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   Chapter 179 Stupid Girl

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"It hurts..." The girl sobbed, wiped her tears and used Hearing that, Lancy looked down. It seemed to be her clothes. She touched it again and realized that her clothes were still on.

So, where does Lancy feel the pain?

That was exactly what Marvin wanted to ask. He just kissed her cheeks and neck, but why did she say that she was hurt?

It was so embarrassing. Was it swollen?

Hearing this, Lancy sniffed and quickly forgot her original pain. She rolled her eyes and said in a low voice, "come on! I'm still painful! I don't care. "

The man was skeptical, but he was ready to witness it personally, which showed that Lancy was not trustworthy at all.

Lancy grabbed his hand and couldn't believe what her boss was doing now! It was not his responsibility to strip people's clothes. Even Marvin's image was ruined.

"I want to see it!"

"……" The serious expression of Marvin, plus the lines on it, was so weird.

"Let me see if you got hurt somewhere," Hiram asked Marvin pulled her clothes, frowning unhappily. 'I'm such an idiot. If I don't know I got hurt, it would hurt.

Hearing this, Lancy looked around with her red face and blinked. "No, no injury! It's because you are too bad in bed. "

"Not good at it?" Upon hearing this, Marvin loosened his grip silently. 'as expected, whoever has a soft heart is doomed to die, ' he thought.

"Yes, that's right!" Lancy thought she had made a breakthrough. She raised her head and began to talk nonsense. "People always say that it will be comfortable to be painful."

"You don't feel comfortable at all?"

Lancy didn't know why, but suddenly she felt cold, so she turned on the air conditioner and bleated? "No, completely no."

Poor Lancy, she had never been in love before. Lancy knew nothing about men. Lancy would say anything to get rid of him.

'This is not good. I'll get into big trouble, ' she thought to herself!

"What's wrong?" Lancy blinked, and the pressure seemed to be back.

Jacob's smile was so attractive that Emily never saw it before.

"I will make you feel comfortable..."

It was the last sentence that Lancy heard before she lost consciousness.

Lancy told us a heartbreaking fact that when facing a man, she could only say one word: you are very good! He gave a thu

ervant came out to take the food out.

The kids knocked on the door more than once, and every time they were photographed back by their daddy. And their mommy didn't show up even once. Wasn't it too strange? In the master bedroom, what kind of fun is there? I'm so curious about it?

"……" The corners of Mr. Sidney's mouth twitched. He was wondering how to explain it. The Lu Clan was well aware that being locked up in a room for three days was not a good idea. Everyone in the Lu Clan would ask whether Ray and Rani slept together or not. "Your daddy and Mommy are studying the problem of a baby boy or a baby girl."

Hearing that, Ray understood immediately. "Mommy, is she pregnant?"

"Well, not so fast. They are still studying it." "Do you like your brother or your sister, Ray and Rani?" Mr. Sidney changed the subject immediately

Hearing this, the two babies were stunned. They hadn't thought about this before.

Since she was born with a twin sister and a boy, and her dad's blank period of six years, Ray and Rani came to a conclusion unconsciously that they would only be brother and sister in the future.

Ray was lost in thought. It was a very important and serious problem for him to be on good terms.

However, the baby girl, Rani, on the other hand, much relieved. Rani raised her hand and said in a soft, sweet voice, "I want a little sister, who is soft, round and obedient."

"I want a little brother." Since Ray had made up his mind, he spoke unhurriedly. "A chubby little brother."

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