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   Chapter 206 Everyone's Doubts

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"Hand to head " was the most advanced attacking skill nowadays! "What is the travel strategy?"? Well, you would know it from the gentle expression of the boss. This strategy was offensive, and it was also a trump card.

The glaze black eyes sparkled with dazzling light, and his thin lips couldn't help arising. The man leaned in her arms, which was a gesture of greatly favored.

Lancy's pretty face turned red. She stood still and didn't dare to move.

All of a sudden, his boss became tender and fragile, which she was not used to.

'why did he become so fragile? What on earth is it?'!

However, his boss did not care about it at all. If not, he could ignore others' protest and complaints.

The love between boss and Lancy has been deeper. Congratulations.

The news that Wilson was removed from the clan spread like wildfire. The news was spreading like wildfire in Lu Clan.

Almost everyone knew the miserable future ahead of Wilson. Originally, there were still some people watching, and soon the news that Sherry was about to divorce with Wilson exploded like a bomb. Now, that was not "future". From the looks of it, I'm afraid that the day they get divorced will be the day Wilson is kicked out of the Lu Clan.

What happened?

Many people came to Mrs. Wilson to inquire about the news. Mrs. Wilson just wanted to sneer. She was also one of the people who had no idea, but a representative.

Mr. Sidney had never told Mrs. Wilson the truth. Even after Ray and Rani were saved, Mr. Sidney still paid no attention to her.

All the while, it was Marvin and his grandfather who had discussed the whole thing. As a matter of fact, Wilson was part of it Of course, Sidney was the one to decide how to deal with Wilson.

After all, Marvin was the son of Wilson. However, she could tell what Marvin did from Sidney's attitude...

This was not the point. The point was that, as the elder of the Lu Clan, she didn't that Wilson was remove from Lu Clan. This would be a slap in the face for her, wouldn't it?

The exasperated Mrs. Wilson was about to rush out and argue with Sidney, but was blocked by the loyal Mrs. Lena.

"Mrs. Wilson, please don't be impulsive at this moment!" Mrs. Lena stood in front of the door and closed it. She was so anxious that she was in a sweat. She grabbed Mrs. Wilson's hand tightly, regardless of her status. "Please think it over Or maybe Sidney didn't keep the secret from you deliberately, but the matter happened too suddenly! Maybe, it's just too angry... "

Obviously, Mrs. Lena meant something else. Her words were like the cold water which fell down from the Mrs. Wilson's head.

A shiver ran down her spine. Mrs. Wilson felt relived as she thought of the possibility that she might be in trouble again.

When he calmed down, he was in a cold sweat! Of course not. Remove his name was a very serious matter. Even if there were only a few records on that page! If there was no other way, the clan would not remove the member from the list!

Even if the

Lena's voice again and again. Why? Wasn't she obedient to the servant?

Mrs. Lena quickly bent down and made a gesture lower! Don't ever try to persuade her that everyone is equal and everyone can be equal. It's no use to being friendly to a big and powerful family. In particular, she had been following Mrs. Wilson since she was a child and was used to being obedient to her. In other words, Lena's slave was carved in her bones.

Mrs. Lena lowered her head even lower. She thought for a while and couldn't help saying, "Mrs. Wilson, with Mr. Sidney's character, I'm afraid..." The underlying meaning behind his words was that Mr. Sidney was extremely angry. If the Mrs. Wilson could be intimate with the predecessors, it would not matter. But the problem was that if she really went to join them, wouldn't she directly become a fire extinguisher?

Ah, it was still the rank of cannon fodder.

The color drained from Mrs. Wilson's face. That was what people called "beautiful"! That's the only disadvantage of having a close friend who grew up with you from childhood to adulthood. Yes, they were loyal to each other, but they knew each other too well that they understood each other very well. In other words, they were the same.

Although Mrs. Lena didn't say it out loud, the underlying meaning behind her words was clear, which was embarrassing.

But I have to admit that Mrs. Lena is right. Considering Mr. Sidney's temper and their relationship, it was indeed improper for her to stand out.

Mrs. Wilson rubbed her brows. After weighing the pros and cons, she sighed regretfully. "Never mind. Get up."

Mrs. Lena was relieved to see her ladyship give up the idea. She got up with lingering fear.

They shared weal and woe. That was also the reason why Mrs. Lena stopped her. She was willing to take the risk of provoking Mrs. Wilson! Mrs. Lena was the servant girl of Mrs. Wilson. If Mrs. Wilson had to end up with the same tragedy as Wilson, her good days in the Lu Clan would come to an end.

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