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   Chapter 209 Give Up On Me

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Sherry was in a dilemma, and suddenly was not so sure. She could imagine what a situation that Marvin would face then. Would she really have to tangle with Wilson for the rest of her life? She couldn't believe that she could still be Wilson's wife and daughter-in-law in Lu Clan?

In the whole Lu Clan, except three siblings, Marvin, Myron, Freda, there is not a good man in Sherry's heart. She even had a grudge against Mr. Sidney.

But considering that Mr. Sidney protected her son, cultivated Marvin and put him in an important position, the greatest concession for Sherry was to repay her kindness and complaints. Therefore, if Sherry didn't take Marvin and his sister into account, Sherry really wasn't afraid of making a scene. As for the Lu Clan, Sherry didn't care at all!

However, if things went contrary to her wishes, there would be no one who was determined to leave.

While Sherry was struggling, she had expected the worst result with a disheartened heart. However, her hand was held in one person's hand. It was Lancy.

Lancy just couldn't stand this. This man dared to threaten them. It seemed that she was not going to slap Wilson hard enough! Lancy felt much better after she gave the man a good kick.

Then she turned to Sherry and smiled sweetly, "Mother in law, don't worry, our boss is super powerful, he is invincible! As the saying goes, if the boss comes forward, he will win the game! Don't listen to him. He is such a snob. Marvin saved Ray and Rani greatly. "

With a complacent look on her face, Lancy couldn't help but give a thumbs up for her cleverness. Blinking her big eyes, she seemed to be showing off her cleverness in silence. What was she showing off? Of course she was showing off her husband's cool side!

As far as she was concerned, it was an incredible thing that Marvin could find Ray, Rex and Rani in just one night. What reputation? Being embarrassed? That's not a big deal. The boss could solve it as he wished.

So, it's better to be brave and fight with those bad guys!

Sherry was stunned by Lancy's words, and her eyes were filled with hatred. She almost lost her mind! But, was he really able to cope with it?

"Daddy, he is awesome!" Rani said.

Although Rani's overbearing side vision leaked easily, what kind of awesome and mighty force was it! People who don't know them might think that your daddy has a muscular back.

Her brother, Ray, nodded in agreement with Rani.

The three pairs of bright eyes looked at Sherry. Sherry had a deep sense of pride in "our son is omnipotent". Ah, is my son so powerful? So that she could "sell" herself?

Lancy and the two babies nodded firmly. They had to fight!

If Marvin had known that she was placed with great hope, he would be very disappointed.

Anyway, with the promise of the mother and the son made by patting their chests, Sherry started to trust her eldest son, Marvin.

Hence, Sherry just glanced at Wilson coldly and replied, "

an those gangsters from the respectable families.

'there must be a connection between the high education and the good education from the family?

Sara was completely in a bad mood, not only because of Wilson's shameless behavior, but also because he spilled the beans, he was so eager to vent his anger! Only then did Sara realize that Wilson had to kill his own grandson, the eldest daughter of the Lu Clan!

Now, it was all over.

Sara was so shocked that she sat down on the ground. She was so worried about her ending that she had completely forgotten the baby in her belly, which was about to be born.

There were less than seven days before expected date of childbirth. Technically speaking, it was not premature. The baby in Sara's belly was "scared" and couldn't wait to see the world.

Fortunately, Sara hired a nanny home early in the morning, and she was sent to the hospital in time.

After seven or eight hours' efforts, the baby was finally out. When Sara opened her eyes again, there were some unexpected visitors in the ward.

The man, Hanson, who took the lead seemed to be a man with yellow hair.

That man was so lewd and I could tell at a glance that he was not a good man! She sneaked around the baby sneakily. Bearing the sharp pain, Sara struggled to get up from the bed! "Who, who are you?"

Because of the color of Hanson's hair, Hanson was thought to miscarry again? )The bad guy, Hanson had two hands: blame me! Do you think I don't want to change my mind? I know Rani like it.

Was Hanson making trouble out of showing off!

Stubble! You think we don't know why Miss Rani likes the present! But its hair is in the same color as the yellow duck! Does she really like you! Innocent

Hanson shrugged and said in a serious tone, "Oh, you must be jealous and hateful.".

For a long time, the brothers all became yellow hair overnight, and finally his real body won! The above story told everyone that the fake was always the fake!

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