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   Chapter 210 Surprise Attack On The Ward

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10037

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He asked in a sexy voice? Therefore, Hanson was beaten up again.

It was indeed the most unbelievable thing for them to see the little babies, the group of people led by Hanson, sitting around and looking. Who could understand that people who wanted to poke but was afraid to expose the regret in the end?

His little hand was so delicate that they couldn't even withstand a man's single finger. They had no choice but to look at bun for relief! As a bachelor, no one could understand the feelings of being single without even a wife? Bun had no wife. You could imagine how far she would go!

Thus, everyone directly ignored the target who was still in a coma.

Now he was awake.

The young man, Hanson, knocked the baby, who was ready to have sex with him, and said seriously, "My name is Hanson. My boss has something to talk with you."

The Yellow haired men knelt down as they heard the short but shrewd self introduction of Hanson! Did he make a deal to defeat his opponent with a majestic momentum? They wanted to kick the table!

"How did you get in here?" Yang Tianxin regained her strength. She stared at the baby nervously and felt relieved after making sure that the baby was fine.

Actually, what Sara wanted to do most was to roll up the baby's little quilt to confirm the gender of the baby.

However, she couldn't do anything under their gazes.

The man with yellow hair, Hanson, sat on his legs and said casually, "Please come in as bold as you can." This was a hospital, not a police station, which was the best place to open to the outside.

Don't you want to be treated because they don't look like good people? He didn't look down upon her.

Originally, it was unable to be more candid, but in Sara's ears, it completely changed!

'What? Didn't he say that I have some top men?' she thought? Sara was frightened, and she had a lot in the blink of an eye. At this time, her dull head due to childbirth began to operate, and she remembered what had happened before she was sent to the hospital. "The Lu Clan?"

Sara was sure that the man must be from the Lu Clan.

'It happened so fast. There is still people ahead. This cliff is the Lu Clan. No doubt.'.

Hanson paused for a moment. How should he answer such a question?

Hanson imitated Ray's posture in his usual way and said unfathomably, "Yes, you're right." The brothers behind him were flabbergasted! 'maybe I should take this chance to show off my power before those people of the Zhuo clan? Why did she become the daughter of the Lu Clan?

The Yellow haired man, Hanson, smiled and said, "If you're brave enough, why don't you call my Leader, who was the young master of the Lu Clan?" What a jerk!

Sara's heart sank deeper into the sea as she got a vague answer from Hanson. She knew why he did that But she didn't expect them to come so soon. "…… What do you want? "

"I want nothing from you. Isn't it reasonable for you to take the consequences for what you have done?" Hanson said, rubbing

n and the right-hand candies. "In that case, you and your baby will be provided with everything they need..."

Sara got it at once. Her guilt turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared in the end.

It was not because she was ruthless, but because she had to plan for her child! 'Wilson, don't blame me!'!

Hanson led his fellows to win. He couldn't wait to report the good news to his leader!

?"Yes, of course! Leader! "

?"Do you want to praise us or praise me? "

Hanson had been together with the little babies for a long time, but still couldn't remember what Hanson looked like before?

It seems that Hanson have been completely forgotten by Hanson.

While Ray and Rani worked hard to make the plan, Sherry was about to magnify the moves.

Sherry could never count on Mr. Sidney, and she didn't want to make it difficult for Marvin. So, Sherry had made a decision that it was time to contact the Nan Clan.

The Nan Clan was not very famous in Alaska, because its core was coastal, and its family was naturally not here.

Compared with the Lu Clan, which was inherited from generation to generation, the Nan Clan was a typical representative of relying on starting from scratch.

The Nan Clan was one of the first group of people who took risks to prepare for the downfall of the treasure. It was courageous and courageous. They were not afraid of crisis. What they lacked was only a chance!

At that time, Sherry's father seized this opportunity, and then the Nan Clan had everything.

Unlike the Lu Clan, the Nan Clan had a simple population, and there weren't many bad people! The so-called rich people were only the second generation, and this was the time for them to strive for success.

Because, although Nan Clan was not rich enough, after years of accumulation, it was still famous on the domestic rich list.

It could be seen that it was not a real "perfect match" between Wilson and Sherry in the past. Why did Wilson and Sherry agree to their marriage?

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