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   Chapter 177 The Worries Of A Six-year-old Baby

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Seeing that Lancy, who lowered her head and thought that Lancy had done something wrong but didn't know what she had done, Sherry's cold heart softened again and again. Seeing the little girl's pitiful appearance, Sherry couldn't blame her more.

Sherry didn't say anything. Sherry just patted her on the head and said, "I'm fine."

The complexity of the matter was far more complicated than these words could be summarized, but Sherry couldn't think of a better answer. Sherry wondered if she should tell Lancy that Mrs. Wilson was always holding a grudge and would never let it go? Or she wanted to tell Lancy that it was she who made Mrs. Wilson so angry?

Sherry felt that Lancy couldn't understand. Since she didn't understand, why did she say something unrelated to her? As for Mrs. Wilson, Sherry couldn't help chuckling. His daughter-in-law was a lady to be trifled with!

Marvin thought the same way. He then left quietly. Ray and Rani rushed into the room and pleaded for his mother's approval. They were so naughty that they didn't want anyone to hurt them.



Their tone was so gentle that Lancy shivered. What happened?

Before she calmed down, she only felt two little fat balls rolling in under her feet. What a touching scene. Even Sherry, who had always been cold, gleamed with admiration. It was the first time that she got close to the babies. Look at the twins, they were as white and tender as steamed buns, which made people feel sorry for them.

Bun was just a nobody? 'whoops, grandma was just kidding the baby. The baby is actually very smart. He wouldn't be fooled.'!

Both Ray and Rani squinted their big eyes into a slit as they waited for their mother's pampering. Every little girl is so capricious.

However, Lancy frowned and said bitterly, "Ray, Rani, you get fat again! It's too heavy. Mommy's feet hurt Get up! "



The stick babies stopped their movements. They were so scared that they dared not to say anything?

'I dislike you because you are fat. Why can't I have a good time?' she thought?

As a lovable and adorable little girl, Rani didn't expect that her mother would think her as a fat girl! Was she really so ashamed of her own baby? She used to praise Rani as a considerate daughter?

Being disappointed and depressed, Rani wanted to cry. Rani slowly released her grip on a thing. It was her own grandma, not something else.

Sherry subconsciously took it over, which was a little bit confused, and then even more confused by the sudden soft body. Like a hot potato, she did not know if she should let it go.

Ray's face darkened. He withdrew his paws silently and stared at the floor. Mommy, Joyce would cry for losing weight for a long time. It was all her fault!

'mommy, I can't be moved anymore. It's my fault.

Do you think that a six-year-old girl doesn't have human rights? Do you think a six-year-old girl can't have self-respect? Do you think a six-year-old girl can't understand the art of beauty? With red eyes, Rani put on an aggrieved and painful look


Even though Sherry was as cold as before, the warmth in her eyes couldn't deceive others. Even Lancy had to admit that sometimes her own children were quite naughty, but she was not angry at all. It could be seen how patient her mother-in-law was, how much she liked children.

As Sherry and his kids were close to each other, however, Marvin kept silent, eerily silent. Marvin had been staring at Ray and Rani for a few consecutive days with a strange look. Fortunately, his eyes soon returned to normal.

However, all these would be done later and would be suspended.

Lancy, who was the winner in this round, faced a very tricky problem. Lancy looked at the paper and found her small face was wrinkled into a bun, and her delicate facial features seemed to have been shifted. Lancy, don't scratch your hair, otherwise there would be a bald head.

Both Ray and Rani pouted their little mouths, and looked at their mommy. They then continued to draw on the small table in silence. Oh, right. Painting, this is the assignment arranged by the kindergarten teacher When it came to this, the twins burst into tears. They actually did this kind of work which contained full technique and content, just like children. That was not reasonable.

God knew what skills a six-year-old girl wanted.

As for her Mommy, the two little buns didn't worry at all. They just wanted to go back to their main bedroom to sleep. Daddy was so stingy. He wouldn't lose anything if Mommy slept with them a few more nights!

'Smart Ray and Rani, do you really know the true meaning of sleeping?

With a last note, it was the eighth day since Mrs. Wilson had an incident. Even on the day when she returned to Lan Clan, Ray and Rani didn't give a chance to their father. Especially when Ray and Rani was with Lancy, they were so fearless. What's more, her grandpa, Mr. Lakin, supported Ray and Rani.

Therefore, everyone could imagine how Marvin went through these eight days. Before Lancy left, Marvin told Lancy that she must go back tonight, otherwise

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