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   Chapter 173 A Delicate Morning

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It was implying that he agreed with Marvin and gave him help from time to time.

Marvin didn't know what to say. He was speechless?

Sidney glared at him and murmured, "All are in debt." He finally brought his grandson back, and here came a younger one. When on earth could he have some peace and quiet?

"Grandpa, you can go back." A bright light flashed across Marvin's eyes. It was rare to tease him.

"Go, go, go for your wife." Mr. Sidney drove them away impatiently, not considerate at all! He thought his little great grandson was more cute.

Sidney cast a glance at Marvin with contempt. 'my grandson is becoming more and more unruly when he grows up. How could he ask me to go back?' he thought! Hum, if he goes back, Ray and Rani will miss their great grandfather. '.

Mr. Sidney wondered how to get along well with them.

The primary enemy was to prevent his grandparents from cultivating their relationship.

Oh no! Lakin thought the same way.

If that is the case, Sidney won't leave in the near future. I'm afraid that some people will be disappointed. 'there must be someone who will ask me what is going on behind the scene, ' he thought?

It's a great of time to take a great grandson with him. '. Did it matter whether they were in the Lu mansion or in the private manor?

After Marvin finished his words, he left the study with a big smile on his face. Though Sidney was getting older, he became more and more childish and could easily lose his temper.

However, a touch of sadness flashed through the man's eyes. Was it possible that Sidney still felt lonely living in such a big place? Maybe it would be a good thing for her to stay at the Lu Clan.

A smile cracked Marvin's lips. He bumped into Wilson accidentally.

If they hadn't met each other, Marvin would have forgotten that he was also in the Lu Clan. The father and son looked at each other, but neither of them spoke. One sneered, the other looked indifferent, and then they brushed past each other.

He speculated that such a situation would become a regular one in the future.

They couldn't avoid the same roof.

Marvin tried his best to protect Lancy, but the girl didn't appreciate it.

"Alone with the empty room", Marvin concluded. 'How dare you abandon your husband on the second day of your marriage and keep away from the master bedroom? You are too bold!'.

Actually, Lancy was sleeping in the baby's room next door.

If Marvin went to see her now, he would regret that he didn't let her go last night. Instead, he should have dragged her back and repaired her.

What did she do?

Staying in the baby's room for a whole night was extremely uneasy for Lancy. She was afraid that her boss would drag her away without notice after she fell asleep. Therefore, in case of touching the baby's bed, Lancy moved back to her own bed and lay down beside the bed.

All the beds were in this order. There are Ray in the front and Rani in the back. Lancy, as a mommy, lies in the middle willfully. She feels safe in this order.

She felt that as a mother, she had to step over her baby to take

s. Wilson sneered. Did he think everything would be fine if she didn't come? Humph, she brought the key herself, and she would not use this to give her a good lesson! So what if she knelt down in the ancestral hall? She would kneel again this time.

In a big family, only the wife who had made a mistake would be punished to kneel in the ancestral temple.

As Mrs. Wilson was going to teach Lancy a lesson, she heard someone knock on the door. Mrs. Lu pulled a long face. She knew the visitor was Lancy. 'well, at least it means she is afraid of me.'.

However, it was too late. She had to accept the punishment she deserved. With a bit of pride, Mrs. Wilson slowly opened the door.

"If you are late AHA... " Before she could say anything. It was a once-in-a-century encounter. It was even more fascinating than having shit. Mrs. Wilson was overwhelmed by a growing sense of crisis.

The person who came in was also shocked, but he was barely calm.

Just now, I told you that the Mrs. Wilson didn't wear any clothes or wash her face in order to wait for Lancy, and her hair also kept falling down Of course, there were pajamas on it.

However, Mrs. Wilson was a traditional man who always dressed neatly and looked decent in front of others. She had never seen anyone like this before? In fact, according to the normal standard, the old ladies all over the country are like this. But Mrs. Wilson was different. Her dignity was more important than her life, and with her position and influence in the Lu Clan...

Can you imagine the scene where the queen of the world in ancient times showed up with disheveled hair and dirty face?

Mrs. Wilson herself couldn't accept the fact, let alone the man in front of her ---- Marvin.

Right, it was Marvin, not Lancy as she expected. In fact, not only Mrs. Wilson was shocked, but also Marvin was shocked.

When the man came in a hurry and did not see Lancy, he thought she had entered, so he would knock the door abruptly. As a result... Bob lowered his eyes. He had never seen the look on that old lady's face.

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