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   Chapter 170 Did Daddy And Mommy Fight

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9622

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While waiting for her mommy to hug and hug her, Rani was even more confused, because her Mommy didn't seem to hug or bow at all.

'it's only one night. Is it possible that they are abandoned by mommy?'? This was what the little bun thought, feeling threatened, they were about to explode.

Kids were more sensitive than adults. Ray and Rani grew up together with Lancy. It could be said that their mommy was the only one in their small world. Although later they had daddy, great grandpa and great grandpa as well as aunt and uncle Myron, they were different from mummy.

In the eyes of Marvin, he was their father! Did the two little bun give her daddy a hard time yesterday because of some selfishness? Was it just for fun? Maybe it was because his mommy was unwilling to be snatched away by his daddy?

It could be said that Jonny and Joyce always slept with their mommy, eating and sleeping, playing tricks and cleaning up the mess for their mommy From now on, they had nothing to do with it They really wanted to take revenge on the society!

In this case, Ray, Rani shared the same feeling, which was very similar to that of their great grandfather.

Rani's eyes were red and her heart was pounding. She wondered why her mother stopped hugging her father on the first day they got married?

In the past, every time Rani pouted, her mother would immediately kiss her and give her a hug But now, she had not responded. It was a bolt from the blue, and he felt that he would never love her again.

The two little buns looked quite worried. Last night, they really let daddy go so easily. Milk was so fragile, and they should steal Mommy unwittingly.

She regretted that she had married to a man who didn't love her at all What's in Ray's mind? Why did he miss coming back? Looking for daddy is absolutely the biggest mistake in this life!

'babe, what's wrong with my life? I'm only six years old.

I can see that they are basically the enemies of Daddy. It has been rise to the peak of hatred. They are so failed to be the boss!

Poor Marvin! He was so unlucky this time! However, Lancy didn't know at all that her baby's brain was thinking in such a strange way. Was he trying to murder his own father?

Lancy had no idea. The girl's eyes were filled with pain, and her mind was still occupied by the word, ' die, die, die, die!'

Boohoo, this woman, who was sure to be in great pain and had no hope to live, did not notice the difference of the babies at all. No wonder the kids thought they were neglected.

Mother and son? Why are they still standing here? God knew when Lancy would come to herself Therefore, Marvin rushed to her and held the two kids who were grabbing the trouser legs in his arms.

"Your mommy didn't have a good rest." Marvin squatted down and touched their head.

His words were also heard by the adults in the hall. They d


"Mommy, does it hurt?" Rani thought.

Lancy was already crinkling up. She bit her pink lips and looked painful. How could she forget the pain after the wound was healed? As a result, extreme joy begot sorrow! Alas! The "Scar" hadn't healed yet. The girl was almost as mad as a sheep now.

Lowering his head, Sidney told himself to hold back his laughter. After all, he was an elder of a prestigious family who couldn't destroy his image, let alone his granddaughter in law.

"…… Grandpa and grandma drink tea. " For a long time, Lancy was unable to speak.

Sidney took the tea and took a big sip, not afraid of the hot water, to cover up the rolling and laughing in the chest. He should drink some water to calm down 'this girl is so interesting.'.

With a forced smile, Mrs. Wilson was still having a lingering fear. Her heart was pounding. "Good girl."

After the two old men drank the tea, they both took out red envelopes from their arms. Mrs. Wilson stole a glance at the thickness in Sidney's hand. It was almost the same. She felt lucky that she didn't do something on the red packet.

"……" Mrs. Wilson shoved the red packet into Lancy's pocket after Mr. Sidney, and when Mrs. Wilson was about to say something, she was shocked again.

Holding the two red envelopes, Lancy was giggling like a baby. Her saliva almost dripped.

The scene was lively and vivid. No one would doubt that she pretended to be happy. No one!

Mrs. Wilson wondered if Lancy was really the daughter of the Lan Clan? Even if she was born in a small family, she could see very clearly of her family and was willing to do anything for the sake of money. Therefore, in the face of today's banquet, she would like to cover up her feelings. Mrs. Wilson had never seen a woman like Lancy in her whole life.

"Mommy, you are up." Ray poked his mother's tender face. He really disliked his mother's present posture.

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