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   Chapter 212 Leave Mr. Sidney Alone

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However, as for Ray and Rani, Mr. Sidney seemed to understand something all of a sudden, and that was why he had said that.

Surprised by what Mr. Sidney said, a well behaved Mrs. Wilson asked, "What did Mr. Sidney say? Leave it to Marvin?" Mrs. Wilson is no longer against Lewis. 'Mr. Sidney is giving him a lot of power, ' Mrs. Wilson thought.

That's right. Mr. Sidney had done a lot of big things since he came back to Lu Clan. In the eyes of the public, they thought they had backed up the family in the first place. But then things had changed. From the way the steward of the Lu mansion and the management of the group came to ask for Mr. Sidney's opinion, it seemed that the situation had changed!

How would he do that? Of course, he is entitled to make a figurehead in the clan! Now he didn't seem to mind it at all, but things would be different if things kept going on like this.

An emperor in ancient times had more power than Warren?

All people, including Mrs. Wilson, wanted to watch this good play. However, Marvin's endurance was beyond everyone's imagination. He was not displeased at all. All he wanted to do was to obey Mr. Sidney.

How could they believe that? Well, don't be silly. Do you think you can make Mr. Sidney happy to take the throne? The crowd, especially Ella, pouted. She rolled her eyes and almost rolled them out! Many of them secretly thought that maybe Marvin was doing a good job of tolerating for one day, but it didn't mean that he would bear for a year. Well, Mr. Sidney's health was at least ten years left. They wanted to see if the two would continue to live in peace.

Actually, Marvin didn't care it at all. He is someone else who takes charge of it... '

That was all what he would say later. He would not mention it again.

And that's why Mr. Sidney wielded his power in public. People present were shocked and stared at Gary with amazement, having no intention of watching the show.

Mr. Sidney, do you dare to spoil the master more! And above all was the voice of the crowd.

Lewis raised his eyebrows and didn't say anything else. He totally ignored Wilson, thinking about what Mr. Sidney meant. Since Lewis was in a rush, the conditions inside the Lu Clan were only partly known from what he had said to Sherry yesterday. Actually, Lewis didn't know much about the curves of the Lu family, so he only guessed one of the reasons why Mr. Sidney had acted so rashly.

'Everyone from the Lu Clan except Sherry and her followers, ' Lewis snorted inwardly. 'I don't like them. They have eyes, nose and eyes. And this elder is no exception.'! The Lu Clan was unreasonable. They couldn't win him in words. Was they going to play the family card? Mean!

Just thinking about it, Lewis was a businessman, so he wouldn't show any dissatisfaction on his face. Moreover, Lewis did want to see Marvin. After all, he is his nephew. When he was a child, Lewis hugged him!

At the thought of this, Marvin showed up. Unexpectedly, Marvin was followed by a group of people They were lady Lancy, the longans and the buns, as well a

atching than me! "

The woman's eyes suddenly widened. Sherry bit her lips tightly and couldn't believe her own eyes! She didn't dare to think about what Wilson had told her!

In the meantime, Lancy, who seemed to be sitting next to Marvin, was also sitting next to him. Her eyes were shining like grapes. Ah, her hands were itching again. What should she do? 'It seems that she was not strong enough yesterday. He started to talk nonsense and threaten they again.

Both Ray and Rani, who had always been confident about justice, didn't make a fuss this time, but acted as usual! When the adult couldn't see anything, the two babies revealed a row of white teeth at Wilson, which gave Wilson an ominous premonition.

At this time, the Lu mansion ushered in another unexpected guest.

When the steward came to report the Zen, he had a quite weird expression on his face! As she stole glances at Wilson's companions, she opened and shut her mouth, unspeaking.

In front of the master, of course the steward dared not to act rashly. He withdrew his sight, lowered his head and said, "Master, it is Mr. Wilson's guest. " From the current situation, it had become a difficult problem for all the servants of the Lu Clan to deal with.

They didn't know what had happened between them, so they called him "Mr. Wilson" directly. She had to mention him when she had to.

Marvin frowned and glanced at Wilson. He couldn't believe that a man who was locked up now got a visitor... What mischief was he going to make?

This time, Wilson didn't know how to react and was completely stunned! At present, the news that he was removed from the company had not been spread yet. He was not a fool to call someone for help at this time in case that the news would not spread fast enough?

They knew who the guest was soon.

A delicate woman held her newly born child in her arms, and pitifully appeared in everyone's sight! When she saw Wilson, she couldn't help but burst into tears. She sobbed, "Wilson, how could you do this to me?"

The man was Sara.

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