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   Chapter 176 Lancy PK Mrs. Wilson

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Lancy felt wronged. She held Sherry's arm spontaneously and said, "I am serious! Mrs. Wilson, I didn't come late or get up late today, so I came here very early. However, when I arrived, it seemed that I didn't need to do anything... "

"……" Mrs. Wilson paused, without even a blink. She was in a daze, as if she had been knocked out by a stick.

As for Marvin and the two little bun, they seemed to have understood the truth.

"Stop!" "What did you say? Say it again!"

Lancy had a knowing that Mrs. Wilson was too old to hear it...

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! The Mrs. Wilson got several arrows in her knees and there was no space left.

"Morning greeting!" Lancy answered naturally, "we told you yesterday. Did you forget that?"

How forgetful she is! How could she get totally naked after only one night? '? Do you think everyone is Lancy? Gritting her teeth, Mrs. Wilson glared at Sherry peevishly. "I didn't forget! Do you know how long I've been waiting for you? "

"Why are you waiting for me? Mrs. Wilson, I just to morning greeting. Have you forgotten it or not? " Mrs. Wilson reproach to Lancy's nose, Lancy scratched her head and asked with confusion. However, at this time, as her boss was here, she could not understand why. The woman was sad. Was it so difficult for her to have communication?

Mrs. Wilson, how about taking some medicine first? Lancy gave up and raised her white flag in surrender. Her sadness was immense.

Mrs. Wilson wanted to overturn the table to see who was to blame! "You should serve me!"

Hearing that, Lancy was stunned. Her mouth opened in the shape of O, while Sherry, who was beside her, seemed more silent and said nothing.

The girl wrinkled her nose, thought for a while, and shook her head constantly, "no, I'm sorry, Mrs. Wilson. You're wrong. Yesterday Didn't her father-in-law say that it was her duty to take care of her mother-in-law in the early morning? You are my grandma, not my mother-in-law! "

The pretty woman argued righteously, and there was no reason to refute her...

"……" As she spoke, Mrs. Wilson staggered to a seat and sat down. Hand in hand, she felt her heart was cold and heavy.

As the old saying goes, cool and indescribable. And felt sorry for her grandma for three seconds

'doesn't she want to argue with me? Don't you want to slap me back? Didn't she want to be rude and intimidating like an elder? Yes! Yes!

But, what was Lancy wrong? Lancy's serious mother-in-law is Sherry, and she is bold enough to put gold on her face to rob her daughter-in-law's position? is bold enough to put gold on her face to rob her daughter-in-law's position? Even with the support of Sherry, she didn't want to be humiliated. On the contrary, if she was not powerful enough, it would make things worse What's the relationship between them

m the side, good and powerful.

As soon as she went out, she saw Marvin. Was she shameful? Ashamed and angry? No, she was already numb. As expected, she looked indifferent on her face and didn't even look at the corners of her eyes. Then she left without looking sideways.

It was a life and death story for the Mrs. Wilson. She surrendered herself to the last battle between she and Lancy.

'what about our deal? What about the set rules? What about the punishments? The corners of her mouth twitched. Mrs. Wilson knew that if she died of anger, she would be the only one to be wronged. Lancy didn't want to have an easy life!

'what? Didn't I understand? Mrs. Wilson raised her eyelids, had a rest and decided to fight later!

This news soon spread across the whole Lu mansion. Everyone guessed if Lancy was really stupid, or she just pretended to be weak. No one could get the answer for a long time.

Anyway, Lancy had established a prestige in the Lu Clan. No one in the Lu Clan had ever seen Mrs. Wilson like that. She obviously got a beating, but she could only bear it. 'Wow, Lancy is a real genius!

Many people pondered over it. As the saying goes, "never judge by the appearance."! Actually, Mrs. Qi only wanted to do her job well.

At the same time, Sidney was startled and then smiled.

Lancy didn't know how others thought, let alone the fact that she had won a battle silently. She grabbed hold of Sherry's sleeve at once, and said weakly, " What did grandma mean? She seemed to be angry, but no one made her angry? Is it because of the morning greeting? Then, shall we continue? "

Which is your key point? She even had no idea why Mrs. Wilson was mad at him. Fortunately, Mrs. Wilson left, or she would be really mad at her.

With lips pouted, Sherry gazed at Lancy without a word. Helpless and angry 'angry?'? Sherry was stunned. Was she angry?

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