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   Chapter 168 The Suspicious Seeds

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Kevin was confused and stared at Nina thoughtfully. However, Nina looked very honest and didn't show any flaw at all. Therefore, Kevin was not sure about it.

Was there really nothing happening between them? The man's expression softened a lot. Nina couldn't make the stupid mistake again and again.

Tilting her head to one side, Nina suddenly laughed and said, "Kevin, don't get me wrong, okay? Puff, I'm pregnant... "

Hearing that, Kevin was shocked and his suspicion disappeared immediately. Yes, she was pregnant, how could she... However, Kevin always felt that something was wrong, and could not tell what it was.

But what Nina said was reasonable. And so was the truth, wasn't it?

It had to be said that the reason of Nina who was pregnant was quite convincing. No wonder she could deceive Kevin.

For a moment, they acted as nothing had happened.

"What are you looking at? Haven't you seen me?" Nina said in a coquettish tone, her eyes sparking.

"……" Hearing that, Kevin pursed his lips slightly, but finally said nothing. He turned around and walked into the bathroom.

When the man turned around, the smile on Nina's face immediately faded and turned into blue. She held the horns more tightly and her teeth were almost broken.

But now, she could only put up with it!

The Wilson Group not only owned the largest commercial street in Alaska, but also the representative of the HR Mall. It not only covered the whole country, but also had settled abroad in recent years, becoming the symbol of the citizens in the country, What Marvin said was right. Marriage between the two clan was a big deal. Although it was not as exaggerated as what Lancy had thought, it was close.

Only some people who possessed royal members would enjoy the special treatment of wedding broadcast throughout the country in today's world. Sidney found another way and came up with a way.

If there was a place called HR Mall the whole process of the wedding could be live broadcast on the huge TV wall. It really made a national celebration! No, even most of the foreign countries had the honor to witness that holy moment.

Obviously, Mr. Sidney was not a saint. Many people were shocked when the TV wall changed suddenly. They didn't know what to do but lie on the TV wall!

'Wealthy, beautiful, grand, splendid and imposing' they thought! 'who the hell are you? Keep a low profile, show off your wealth, or attend the century wedding! I feel so sad! There were so many single men. The house men just stared at the envious beauties, chest thumping, wondering if they would be "undressed" one day? She felt she was so tired that she could no longer love any more. The whole family was filled with hatred at that time.

However, Mr. Lakin and Mr. Sidney had never thought that something unpleasant would happen in the future due to their momentary kindness.

In the commercial street of Birmingham, the TV wall in front of the HR building drew the attention of the passersby. The people of Birmingham were very curious about mysterious eastern region because of the different races of their

Marvin was innocent. He looked expressionless? 'Behave indecently. Didn't you say that I'm a handsome men before?

The girl replied that she didn't have to pretend anymore, because she had seen his true nature! It seemed that he was a dreadful monster, who would eat people and drain their bones!

After giving her a quick glance, Marvin seemed to tell her that she was fine.

Furiously, Lancy jumped up from the bed and was about to rebuke him physically and mentally. She wanted to attack him with her fists clenched. She wanted to be bossy!

However, the reality was cruel. When the girl gave a scream of pain, she became a coward.

Her waist was almost broken! With tears all over her face, Lancy buried her little face in the pillow. She was in extreme pain and wanted to die... Huh! What the hell is that if you want to die? Drag them out and chop them into pieces.

Marvin couldn't help smiling at her sexy lips. He touched the dog head and smoothed his hair. "Lancy, don't move too fast. After you drink a cup of tea, go back to your room and take a shower... Then you won't be so sore. "

A tinge of embarrassment flashed through Marvin's black eyes. He also knew, last night, no, it should be in the early morning. It was he who did not control himself that had sex with her over and over again. He was "crazy" and addicted to her because she was so sweet.

Lancy was so exhausted that her voice became hoarse. When you looked more carefully, you could find that her eyes were also red and swollen. Poor... However, Marvin couldn't help recalling her crying and begging under his body, and didn't realize his body was warmed up.

"……" It's my fault?

If Lancy knew what he was thinking, she would cry her heart out.

"How can we deal with our newly married husband who is an animal? "

"Men can change their moods in a second. They are said to be noble, cold and coquettish."

"My boss is so horny. He turned into a wolf at night? "

Nowadays, we can't find our Mr. perfect any more. I don't feel like loving him anymore. I'm so tired.

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