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   Chapter 169 Serve Tea At Noon Is Ok

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9652

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Serve tea... Lancy moved and finally came out of the pillow. Her eyes, nose and face were all red. She felt she was so wronged. She glanced at the phone, tears streaming down her cheeks. She threw herself onto the floor again. 'I don't care.

"It's all your fault!" The girl felt wronged, but she found that Marvin was smiling, he was laughing, he was laughing... He thought Lancy couldn't do anything to him, so she grabbed his hand and put it in her mouth.

She decided to bite him to death!

Lancy bit his hands with all her strength. Seeing that, Marvin smiled instead of getting angry. His dark eyes were bright... It seemed that the girl was playing with fire again.

"Why do you blame me?" Marvin touched her nose and looked away. He didn't mind being bitten. After all, he was look after her.

If she continued to ask Lancy to do that, Lancy might not be able to get up? Lancy should work out to keep fit since her body was too weak.

"It's all your fault!" Turning into an angry Beast, Lancy glared at him and said, "last night You're to blame. It's all your fault that you got up late. "

"We are a newly married couple. If we get up late, Grandpa will understand. Don't be afraid. I am here."

I'm afraid of nothing except you! Lancy lowered her head and found at a glance the red spots on her neck and clavicle, and the teeth marks on her chest. What a fucking dog! Was he biting! She couldn't just bite him in another place. It was so obvious. How could she go out to see others?

So, Lancy, has your standard set to the point that no one can see?

What's more, the most important thing is that she didn't do anything wrong?

While her watery starry eyes condemned Marvin, Lancy finally caught the focus of her attention. "What do you understand? Look at me now, can I meet anyone? I'm so weak that I almost cannot stand up. If I went out, Grandpa and others would know... Last night... " She was overcome with indulgence.

Lancy lost her face overseas. She covered her face with her hands, ashamed and resentful.

"Haha!" "What happened last night?" Marvin smiled.

"I said I don't want it. It's all your fault!" Lancy came to realize that she was fooled. He couldn't piss her off like this. What a scheming boss.

But what about the love? Oh, she would never be able to look directly at the word "love", which was made by her boss.

Hearing that, Lancy sniffed. Without being ashamed, she said, "I feel painful!"

It was definitely a truth. Every inch of her skin and every muscle was sore. She had a sharper sense of facial features than ordinary people, and the pain of others was nothing to her, as a result, she was miserable.

The girl stretched out her little white arms. She couldn't help trembling when she saw it. Marvin took advantage of this opportunity to rub his little arm. He was so indulged in such an intoxicated moment that he

on. "It's time to propose a toast to the guests. How about coming back tomorrow morning?" It seemed that these words were out of good will, but in fact, everyone present had heard them clearly?

'can we change the time?' Mrs. Wilson thought?

The importance of serving tea is only second to kneeling in the ancestral hall. This shouldn't be changed! Of course, Mrs. Wilson was happy. She thought she could forget when he changed his date?

"At the ancestral temple, they must be very tired after the wedding which took them a whole day." Sidney said. We can have lunch together. "

"……" Tears streamed down their cheeks. They had been really tired on the wedding day as they had to serve their husbands even before dawn. How poor they were.

The whole family was distressed too. They didn't know what to do. Their wedding was prepared and directed by Sidney. Comparing with other bride and bridegroom, the master and his wife must be very happy?


But Sidney's words reminded all the guests that Mr. Marin and Mrs. Lancy went to the ancestral temple for worship. Offering a cup of tea or something like that didn't matter at all? It's the same with the meaning of the Sidney. The tea ceremony is just a walk. It's optional. The point is actually the second half of the sentence - have lunch together

Wilson was speechless.

"Daddy, Mommy!" The two little buns, whose eyes were shining with excitement, rushed out like the train stop and fell into Lancy's arms.

"Absence sharpens love.". But mummy seemed to be unhappy?

When the babies bumped into them, Lancy felt she was falling apart.

Lancy could not help but burst into tears. Not because Mommy thought badly of him, but because your daddy was too cruel.

"Mommy?" Ray was the first one to find his mother's abnormality. He raised his head and frowned. Mommy seemed to feel pain? 'what happened?' he looked at his daddy subconsciously.

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