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   Chapter 203 The Past

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However... Marvin looked at his mother's pale face. Although her face didn't change much, the wrinkles around the corners of her eyes were still obvious! 'How time flies! She was so young! Her youth was wasted.' Marvin thought sadly. Well, that got him thinking.

"…… Mother, who is that man? " Marvin's eyes narrowed slightly and there was an unreadable expression on his face.

He wondered what kind of person could have made Wilson involve wife to go in?

What on earth was the truth? Since Mr. Sidney and others had been around, Sherry had been absent-minded, and now there were only Marvin and Sherry left, so Marvin had to make it clear!

As an adult, Marvin wanted to know everything about his mother! Marvin really wanted to know what had happened to his mother. What had she suffered?

Sherry didn't expect that Marvin would ask him this question. He was obviously stunned, but soon felt relieved! Sherry looked into the distance and sighed deeply. That night was an old mental demon of Sherry.

Whenever Sherry woke up at midnight, she couldn't help but clean herself over and over again until she became better in recent years!

"Who is that guy?" Marvin asked. Sherry smiled bitterly and sighed bitterly, "I don't know who he is."

Sherry didn't know, really!

Even if she secretly went back to her mother's home to seek help, with the help of her mother's family, Sherry could still not find out who that person was! All she knew was that he was an extraordinary man!

Why are you so sure that man is a big shot? Sherry's heart was filled with hatred. If the man was a normal person, Wilson would not do anything to harm her!

The painful memory would come back in the day when they first met.

More than twenty years ago, a big event happened in the Lu Clan. It was a kidnap, but the person who was kidnapped was Marvin, who was still young. As the favorite grandson of Mr. Sidney in the Lu Clan, Marvin had a wonderful childhood.

Today he had a car accident; tomorrow he had a car accident; and the day after tomorrow he was sent to the hospital because of something he shouldn't eat That was Marvin's childhood! It was also because of the man's big and small disasters that Marvin was much more precocious than his peers. He was not only young and calm, but also smart. Gradually, he had learned how to avoid those "disaster" quietly!

However, an unfathomable thing never cease in this world. At that time, Marvin was too small and too young to be trapped.

The kidnapper was the most powerful commercial rival of the Lu Clan!

The so-called strong rivals were naturally on par with each other in strength. However, the business world was changeable. The Sun Clan was just like the big shots in the business world.

Sun Clan went all out to fight, but ended up with a family broken up and even into pieces! The last remaining members of the Sun Clan put all the blame on the Lu Clan. After ambushing for some time, they successfully kidnapped the young boy, Marvin.

The purpose of Sun Clan is very simple. What they want is nothin

on to be the head of the Lu Clan, which was exactly what happened in the past.

Fight within the Lu Clan, fight within the group, fight under the eyes of Mr. Sidney! In any case, he would try his best to rope in anyone who could help him.

At that time, Wilson met a second opportunity in his life (the first opportunity is the kidnapping incident of Marvin)! A rather mysterious person!

In fact, Wilson wasn't really clear about his strength. He only knew that as long as he had that person's help, the master of the Lu Clan would definitely be him.

However, that person was also dangerous. He was about to take your life as long as you didn't follow his heart! How could Wilson let go of the chance to please such a tyrant?

It was funny that Wilson thought of Sherry only because that the man paused for a second when he saw the picture of Sherry and Wilson.

Wilson used all means to get that man's favor including money, power, and beauties. In that case, his pause was enough to give hope to Wilson.

In this way, Wilson sent his wife to that man's bed with his miraculous brain.

That was enough to prove that Wilson couldn't get that person's help.

Thus, it could be seen that Wilson hid the two of them in an inconspicuous way that night! However, with that person's temperament, why was there no revenge in the end? Up to now, Wilson still couldn't understand, and this was the reason why he had been suspecting Sherry.

If he succeeded, there would be two results for him. First, that person would definitely help him, and Sherry would definitely make a big fuss about it. Second, that person would retaliate against him, but not made any movement, even with Sherry, she would be fine. This made Wilson completely unable to figure out whether he had succeeded or not?

Since then, Wilson had never met that man again. And Sherry was the only one who knew the truth.

Sherry could also keep calm. There was really no expression on her face. By the side of Wilson, Wilson was so anxious that he kept jumping his feet!

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