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   Chapter 171 The So Called Morning Greeting

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With a cold look, Mrs. Wilson continued, "Just say that your mommy is filial. You are such an ungrateful girl. Yesterday, Lancy said she wanted to have a morning greeting to help me recover. Do you think she is a filial child? 'Nowadays, no one is particular about that. Who knows that the child is holding my hand and will never give it up?'. You actually convinced me, an old lady No wonder he is from a rich family. He knows the rules. "

Attend to one 's parents ' comfort on getting up and going to bed?

Someone offered to discuss it?

Who had convinced whom?

"……" For a moment, the hall was completely quiet. Everyone's expression was so weird, and the pitiful servants dared not even breathe.

Hearing that, Marvin squinted and asked, "Is she talking about Lancy?"

Both Ray and Rani exclaimed, "That's not what Mommy did? we are inexperienced, so don't lie to us.''

"She is definitely not my grandson's wife," said Sidney.

They all looked at each other. "What? Are you kidding me?" Was that Lancy they knew?

With a confused look on her face, even Lancy herself doubted whether she was the real person that Mrs. Wilson just mentioned? How could she forget the days when she was "begging", "crying alone and moving the world"?

Hearing that, Lancy touched her chin, as if absorbed in thought. She wondered when she had one more skill of talking? What could she do to him? It was Mrs. Wilson who took the initiative to find her. Did she make a mistake again?

Ah, maybe she should take the medicine again. She was so busy yesterday that she forgot it. She would apply the medicine together with today after she went back. Lancy nodded, pretending to be serious about it.

Kaaahhkkk, and like to correct, the pill was from Mr. Marvin, and should be free of supply. Therefore, without Marvin's permission, the drug could not be stopped.

Mrs. Wilson thought that everyone's facial expression was strange, However, it didn't matter. Mrs. Wilson took a look at Mr. Sidney and said slowly, "This is my granddaughter in law's filial piety. I can't bear to refuse Lancy What do you think, my lord? " Sean always said that he was filial to his mother?

From ancient times to the present, filial piety should be the most important!

Mr. Sidney stared at her, eyes full of displeasure. Mrs. Wilson was pretending to be very calm. She boldly looked into his eyes, as if to say, this was the promise of Lancy herself, could she still shut out the door of filial children? No elders would do this, right?

As a matter of fact, Mrs. Wilson had learned a lesson from this time, knowing that Lancy was a pawn. On the other hand, she thought she was on the side of filial piety which they could do nothing to defend. As for Lancy, Mrs. Wilson gave her a nasty sneer. People would rebuke Lancy if Lancy was not afraid of being blamed by others.

"Morning greeting... Lancy is filial towards her parents and thinks well of their own ideas. As their parents, she will accept their kindness. But you don't have to... "

Mr. Sidney's wo

atter suddenly shivered

However, compared with Ray, he was much more rational. Mommy had just agreed to make a thorough investigation in the morning. If something bad happened to Mrs. Wilson, Mommy would not be able to explain for herself. If so, Mommy have to take care of her The baby's face was almost wrinkled into a bun. He did not know what to do next.

Well, Mommy, can you stop worrying? The boy sighed helplessly and looked at his mommy subconsciously

'I was wrong, really wrong. Besides Mrs. Wilson, there is also a person who is in the mood to eat. Look at his contented face. It's such a great idea to drink soup?

'Oh, God! She is so strong and healthy! I feel so tired that she doesn't love me anymore.

Hearing that, Lancy squinted satisfactorily. She looked like a little cat, and it seemed that she wanted to play the woman on the ground. The chef of the boss was really good. They were the best in cooking. Their baby would never need to worry about his mommy!

'Lancy, please hold our knees. We are deeply sorry for you! The ladies who were invited today were stunned. The new lady looked very relaxed. Was there any other plan? He was so clever that he didn't want to explain anything to Jean.

Lancy got a lot of fans without anybody knowing it.

After the dinner, Mrs. Wilson left with a contented smile on her face. She had been busy during the time, but she had been tired of those smiling faces. Mrs. Wilson once told her that she would be the biggest winner in her life and left in the hope of victory.

But Mr. Sidney, on the other hand, had no idea what was on his mind. He just cast a complicated look at Lancy and walked into the study with his hands on his back. As the female relatives on other branches were still alive, he couldn't say something directly.

Marvin understood what Mrs. Wilson meant. He knew that what her daughter said was nothing but something that could not be attacked. It was Lancy own willing to do so. But Mrs. Wilson won't go too far in front of Mr. Sidney.

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