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   Chapter 208 Would Sherry Take Actions

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Rani asked in disbelief.

Why wasn't she aware of it before that her grandma was so fool?

With a face that showed excessive self indulgence, Wilson didn't know how to convince those sweet words?

Sherry didn't lie to Ray and Rani about the kidnapping. The two little buns could almost figure out what had happened from the information about Wilson. And their mommy also confirmed it.

Both Ray and Rani had no feelings for this nominal grandfather. Even from the beginning, they hated this person very much, so for Wilson who wanted to kill them, the two babies were more clam and ruthless than their father Marvin, Mommy Lancy, great grandfather Sidney, and so on. They were relatively calm.

He was just in the stage of an enemy towards Wilson. If it was an enemy, he must be thrown into the hell!

And this was the motto of the two babies' lives.

They didn't care much about what their grandfather would do to Wilson. When they learned that Sherry was going to divorce Wilson and entered the negotiations, they rushed to Sherry as soon as they heard that Sherry was out of the attic.

What are you doing here? Lancy patted her chest to calm her mother-in-law down! When the girl knew what Wilson had done, she was absolutely in favor of Sherry.

She didn't expect that Wilson would happen to her.

The mother and son couldn't stand it anymore. When they were about to rush in, they heard some noise again. The slaps were too clear.

They all peered inside the door, looking terrific.

Even Ray, who had always been calm, couldn't help but shout in his heart, 'grandma is so mighty! Grandma is as awesome!'

Wilson couldn't believe what he saw. He touched his side face belatedly. Sherry had already taken the opportunity to get out of his control. After she got out of the control, she even slapped Wilson in vent of her hatred.

They could not believe their eyes.

Meanwhile, Sherry was trying his best to stay away from Wilson in the limited space. When she saw that he could not believe it, she laughed ironically. "Wilson, is this all you can do?"

But now, is there only such a dirty trick? '?


"What? Do you think I'll accept you as husband, just because you said some silly, plain girl's honeyed words in the past? "

The reason why Sherry had no reaction was not because she wavered, but because she suddenly realized that this man had never loved her!

What he loved most was himself, what he cared most about was his status and wealth! Her mother was right. This man married her only because the Nan Clan could give him help. That was all.

However, Wilson didn't expect that Sherry would be so determined because of what he had done! She closed herself and distanced herself from her own family. She didn't come back again these years.

Perhaps this was karma. In the end, Wilson had lost the support of his father-in-law.

The reason

in front of the victim?' he thought?

After making up her mind, Lancy stopped and gave Wilson a ferocious stare.

Wilson felt that he had no other choice but to exhale. At that moment, he was just like being run over by an excavator, and her internal organs were out of place?

Lancy didn't like him at all.

"Mother, are you all right?" The girl looked worried when she turned to Sherry. Looking around, she heaved a deep sigh of relief.

Her clothes were indeed a little disheveled...

Lancy also regretted breaking up with her father as soon as possible, but she didn't expect that Wilson would be so shameless and prepare to force her to do... Ah, she really wanted to kick him more.

"Good girl, I'm fine. I'm really fine." Sherry felt warm in her heart and pulled her back in time. She shook her head at her. "I don't want to stay here any longer. Let's go."

Lancy remained motionless. She pointed at the divorce agreement on the ground and asked, "but, what about this?"

With a glance at the Wilson of the "miserably wicked" on his face, Sherry couldn't show any mercy to him any more. "It's not up to him!"

"Pig Wilson" rose up the corners of his mouth and wiped off the blood around his lips. He was seriously injured, which was the impossible answer between him and Sherry! How clear, simple, and crude. The mask on his face was completely torn apart, and he couldn't see any tenderness in her eyes now. "Sherry, do you care about your own reputation and Marvin? He is the ruler of the Lu Clan, and he will take care of everything! "

The only possible reason for Sherry's divorce was that they went to court. With the Lu Clan's reputation and status in Alaska, it would definitely make a splash in the city. By then, as the eldest son of Sherry and the master of the Lu clan, could he escape?

Seeing that Sherry stopped, she turned paler, Wilson smiled more brightly. He had the joy of revenge.

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