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   Chapter 180 Imagination Of The Baby

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10323

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Well, the gender of the twins varied a lot, but their nature levels were the same. Was it because she was easy to be bullied?

"Mommy will like it, too." The two babies said in unison. After staring at each other in their eyes, they nodded and reached a preliminary agreement. Then, as long as the woman was soft and round, any man or woman wasn't important.

What is the random selection? What about the said brotherhood? 'If the future baby is different, it must be our fault!'!

Of course, Mr. Sidney preferred boys. But as Ray was born, he didn't care boys or girls anymore. Mr. Sidney touched Ray's head and thought it would be more perfect if his granddaughter in la, Lancy, gave birth to a boy and a girl. "Ray and Rani, you are good kids. Don't bother your daddy and Mommy, okay?"

The two babies nodded vigorously, which made Mr. Sidney moved to tears. He had gone all out for his grandson's "happiness".

"My sister have to be as cute and adorable as I am." The baby, Rani, clenched her fists and said in a confident voice. 'I'm pretty. There's no reason for my sister to be ugly. That's impossible.'.

"Ray, you can teach your brother to identify and learn." Ray was unwilling to fall behind. As long as Ray was there, his brother would not be as stupid as his mother. This task was very difficult and he should not be careless.

The siblings talked to each other and made plans for their future.

"Ray, what shall I name my younger brother or sister? I want a wonderful name. "

"Yes, yes."

Mr. Sidney narrowed his eyes into slits. Unconsciously, he was led forward by the two babies. "What kind of name is it? Tut, the baby is the baby. Is it more important to have a nice name?"? 'It doesn't matter at all. As a grandchild of the Lu Clan, name should mean a lot, and the inner meaning should be the first.

Mr. Sidney was pondering it carefully. He was determined to look into it carefully, with the corner of his eyes falling on the plate. It was a rare chance for Ray and Rani to name the hotel. So Mr. Sidney loosened his fists.

"Lanny Lan? Jackson Lan? Am I right? " Ray repeated these words in one breath. It sounded great.

But why was it at the beginning of the character "Lan"?

Mr. Sidney was taken aback as he finally remembered something very important! Lowering his head, Mr. Sidney asked coldly, "Ray, Rani, tell me your full name."

"Great grandfather, you really need to take medicine." Ray and Rani looked at him in bewilderment. For a long time, he couldn't even remember the names of the twins!

"Ray Lan."

"My name is Rani Lan."

They answered in one voice, "Great Grandpa, just this time. I won't do it again." She would never forget her promise.

"Ho Ho," Mr. Sidney laughed as he felt he was so tired that he would never fall in love with a girl again.

You've been working so hard for such a long time, but you forget the most important thing. You are indeed suffering from Alzheimer's disease, aren't you? The children of the Lu Clan, especially why should their surname be Lan? Mr. Sidney couldn't stand it anymore

s so gentle that she didn't even dare to explain.

Looking at his mother carefully, Ray was secretly relieved. Ray looked at his mom, tired as she was, but her eyes betrayed him. Her face became tender and red, which seemed to change her temperament. Why? "Mommy, you seem to be drifting."

With her eyes wide open, Rani finally noticed her mom's difference. "Yes, Mommy. You're really drifting away."

Lancy touched her face and grinned. "Really?"

The girl just thought she was pretty, but didn't think it had anything to do with the man's skin care.

Mrs. Wilson rolled her eyes at him.

"Mommy, what are you doing in that room with daddy? It seems very interesting... " Rani pouted and thought, 'Daddy was a bad dad. He does not want the baby to take part in it.'.

Although she got some information from her great father, she was not in the mood to console the girl. She insisted on resisting, which meant that she would not do it again this time. For the sake of her brother and sister, she would forgive Mommy this time.

"……" Lancy blushed and found an excuse in hesitation, "well, Mommy can't open her eyes. Take a seat, please sit down for a while."

Ray touched his mother's face and said sincerely and sincerely, "Mommy, don't play around. Rest is more important."

Baby: in order to attract Mommy, daddy must have found a lot of interesting toys for her, so that mommy will be happy.

Knowing the truth, Lancy thought, 'Don't play around. Do you want to miscarry?

Lancy was totally embarrassed by the baby's words. She lowered her head because of shyness. Did the baby really know what she was saying?

Seeing that Lancy was beaten by Ray, Mrs. Wilson felt happy. Mrs. Wilson said sarcastically, "Lancy, have you heard it? Even Ray knows it. TSK TSK You've gone too far these days. A man doesn't know to control himself. As his wife, why don't you try to persuade him? Not only for your husband's health, but also for your indulgence. My dear Lancy, did you do it deliberately just to escape the early morning greeting? "

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