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   Chapter 181 Mommy, Playful

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There were few people in the hall now. Mrs. Wilson, Sherry, Lancy and the twins talked without scruple naturally. Mrs. Wilson said meaningfully, "Didn't your mother-in-law, Sherry, and you get along well before? People who don't know you would think you two are mother and daughter!"

Trying to sow dissension among them.

Sherry kept silent and didn't hear anything out of the window. It was impossible for her to be fooled.

Lancy pinched her son's cheek, looked up at Mrs. Wilson and said sincerely, "Mrs. Wilson, you are so observant. How do you know that I treat my mother-in-law as my own mother? I think so. My mother-in-law, Sherry, treated me so well that she even worried that I might not get enough sleep! "

The girl smiled sweetly at Sherry. In her eyes, Sherry was definitely the best mother-in-law in the world.

Sherry unconsciously bent her mouth.

Just then, Freda arrived. Freda raised her eyebrows when Freda saw Lancy and noticed the subtle expression on her mother's face, so it was surprised. It seemed the rumor was true. Her mother and sister-in-law got along very well.

"Grandma, good morning, mom." Freda was puzzled, but there was not lack of courtesy.

Mrs. Wilson nodded perfunctorily and sneered, "You're just in time. Come and hear it. Your sister-in-law is so nice. Even your mother was coaxed to be obedient to her. It can be seen that she is a sweet talker."

But Freda didn't reply. Freda just smiled and then turned to look at Lancy. "It's rare to see you, Linda," Freda said teasingly

The girl's face flushed again. Lancy hated Freda the most.

A sly smile spread across Freda's face. Freda looked around and asked, "Where is my brother? It's going to be red rain since you are not with him."

Grumpily, Lancy patted Freda, but it didn't work at all. On the contrary, Freda laughed even louder. "Don't make fun of me, Freda."

"Ouch, ouch, my sister-in-law, how dare I, my brother will beat me." After showing an expression of fear, Freda burst into laughter.

'What's going on?' Mrs. Wilson wondered? She thought back, because Freda was always on the side of Marvin, and there was no conflict between Lancy and Freda especially after the thing that had happened with Baron. Mrs. Wilson should not have been surprised because of that. "Don't be so stubborn. Where is Myron? "

Freda returned to a graceful manner and stopped making fun of Lancy. Speaking of Myron, Freda replied seriously, "He is on a business trip."

In these words, it was enough to get rid of Mrs. Wilson. It was business.

In fact, his second elder brother had disappeared since the day after Marvin and Lancy got married. Mr. Myron's secretary informed him to go on a business trip. 'I can't get through to my brother or he don't want to answer it.' Freda thought.

In fact, Freda was worried, but Freda didn't tell her confusion to Marvin. Freda knew how much her second brother loved Lancy, and Freda believed that Marvin also knew it. Maybe Myron just wanted to be alone for a while.

'Well, I can't deny that Lancy is my

w, she was in such a terrible mood that she wished Lancy to do something that's not good for Lancy.

Just as the crowd were waiting for the elder to get angry and accuse them, Mr. Adrian smiled faintly and said, "You're really smart."

People didn't know whether Mr. Adrian was really applauding her intelligence, or Mr. Adrian just was echoing Lancy's "smartness". The old man asked in an odd tone. All people could not help but breathe.

It didn't matter what others would do. Anyway, Lancy had taken the photos. That was enough. Lancy simply picked up the chair and leaned over. Her red face was so beautiful. It was not the first time that Lancy was praised as a smart girl. However, the one praised her was the old man, so the pretty woman thought it was highly credible.

The old man won't lie! In Lancy's opinion, there were only five types of people who would not lie: old, sick and disabled.

What on earth is the relationship between them? 'Lancy wondered?

The two little babies had been crying foolishly by their mommy, unable to come to their senses for a long time.

"Yes, you are a good man." Lancy gave a thumbs up and continued, "please tell me, just a little, please." Lancy made a gesture with her two fingers.

"Haha!" One of the elders burst into laughter. He was Mr. Colin. Compared with the shrewd Mr. Adrian, the fat elder was more friendly. Of course, this was what was in Lancy's eyes.

Everyone in the Lu Clan who knew Mr. Colin well. The elder looked at them with a smile, indicating that he was a sinister person.

Mr. Colin said with a meaningful smile. Mr. Colin said nothing but pat his brother on the shoulder. A good man They had lived for more than half a life before Mr. Colin realized that his brother was a good person. Ha ha.

Hearing Lancy's words, Mr. Adrian had a dry cough and knew that she was telling the truth.

Truth be told was the most frightening! The five elders spoke in unison. From beware to complete relaxation, they had been determined to stand by and watch the fun.

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