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   Chapter 185 A Mysterious Gift

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It sounded like 'done' was far from 'finished'. They were of different difficulty.

But Sara didn't care about the screaming. She heard her heart beating! "What I want Wish? " Sara could not help biting her lips. Was it what she thought?

"Yes, your wish." The man's voice was full of temptation, and a glimmer of satisfaction flashed through Wilson' eyes. Wilson was quite complacent that he could fool Sara under his control. "It's your wish to be my wife, right? You will go into Lu Clan. By then, our child will no longer be a secret love child... "

The hall was so quiet that the sound of embroidery needles falling on the ground could be heard clearly. They were so close to each other that they seemed to be kissing and hugging each other. If there was no space between them.

"I promise you!" Sara changed her mind and her black eyes lit up than ever. As Wilson expected, she would do her best to achieve her goal.

For the sake of the baby, and also for herself It was not until everyone lived for themselves and involved their own interests that they would take it seriously.

"I believe you." Wilson said, his eyes darkened.

Why did Wilson choose Sara, who had been out of touch with her ex, instead of his connections? He was not making a hasty decision, but after careful consideration.

He seemed to have made the decision a moment ago. In fact, since Mr. Sidney prepared the wedding for Lancy and Marvin, Wilson had a vague idea. And then Mr. Sidney only paid attention to Ray. He changed his name, which ignited Wilson's hatred in his heart and his plan that shouldn't be touched.

After all, Wilson was a part of the Lu Clan and he had a wide range of contacts over the years. That was the reason why Wilson chose Sara. Sara was introduced to "Group T". As far as he knew, her ex was no longer a punk who used to be though not of great importance. She was powerful. While Wilson was in need of an unnoticed yet somebody with a certain status.

His own connections Perhaps Mr. Sidney knew it better than he did.

"Remember, this must be done properly for me. If someone takes advantage of this..." Wilson narrowed his eyes, looking dangerous.

Sara had to keep nodding, but she was still trembling. Of course, she knew that the subject was very important. Although the man didn't say it clearly, Sara knew what Group T was. It was a business of life and death A shiver ran down her spine. 'Who does he want?'?

Sara was about to say something, but hesitated. In the end, she decided to swallow the question. She didn't want to know what she wasn't supposed to know.

Looking at the man's expression, she must hate him very much!

It was not the first time that Sara saw such a thing. She saw it before she followed the man. However, Sara's life was too calm in the past ten years after she had worked for shining international grou

irloom! God damn it! "

Mrs. Wilson was crying like an ordinary person, regardless of her image. Being elegant or noble, when one's life was in danger, who was he?

In the eyes of the young generation, this matter was really not a big deal. Right to laugh at, Shirley also passed, such as Lancy.

Compared with Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Sidney who had met the severe enemies, Lancy was relaxed from head to toe. She didn't have any mental burden at all, and she was even more interested in studying the circle of flowers.

Well, the handwriting is good, and the large colorful flowers are also very beautiful! For rosy, it was a gift to her, but she couldn't deliver it to rosy without any hesitation?

Fortunately, the girl was just looking forward to "appreciate" and did not blurt out her real thoughts. Otherwise, if Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Wilson heard what Lancy said, they would definitely make fun of her. Maybe even Mr. Sidney would not speak for Lancy.

Under the gaze of two big mountains, the courier felt great pressure. He raised his hand weakly, "Then, this is for Miss Lancy." He took a glimpse of Mrs. Wilson secretly and wiped off his sweat. He didn't mean that it was not for the Lu Clan, nor for Mrs. Wilson. So, please don't sit down randomly, okay?

Mrs. Wilson gave a contemptuous and scornful glance at the courier. He couldn't say anything in front of the courier! Mrs. Wilson had been trying to get close to Lancy all the time. She wouldn't miss any chance to see her? Most importantly, this was also a taboo of Mr. Sidney. Mr. Sidney would not protect Lancy anymore!

But I didn't expect him to be as blind as a bat!

Mrs. Wilson was displeased because she underestimated the delivery man. After all, he was abroad. Many people had seen him. Although he didn't know what to do, he was a shrewd man! Compared with Mrs. Wilson who looked ghastly pale, Lancy was obviously much nicer.

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