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   Chapter 178 To Have Sex Or Not

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9887

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Otherwise what? Marvin didn't speak it out. No matter how clever Ray and Rani were, they couldn't guess. They only knew that mommy looked as if she had seen a ghost at that time. Daddy told them with a smile, so it was not strange.

It was a miracle that the twins could understand something they didn't understand, given their mom's intelligence.

Actually, Lancy was begging for his love too. However, fear was the most important thing now. Seeing his pair of shiny white teeth, Lancy was shocked, while the man's eyes were burning with desire without any intention to cover. How couldn't she understand?

She thought to herself.

Boss: Have sex or not?

Lancy: "Fuck off!"!

Boss: if you don't wanna, come back soon!

Boss: Have sex or not?

Lancy: Ok

Boss (evil smile), OK, have sex together!

What? Yes, sex.

No matter what the answer was, there would be only one consequence: sex! The poor girl had seen her end. What a sad story. Do you think she is stupid?

Boss, Lancy's IQ has suddenly been released. Do you know? No one dared to say stupid words! Look, how shrewd she is! She understands it in an instant.

In fact, if it was possible, Lancy really didn't want to understand. She just needed to be more stupid. It was not that she became clever. His intention was too obvious. There were words on his face: have sex.

Lancy wiped the invisible tears from the corners of her eyes and looked at her son and daughter with sadness: baby, it is not that you are stupid, but that the world of adults is too mysterious.

Do you know how many women outside want to have an affair with your boss? Many women would like to be naked and hide under the quilt, waiting for Boss to kiss them? And she not only disliked him, but also refused him No wonder Marvin couldn't stand it anymore.

Do you want me to prove it to you? The little girl in the bottom of Lancy's heart had already been howling, and the roll sheet is not as simple as they think. That person is boss, boss. Do they know how painful it is?

Boss' privacy was involved. In Lancy's words, the big boss deserved to be. Not only his majesty, but even the size of a certain place was definitely different, a majestic first class.

Clenching her fists, she was sure that Boss's size was No.1 among men with his good character! Why are you so sure? 'maybe She raised her head arrogantly and didn't need to look at other people. They didn't understand her at all!

Why on earth did she was so sure? Lancy was tearful. But why? Boss's size was not normal at all, it was absolutely a beast. So even if they are not from the same species, how can they compare! ...

They had always been told by women that men were strong enough were so rare, so that they had never suffered the hardship of being strong! Now she feel a dull pain... They were so different in size. It would be ruined for real!

Big boss, kneel down and beg for mercy!

If Marvin knew, he would not k

k about it secretly. It seemed that Lancy was not very afraid, was it?

Hearing that, Marvin could not help but touch his forehead. He waved to Lancy and said, "come here."

"……" Lancy was frightened and stepped back unconsciously. "No, it's good for me, I'm here. It's beautiful with a unique view. "

Hearing that, Marvin pursed his lips. His tone sounded more dangerous. With a sneer, he said, "Yeah, you're right. I didn't know that Lancy had a penetrating eye. She could see the view of the middle of the lake through the wall. She is awesome!"

Lancy stared at the wall and didn't know what expression to make, because the window was still far away from her... They were so far away from each other.

However, Marvin had lost all his patience. As long as he took a step forward, Lancy would immediately step back.

"Am I so terrible? "Am I more terrible than beast? " The man asked.

"No, you are not scary at all!" With tears all over her face, Lancy said sincerely. You're not scary at all, boss. Monsters are not as frightening as you are, and you're doomed to be killed within seconds.

"Good!" Marvin ground his teeth.

Lancy raised her head in confusion. What was 'good' about? The next second she covered her mouth. Oops, she spoke out the truth accidentally. This time, she was really dead.

The stupid girl was caught by the man, and she was knocked down in the blink of an eye. She lay horizontally on the soft bed, letting others kill her. Lancy cried. Now she was really crying. Before the man touched her, he cried out of pain. "It hurts, it hurts!"

Her voice was full of affectation, but her tone was rather coquettish. The man's eyes were burning with desire, and he almost lost control of himself and fell on her at once.

"Waah... Waah..."

"Waah... Waah..."

"Waah... Waah..."

After a while, Marvin stood up dejectedly. He was helpless then. He looked down at the girl and asked in a hoarse voice, "is it so painful?"

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