival happily! It was not until this scandal was released officially that the prosperous Wilson's good life came to an end. It was a living hell for Wilson to travel from the east to the West.

Compared with women, these kids are affected! Originally, she didn't have much feelings for this father. She was willing to listen to his words only because he was rich. His family name was Lu. They had hoped that one day they would become members of Lu family!

As a result, it was Wilson who had the surname "Lu". Unfortunately, it was useless now!

In a word, this is retribution! And Wilson treated him in the same way! As a result, the only choice of Wilson was Sara.

In that farce, Wilson put all the blame on her. If it weren't for her, he wouldn't have lost all! But now, he could do nothing about it. Wilson comforted himself that he was not going to find Sara, but to his small villa.

However, looking at the strange face that said to be the master, Wilson became more and more excited. And Sara ran away... After selling the small Western-style building, she left with her son, wrapped in all jewelry and cash.

She didn't leave anything special for Wilson. What the man didn't know was that she was holding the cheque in her hand. The heat was from the yellow hair that she just received!

Sara thought, 'it's better to leave now.'? She didn't want to entangle with being removed from the world. She had a son to raise! So, never see again!

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