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   Chapter 184 Wilson's Anger

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The deafening sound scared Sara. She luckily made her baby steady, otherwise she would have a miscarriage! Sara was about to break out into curses, but when she saw the person, she stifled all the accusations. "Wilson! Here you come!" Her eyes were so soft and gentle.

No pregnant woman had a face with heavy makeup, and Sara was no exception. Many women had been pregnant for ten months. Their figure was out of shape and they got long spots on the face. It was hard for them to walk in the abdomen. When Sara lowered her head, she touched her face subconsciously.

She felt so lucky that she was not the worst one, though her body grew plumper day by day, her skin was well preserved. Sara, who had been struggling for years, knew clearly that a beauty is very important to a man.

Calculating the days, they had not seen each other for seven to eight months.

The moment he saw Sara again, the man frowned subconsciously and his sight tightly locked at the waist of the bucket with an unknown degree of increase. The anger from the Lu Clan's master stuck gracefully at this second, which was known as a broken piece.

'is this Sara?' Wilson couldn't describe his feelings at the moment. He just felt that the visual impact was quite intoxicating. He flattered himself as one of the men in the world. When it came to a woman's needs, the most basic treatment was to have a nice breast, waist and hips... 'Haven't I seen Sara for a long time?' the man felt that the whole world seemed to be fantastic.'

Our manager, Mr. Wilson, has always been obsessed with women. He hadn't seen Sara for a long time, so he couldn't help but notice her change. His impression of woman is still staying at the best time when he saw her. It's no wonder that he was shocked for a while!

Fortunately, her face was not bad.

The man's eyes gradually looked up at Sara's face, a little round and without any make-up, which was delicate and creamy. She wasn't wearing a thick make-up, but looked much purer than before.

Of course, it was built on the waist of the bucket... After a while, Wilson calmed down and sat on the sofa.

Sara breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. She was afraid that the man would leave, so she was more eager and humble herself. She even changed the shoes for the man half kneeling.

Perhaps it was because of this that the serious look on Wilson's face was alleviated a lot. The man stared at her thoughtfully. He thought she was the best. Better than other women who only knew how to spend money.

Men were not always in the mood to "play with that woman when the occasion arises.

Sara raised her head and looked at Wilson with timidity. She gave a rich gesture as her little daughter. From the relaxed look of the man, she knew that she was right in the gamble. "Wilson ." Sara said in a tender and tender voice. She was more gentle than before and gave off more maternal glow, which melted the hearts of those who listened to her.

"Have a seat." Wilson patted his seat beside him and took Sara to sit down. Wilson rested his deep eyes on

f he couldn't find out the truth!

Fortunately, Sara was well behaved, and she had no bad thoughts. As a result, she broke off relations with her ex boyfriend after she was together with Wilson.

Sara also realized that she had saved canglan once with great caution. If she had a little thought, she would be different these years.

The woman's face was a bit pale. She raised the corner of her lips and said with lingering fear, "Wilson. In these years, I..."

"I know." Wilson interrupted her. The look on his face was hard to tell. From the few words of him, he was very clear about what to do next. "I just want you to hook up a couple. That's all. I believe that the 'Group T' won't shut down such a closed deal, right? "

Sara nodded her head with hesitation. The shoulder that was patted by the man was still so cold. She couldn't tell what kind of feeling she had now. On the contrary, she was still suspecting whether Wilson was serious or it was just an excuse to test her? Anybody would feel like this when he or she learned that the secret he or she thought he or she had hidden so deep was known by others. He or she felt a sense of crisis being seen through.

Wilson bent down and looked into her eyes, which were too dark. "If I want to look into it, I will do it eight hundred years ago. In that case, I won't support you these years! Sara, be a good girl. Just listen to me. You just need to give me a piece of advice. No one knows about it. "

The man's voice was particularly light, like a goose feather, fell in Sara's heart, and she could not help trembling. She suddenly understood.

The so-called "we do not know each other" means that she doesn't need to see anyone even in the name of ex girlfriend, and what she says is true and false. That is the best, which will not leave any evidence... Sara was a smart woman. She thought a lot in a blink of an eye.

"I like you to be smart enough." Wilson gave her an approving smile and kissed her on the cheek. "As long as you get this done, I will do as you wish!"

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