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   Chapter 167 Nina Got Hurt Again

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A suspicious man would keep a little sober and rational no matter how drunk he was. For example, when he had sex with Nina, Kevin was drugged but he could remember the next day when he was put on a drip. He quickly discovered the flaw and was not fooled by Nina. It could be seen that Kevin was conscious.

But now, Kevin was like an object possessed by something unknown, and he had completely changed!

Kevin seemed to regard himself as a person connected with Lancy, or, in fact, he knew that he had lost the loved one, which was why he was so crazy and anxious.

Yes, anxious! This was the private demon of Kevin. He had regretted more than once. If he had engaged that day and had Lancy as his wife, would everything be different? And even if Nina later found out that she was pregnant, so what? Kevin was never a kind person. Everyone lived for themselves. If he had to choose again, he would do anything.

That was why the inner demons were horrifying.

Nina's eyes widened in disbelief as if she had been slapped... No, it was a wound in her heart, and it was her husband, her beloved man.

"…… What did you call me? " Nina's voice was trembling. She forced a smile and sank into the depth of despair. Her oval face was bloodless. She held the man's face and looked into his eyes. Because of this, she saw the surging in his eyes.

Was that his love for Lancy?

"Lancy, Lancy, you are mine. You are mine!" Kevin couldn't help kissing the woman's hand, being more and more affectionate with her indifference and silence.

His tenderness couldn't warm Nina up at all. Nina felt as if she was in an ice house which had been frozen thoroughly.

When she came to her senses, her delicate features twisted and looked a little fierce. "What did you call me! !"

"Lancy, don't be angry..." Kevin muttered and became more and more careful and gentle. How afraid he was to lose her.

What she is not Nina, but Lancy!

The sweet smile on Nina's face froze all of a sudden, and she felt like all her blood was frozen. Fixing her eyes on her husband, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

Why did he push her into the abyss again after he gave her hope?

Why did he do this to her?

At this moment, all her love and worries turned into hatred for Lancy! Hatred, not like jealousy, was a kind of ruthlessness that either you die or I die! Compared to this, the so-called rejection and disgust that Nina felt for Lancy before w

mely cold.

If she missed tonight, there was no turning back for Nina! In a snow-white bath towel, her lower abdomen looked incredibly flat... If she hadn't estimated it wrong, she would be pregnant in nearly three months?

No more belly, no more thin, no even a little raised arc, which is not in the normal range.

This was the biggest secret of Nina, and also the most hidden one.

It was you who forced me, Lancy, it was you who forced me! Nina grabbed the bath towel tightly and her eyes were full of resentment...

It was a long night for Nina.

The next day, when Kevin woke up, he realized that he had been calculated again. His look was more serious than that of eating shit. In that second, he wanted to kill.

Sitting in front of the dressing table, Nina stared at Kevin through the mirror. She lifted the corners of her mouth and there was a hint of coldness in her eyes. She asked, "Kevin, what's going on? You look pale. Are you having a headache? "

"…… HMM... " Kevin fixed his eyes on Nina, waiting for her answer.

Even in this case, men were shameless.

With his hands clenched into fists, Kevin said, "Nina, you're really bold. You..." court death!

Nina raised her head and looked right into Kevin's eyes, asked, "what's wrong with you, Kevin? Why are you so angry in the early morning? The servant will send you the sober up tea. You can have a rest. "

The woman did not notice the anger of the man at all. She pointed at her eyes and said: "look, my dear brother, Kevin had been up all night yesterday, vomiting all night. Look at my dark circles! I want to get some more sleep, too. "

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