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   Chapter 213 A Farce

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She had just given birth the day before yesterday, and was supposed to stay in the hospital for another month. But today, she could barely walk! The pale face, the cold sweat faintly flowing down, and the slight pain between the eyebrows and eyes, could not be hidden!

If Hanson was here, he would thumb up silently for her excellent acting skill!

Sara ground her teeth and thought, 'I wasn't acting!' She now knew how sad she was when the princess of mermaid turned into a person. Every step she took caused her lower abdomen wound. She was almost in pain to death.

As a man, he could never understand the pain of women's childbirth

So, the tears of Sara, at the same time, were definitely true! She was hurt... At this moment, she just wanted to end all this as soon as possible, and she wanted to have a good rest.

"Sara!" No one would expect that it was the obedient and obedient Sara!

Any mistress outside came to their house with a child in her arms. Everyone knew her intention! Unfortunately, Sara chose at this time Wilson couldn't believe what she had just heard.

However, Sara acted as if she hadn't noticed the threat in his eyes. She held the child and knelt in front of Sherry. "Madam, madam, please, please accept me! My child was just born. He is so young. He can't live without his father! Wilson. I know he loves you, so he said that last night. I don't blame him for that! "

It was really a piece of cake for a weak woman to cry. What Sara said was so "art"! It seemed that she said nothing, but in fact, she had told everything she should say.

With her ambiguous words and the baby in her arms, Sherry's face changed. She hurriedly held her up and said, "you just delivered the baby!"

Sherry had no feelings for Wilson any more, so she didn't show any hatred to Sara, who brought a child here, as his mistress. On the contrary, Sherry sympathized with her, who was deceived by Wilson and fooled by Wilson, and gave birth to a baby for him.

With the strength of Sherry, Sara stood up and cowardly looked at her, "madam, do you accept me? Don't blame Wilson for that. It's all my fault. Don't be mad at Wilson! I don't ask for anything, and I will never threaten your position. I just want you to be pitiful and allow me and the baby to live. You can just treat me as a dispensable pet. I swear I will listen to you! "

Sherry's hand which was holding Sara paused, and silently took her back! Her words sounded scary?

This woman must have watched too much soap opera? Lewis clenched his fist and coughed. Under his clothes, there was gooseflesh on his arm.

What the hell was the cat and the dog! 'Does she really know what she is talking about? Well...

Lancy was the one that realized

h her!

The sly looking boss snorted? Deal? Sara, speak sincerely!

As a man with a wife and children, some dirty water cannot be poured on him.

Marvin was confused by Sara's glance, but one of Lancy also squinted at her in danger. What did he mean by that smile?

What the hell? Was she jealous of that woman?

The other guests couldn't wait to share the big news with their friends by phone, Internet. They had been waiting for a long time.

People were the most curious about the true face of the rich. The hearsay spread quickly. The news that Wilson had been removed hadn't been confirmed yet, but the onlookers dare not spread it. The hearts of those who wanted to gossip had long been ready to move. Now this drama could finally allow them to gossip?

The people in the Lu mansion began to brush the hall in high spirits, and on the other side, the communication rate of the people with yellow hair was also very fast. In less than two hours, Wilson's related news had been updated on the Internet.

After Lewis had seen and heard enough, he squinted at Wilson and asked lightly, "can you get a divorce now?"

Sara's presence made everyone see through what kind of person Wilson was in marriage. Her reputation If these things were revealed out in a court, perhaps he would be the first one to lose his reputation. It was better for both of them to divorce by agreement, which was good for both sides.

"No, I won't!" The man's eyes blazed with fury. "I don't care. I just lost my reputation. I don't want to be a member of your family anymore!"

Did Wilson mean that they would die together!

Upon hearing this, Jasper couldn't help bursting into laughter, which was more intimidating than indifference and cruelty! "Aren't you afraid of being ruined and going to jail for intentional homicide?"

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