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   Chapter 174 I'm Coming, Granny

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10353

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Therefore, they all understood how embarrassed and weird it was now It was so beautiful that he didn't want to see it anymore.

Mrs. Wilson wanted to die. But she kept calm and composed! In addition to calmness, there was no other way for her to go. The Mrs. Wilson closed the door without any expression, and then Marvin heard the strange sound in the room. After a long time, the world was finally quiet.

When Mrs. Wilson appeared in front of Marvin, she was as gentle as usual. Things had gone back to their track. However, she couldn't deceive him with the anger in her eyes. It turned that the enmity between Mrs. Wilson and Lancy became more serious. She estimated that they would never be able to get along with each other again.

Although it had nothing to do with her sworn father, they were enemies and had to revenge for the rest of their lives. However, this has a direct impact on the strength of the fight.

"Well, my grandson and granddaughter in law are really filial to their grandma. How filial!" Mrs. Wilson suddenly missed the old times. Her mother-in-law's power was the greatest, and so was her power in the backyard. She didn't even allow her husband to intervene in their affairs! And didn't dare interfere in what she said?

Unaware of what was going on Lancy, she had been given all kinds of punishment by the Mrs. Wilson. She was holding her nails and fingers, which were too horrible to look at.

"Where is your wife?" Furious as she was, Mrs. Wilson cut to the chase. Who was behind all this?

"…… I don't know. " Marvin said.

'are you kidding me?' Mrs. Wilson thought? Everyone knows that you love her so much. How could you not know where she is? 'what the hell? Is she still in bed?

Mrs. Wilson's eyes were red. Obviously, she was pissed off. She said nothing and went through Marvin directly to the attic. If possible, the Mrs. Wilson would like to take the stick instead of her noble and elegant image.

Mrs. Wilson believed that it was decided by Marvin that he wanted to protect Lancy. Otherwise, he would not debase himself to come here. Well, let's just make a joke. I'm afraid that even Marvin himself did not know when he came back!

This time, the Mrs. Wilson blamed Marvin wrongly and Marvin didn't know where the Lancy had gone.

Therefore, Mrs. Wilson didn't find them in the bridal chamber. She thought for a while and turned to the next room. That was Ray and Rani's bedroom.

The two little stuffed buns were dressing on the bed when the door suddenly opened. They were taken aback and thought it was their mother. But they didn't expect that it was Mrs. Wilson.

With an innocent look in her eyes, she poked her brother. She looked at the Mrs. Wilson and found that even her hair was on fire. What happened?

Ray buttoned his clothes, with no expression on his face. Mrs. Wilson's behavior reminded him of his mother. What did his mother do? Daddy won't let mommy bully daddy. Where is daddy? He has nothing to do at all?

Speaking of the devil, in a flash, Marvin gazed at his son and daughter subconsciously, feeling that

Lancy meant by 'Marvin'.

After a short pause, Lancy thought of something and said, "no, boss didn't live here before, and so did Grandpa. Mrs. Wilson and Wilson... My poor mother-in-law, you suffered a lot. "From now on, as long as the boss is here, you can choose whatever you want to eat and use. The room will be bright at night..."

With a long sigh...

The sympathetic look in her eyes was so cold that even Sherry couldn't help twitching the corners of her mouth and his mood was quite complicated. A mixed feeling of joy and anger? Embarrassed? It seemed not to be like that. The only thing that Sherry could be sure of was that she looked at that pair of eyes. If she wanted to shut the door, suddenly she couldn't speak, and she looked away uncomfortably.

Lancy looked around, without caring about their coldness. She said, "well, the light is on once or twice. Kaaahhkkk, we should save our electricity."

"……" Sherry was speechless and didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

In the quiet room, they could only hear the pattering of her feet and the occasional sound of Lancy. Sherry was a listener.

Time passed quickly, at least in the view of Sherry. "Lancy, you should..."

"Ah, I know what to do." Hearing that, Lancy patted her head and her eyes shone. She said, "mother in law, let me comb your hair for you, okay?"

The girl observed Sherry carefully and found that her hair was a little messy.

Sherry didn't care much about the style of a lady, as she was neat and good as a Buddhist. Her long black hair was loosely draped over her shoulders. She used to tie it at the back of her head, but today But it was too late.

With great interest, Lancy held her hand and pushed her to the dressing table.

The soft and warm hands made Sherry stunned. She didn't wipe her hand, and Lancy made it.

She kept muttering, "mother in law, wait for me tomorrow, evening, okay? I won't do that easily! 'the morning greeting? If I don't have the chance, how could I do it?'? I have experienced a lot in dressing and feeding kids. "

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