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   Chapter 172 Holding The Baby In Your Arms

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10058

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However, the way she greeted Marvin didn't work. He was quite displeased. Marvin glanced at his wife, Lancy, who was drinking milk with her eyes bent. Lancy had no sense of crisis at all. Her eyelids kept twitching. What should he do? What could he be more worried about?

"Lancy, come in with me." Marvin frowned.

Hearing that, Lancy stopped what she was doing and unconsciously tightened her collar. "What's wrong?"

"……" The man was completely defeated.

After she won the game with her eyes wide open, Lancy unwittingly took a step back. The boss looked dangerous. Was he going to have sex again?

The girl looked at the blue sky outside. She was terrified! It wasn't dark yet, but He was a real brute!

"I haven't been to your room yet, Ray and Rani. Let's go!" Lancy was in a hurry. If her physical condition permitted, she would have run away with her son and daughter in one hand.

Hearing that, Ray pulled a long face and disagreed, "Now?" Was it that important? To check the room?

"Now, right now!" Lancy almost yelled at him.

Seeing that her mom was about to turn into an angry dinosaur, Rani became an angel who put out fire and led her mom to the washroom. Actually, their rooms were in the attic, next to the master bedroom.

Ray comforted his father by patting his hand, although he didn't understand what was happening. Why did Mommy react like that when daddy said they were going back to the bedroom. Ray disliked it that he was in this situation. As smart as he was, he couldn't even figure it out with all his speculation and speculation, which couldn't make sense at all!

Baby Ray, it's not your fault. When you grow up, you'll understand. It's true.

"Daddy, what should we do now? I need to get some rest." Ray asked.

Hearing that, Marvin lowered his eyes, as if he was still overwhelmed by the hope that his little wife had run away from him. It was not until quite a while later that he responded, "tomorrow, I will go there together with Lancy."

This was the only way out for the moment.

There was coldness in his black eyes, but it was replaced by warmth in his son's eyes. Marvin rubbed Ray's head and said, "don't worry. Kids will be old if they worry too much."

Boris pulled a long face and pulled his father's hand off. "No! Daddy has no hair!"

In the world of children, people who were young and advanced were usually bald. Ray was only six years old, but he also wanted to be beautiful.

"……" Bald? Upon hearing that, Marvin lowered his head. Charlie had been acting weirdly since the beginning. 'is he itchy?' he thought?

He wondered if he could marry Lancy righteously. Since Marvin tolerated his son and daughter in all ways, should it be said to talk about the importance of his biological father?

Ray frowned and hummed to follow up. He didn't care what his father was up to. 'humph, as long as the baby can support him, I won't fuss about this.'.

After watching his son leave, Marvin's smile disappeared. Marvin and Mr. Sidn

t, he would definitely say: "rest assured?"? How could he rest assured? Did he think it was so easy to marry a satisfied and funny wife?

That wasn't Marvin's style.

"Say something." He thought in his mind, 'Mr. Sidney is getting more and more unpredictable when he grows up. With a poker face, even his eyes are cold and indifferent. Does he really think he knows how to read people's minds?

"Lancy is a good girl, better than grandpa knows!" "Grandpa, do you really think that losing memory will make you lose everything?" Marvin asked, looking into Mr. Sidney's eyes

"Yes?" The topic changed so fast. Mr. Sidney was confused. What the hell was memory loss? Did it have anything to do with what they talked about?

Hearing that, Marvin smiled faintly, with a tinge of pride and pride on his face. He said, "Grandpa, you underestimated her."

"……" The corners of Mr. Sidney's mouth twitched. He was wondering who he was looking down upon? It could not be her. Suddenly, Mr. Sidney felt weird since Marvin had no intention to explain anything to her.

Even if his grandson has grown up, it is someone else's I'm so sad.

Mr. Sidney was not to be outdone. He stared at Charles and said, "anyway, that's the deal. Stay out of it."

"…… Grandpa, Ray and Rani will come to you. " His voice was as cold as the ghost's visit when they were in the hell at midnight. Mr. Lu started his new baby skill.

When he was tasting the tea, Mr. Sidney almost spat it out. Ray and Rani, the two smart children, were really something! Mr. Sidney found his great grandson too shrewd for the first time. It was a sad thing. In his mind, the black eyes of Ray's baby and the smile of Rani, which was brighter but colder, came to his mind and made him shiver.

Mr. Sidney was having a headache. He had tried so hard to build a deep relationship with his children. The thought that his two children would be treated that way made his heart break. "…… Don't go too far, or all your efforts will be in vain. "

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