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   Chapter 182 Clan Meeting

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"Family affairs." Mr. Adrian's words were brief and to the point. He found Lancy sitting beside him unexpectedly. His eyes darkened as the girl reminded him of his great granddaughter. But the girl was so scared.

Hearing that, Lancy lowered her head and complained, "everybody knows that it is a family matter. Are you kidding me?"

Mr. Adrian curled his lips without being noticed. At this moment, Lancy was like a dispirited ear cat, feeling very frustrated. However, she kept his eyes fixed on others secretly, thinking that she was invisible, but her intention was so silly and ridiculous in others' eyes. As a wife and a mother, she behaved like an adult... Mr. Adrian frowned and thought, 'is she still so childish?'?

Mr. Adrian was getting older. Maybe it was because he was getting older, so he preferred children with childish mind. When he was young, the one he appreciated was a smart and scheming woman. Only such a woman could defeat the people hiding in the dark of the Lu Clan. Thinking of this, Adrian began to worry about Lancy. He laughed and shook his head, because that was not the thing he should worry about anymore.

"Mr. Adrian?" Lancy's eyes were round and filled with confusion. But the expression on her face was weird.

Hearing that, Mr. Adrian took back his frown immediately. He squinted at Lancy and said, "you should call him granduncle. What did you just now, I don't think so. "

Surprised, Freda calmed down soon. It was a great honor to have so many peers in this family. But when her grand uncle took the initiative to talk about it, it seemed that Lancy was very charming. Suddenly, Freda was relieved because brother was calmed by Lancy.

If you were careful enough, you would find that the interaction between Adrian and Lancy had already attracted many people's attention. They all pricked up their ears, not wanting to miss a word. Someone made an excuse to fool around them. On the contrary, Mrs. Wilson, Wilson and others seemed calm... Of course, it just seemed.

The position of the meeting was arranged according to their close relationship and status. As the wife of the Sidney, she was on the same level with the elders, so she didn't need to play tricks. As for Wilson, the eldest son of a concubine, and the father of the former owner of the family, he was arranged to work in Mrs. Wilson, but after that, he worked in the elders' team better than Mrs. Wilson.

Both Lancy and Adrian heard the conversation clearly, and their face darkened immediately.

Several elders, especially the head Adrian, was so amiable. Was it really him? Many kids of the Lu Clan were frightened to cry when they were young, and then they could shut up as long as they heard the names mentioned. How could the situation change when it was Lancy?

It was indeed not a good time! A person's mentality and personality would be different in different ages and positions. A prosperous and powerful family. Even though they were Sidney now, they were totally different. Whether it was because they were sophisticated or restrained, they were no longer what they used to be.

Nobody coul


Mrs. Lancy, who didn't know that before, also didn't realize that until now. It turned out that Mr. Sidney's suggestion was quite reasonable. God knew when he would have to wait for his granddaughter in law and grandson.

All the people witnessed the accident on Lancy's face. They admired their own intelligence in silence.

Both of Ray and Rani opened their eyes wide. It was a lie that they were not shocked. But what about after the shock?

Rani touched her fleshy cheeks and thought, 'Can we protest that "Lu" is not as pleasant as "Lan"?' 'The ending is not to be doubted, and will definitely be judged back. Being as clever as Ray and Rani, they only could criticize him in their heart.'.

"Is there any problem?" Sidney looked around and smiled with satisfaction.

"I would like to make friends with you and I would like to cooperate with you, but I would not be an idiot to make my own decision?' Mr. Sidney thought. Just a kid who had changed his family name. Mr. Sidney was able to hold the family meeting. Wasn't he clear about the underlying meaning of Sidney? You are allowed to give your opinion, but dismiss! The key is that if you are remembered and hated by Sidney, you can only go die.

For a moment, everyone was silent, including Mrs. Wilson.

"Good!" "That's all for today."




All of these represent the opinions of all the people except six elders and Marvin.

"Is it about the failure of the family meeting? "

"Didn't he say it was a frightening thing? ?"

"I think that he is just kidding me? "

The so-called family meeting, as its name implied, was to discuss a family issue. Although Ray and Rani need change their family names, there were only few things that needed to be put on the top of their list! Just as the others were waiting, they were stunned by the words which Sidney said. What was the result?

Mr. Sidney's statement was less than five minutes Mrs. Wilson was short of breath and almost fainted under the pressure of the six elders!

"You took off your pants, and you showed us that?

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