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   Chapter 175 Search For Her

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'Ray and Rani, those two white and tender children?'? Sherry was lost in thought and unconsciously followed Lancy's thinking.

With a "I'm looking forward to your praise", Lancy picked up the wooden comb and began to move cautiously. "Especially, Rani. As her hair is getting longer, we have to comb it today. We have to do it tomorrow, and we have to tie a bowknot the day after tomorrow! Mother, don't judge me. I'm Mommy. I'm not a talker. I don't have so many requirements! I'm Mommy! "

In general, Lancy had no chance to complain because she was often taken back by the babies, or she could be distracted by them and left alone. Now, Lancy was definitely the simplest person. She didn't have so many curves. She believed what others' families said.

Before the two got married, Mr. Lakin played the role of a mother, guiding Lancy step by step. On the other hand, Mr. Lakin was implying that he would never be a punchbag g to them.

However, Lancy listened to most of their words on the surface and tried to imply them. Well, it was a story with tears all over her face.

What's more, Lancy believed that she was Ray and Rani's mother. She must understand why she said these words? Similarly, she didn't want to be abandoned by Ray and Rani when she was old. She thought life was hopeless.

More importantly, Sherry was Marvin's mother. It was not until some time ago that Lancy learned about her mother from her grandfather. It seemed that she was supposed to give all her love to her mother to Sherry, even if her grandfather didn't allow it That was why Lancy couldn't help but get close to her.

"……" Sherry was so quiet that no one knew whether he heard it or not.

"You go too far on Belinda, don't you?" It was already a thing of the past. In spite of her complaint, Lancy looked angry and her voice was filled with love. As he said, he suddenly became complacent again. "In fact, I'm good at doing hair, but I'm good at beauties, not little girls. Wow, Vikki, that girl was not happy and even got angry When did I learn it? "

I can't remember If Marvin was here, he would not be surprised. As XXX, everyone has to learn. The more skill, the more chance to live. It's just a blowing and cutting. How difficult is it?

"……" Sherry unconsciously bent his mouth.

Lancy was so proud of herself? She would get drunk if she blew herself up.

Her eyes were round and shining with charm. Lancy was like a little sun, and no one could resist the temperature of her.


Hearing the voice, Sherry came back to earth and looked at herself in the mirror. She hadn't looked in the mirror in many years and now she couldn't help but sigh that she was getting old!

"You are not old at all. You are so beautiful." It turned out that Sherry could not help sighing, and Lancy refuted. "Just a little bit thinner. Mother in law, don't be picky about food. You should eat more meat." The girl pretended to be serious and she even kissed Michelle.


an she knew. Mrs. Wilson was elder, so she naturally would care about Mrs. Wilson.

They couldn't help but feel sorry for Mrs. Wilson. 'Mrs. Wilson must be mad at me, ' they thought?

Among them, only Sherry stood facing Mrs. Wilson.

Calm as Sherry was, Sherry couldn't help glancing at Mrs. Wilson. The old lady's face was red with anger, and Mrs. Wilson's face was "you're kidding me." Mrs. Wilson trembled with anger, as if she was unable to stand up!

It was the first time that Sherry had seen Mrs. Wilson so angry like this since she married into Lu Clan. Even though Sherry had known Buddha for many years and her mind was as still as water, she was also shocked by the scene. Mrs. Wilson would not let go of Lancy. Sherry pulled at Lancy.

The girl had no idea what she had done. She continued, "you start to have convulsions? Please calm down. We'll call an ambulance right away. Well, where is my phone? What's the emergency number? "

'Who is crazy? Who needs an ambulance? I don't need an ambulance?' Mrs. Wilson thought angrily, biting her lower lip? The number on the emergency room was 611. The fool! Mrs. Wilson was so angry that she even didn't know the key point. "No more nonsense. Go to the ancestral hall with me."

By then, Mrs. Wilson had come to realize that the more she talked with Lancy, the more difficult she would get to know about her, the only thing she would like to do was to deal with her in the simplest and most rude way, without any sophisticated process.

"Why not?" Hearing that, Lancy opened her innocent eyes and turned her head to one side. "What did I do wrong?"

If possible, one of the things that Mrs. Wilson wanted to do most was to embarrass her! How dare she ask why? Mrs. Wilson was so ashamed that she wanted to tear up Lancy's innocent, sweet face and let her know that Lancy was just pretending to be a good girl! "Morning Greeting! Don't forget it! Don't waste time!" Mrs. Wilson said word by word, almost roaring.

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