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   Chapter 183 Lu or Lan

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No matter how much she complained and complained in her heart, she could only play alone. After all, Sidney was her husband?

The Lu Clan gradually dispersed, and only the old man had a say in front of them.

It had been a cold war since Sidney returned home. These days, he took good care of the twins, which made Mrs. Wilson know his thoughts. So, she tried to put a restraint on her fury. As a matter of fact, he was eager to know more about the Lu Clan's inheritance. Therefore, he paid more attention to the issue of Marvin, Lancy and their two babies, and not allowed no objection.

Obviously, Sidney was determined to change his surname. Even though she had thousands of words to say, she might just annoy Sidney. 'I have to admit that Mrs. Wilson is smarter than before.

She was not so stupid.' Mrs. Wilson had been the leader of the Lu Clan and lived a carefree life for more than ten years. During that period, she had no choice but to give in. Due to her over confidence, her sight became shallow and he couldn't see the situation clearly. Now, she has been suffering a series of blows. Since Marvin returned, her grandma has been nothing going very well. Moreover, Sidney was on top of her, which made her recover from the state of trepidation she felt at the Lu Clan more than a decade ago.

The man, once he had some scruples and fear, he was either blinded by the oil and went on to commit suicide, or he would be shivering and suddenly regained consciousness. Obviously, Mrs. Wilson belonged to the latter, and he was extraordinary. Now, it seemed that Wilson was the former.

"Father's work is really amazing!" Mrs. Wilson was judicious, but that didn't mean Wilson would think the same way. the sarcastic smile on his face, and he continued to say to Lancy, "our young madam is shameless."

Hearing the question, Lancy touched her face. Lancy compared with her own, and then compared with Wilson's, who is shameless was so clear.

The small move of Lancy was seen in the eyes of Marvin, whose eyes flashed a glimmer of smile, but he didn't show any kind of expression towards Wilson.

"Father, are you happy for me?" Marvin answered coldly.

Sidney glanced sideways at Wilson with a warning. In front of his great granddaughter, he doesn't want to hear what he has. "He is the grandfather of twins. Don't you think he should be happy for the kids?"

The two of them were so furious that Wilson couldn't even speak a word.

His face was as red as an apple. "Dad, I have something to deal with. I gotta go," he said And it was very normal for him to lose his face or something like that.

Marvin didn't mind at all, so did Sidney. But he was also full of doubts. Secretly, he was more disappointed in his son.

Lancy smiled sweetly at Marvin, but she said nothing. After all, she was somewhat shy and constrained. She had been inexperienced before, and now she was still inexperienced. So when she faced a man, she always thought of the scene of lovemaking at nigh

so willful!

Sara was about to give birth next month with her big belly. In the past few days, she had led a comfortable life except for the difficulties that Wilson had to avoid. Her oval face that used to be pointed out became more plump, which made her look less sharper and more gentle.

The woman walked up and down in the hall. Her left hand was gently stroking her belly in a rhythmic way, and her eyebrows were indistinctly gloomy. Sara wondered whether she should not be indulged in the pleasure of love again?

'what should I indulge myself in?

As for a woman like Yang Tianxin, what should she worry about or indulge? Of course, it was the mastermind behind all this.

Since Wilson lost his temper a few months ago, Sara had clearly noticed his dissatisfaction against her, especially towards the baby in her womb. However, the fetus was unstable at that time. Sara, who attached great importance to the baby, was convinced the next day, but she could no longer find Wilson by the child's excuse.

And Wilson didn't mess around because of the Lu Clan. Therefore, the combat effectiveness of Sara's text message was not bad. She had always had her own way of speaking in front of the man. And Wilson had never been in a bad mood these days, so she was quite sweet and considerate.

To be honest, Sara should be relieved, but she felt a little worried. On the surface, she and Wilson seemed to be more close. But in fact, men had never mentioned babies, even if they were perfunctory. In this case, Sara was like a trapped beast, and could not retreat.

Sara became more and more anxious as the baby was to be born. She couldn't bear to see her baby being abandoned by its biological father. This was a son! Sara thought for a moment, with a trace of ruthlessness flashing in her eyes. It's time...

While the woman was thinking, the door in red was opened... Now that the door was opened, it meant that the comer came in. With a livid face, it wrote, "don't mess with me!"!

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