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   Chapter 165 The Dramatic Reversal

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The two old men, Mr. Lakin and Mr. Sidney, held the baby carefully and looked at each other with a smile. The two babies both laughed when they were asleep. They thought that besides Marvin and Lancy, they must be the happiest people today? This showed how important the father and mother were to their children as they could stay together and have a happy family.

It could only be said that this was a beautiful misunderstanding. If the two little bun knew what Mr. Lakin and Mr. Sidney were thinking at this moment, they would definitely smile.

Daddy, let me climb the wall at midnight to monopolize Mommy. Have you had a happy wedding night?

Ray and Rani had always remembered that their real sleep in separate rooms was because a dad had climbed the wall to seduce his mom!

That's right. That's right. Policeman, he is that person!

Whatever Mommy did to him, he would never sleep with her in the future. That was intolerable! '

Thus, at the wedding night, Marvin was a tragedy. In this world, there were very few people who could plot against Marvin. And his biological son was one of them Goodbye, my boss.

The event reminded everyone that they could drink any milk on the roadside, but not the milk from the baby!

"Everyone." they were talking about the baby's birth parents.

Oh, how smart we are! Both of them were stunned by this scene. Ray and Rani looked like two adorable Lamborghini as they rubbed against each other in the arms of Mr. Lakin and Mr. Sidney.

Daddy was successfully plotted What the two kids felt most proud of was that they would never be surpassed by others in the future when they had a lot of achievements.

Their real father, Marvin: whose babies are they? Please take them with you.

The sleeping Lancy did not wake up until dawn. She was unusually conscious. She had rarely been like this.

Pretty girl, do you know how long you have slept? Do you know that you left the groom alone on your wedding night? 'This girl has slept for at least 14 hours, isn't she?

Lancy was still in a daze with a memory loss. Her body was full of pain. What did she do last night? The little girl scratched her head. Oh, I'm sorry. It's too difficult for her to do this at present.

Feeling the movement of the woman in his arms, Marvin pulled her into his bedroom unconsciously. He put his hands and feet together, and clung them tightly. He whispered, "Good girl, don't be naughty!"

"……" Lancy was breathless. Lancy was confused. What on earth happened?

'Don't get wrong. I remember that I, a married woman, slept on the same bed with my boss as I did yesterday. The reason why I was so shocked and confused is because of his gentle voice! 'Lancy thought. It seemed that she had done something terrible. For Emily, she behaved very well and listened to her.

The girl patted her chest and swore that she had made a false charge! In Lancy's mind, the pretty Lancy was elated. She admitted that she made a little joke from time to time, and she did it again and again. In general, she was quite reliable.

For example, when she was sleeping.

Besides, who would be so noisy while sleeping? She thought that it was not because she had a split personality. Even if it was,

girl suddenly attacked Marvin like a beast!

The boss who was knocked down held the hairy little thing in his arms by force and fell back. The two of them rolled into each other. At this moment, Marvin, who had made a scene, had the mood to think: Is it time to murder my your husband?

He was even more unhappy. The man frowned tightly and felt stuffy in his chest.

It was Lancy who put too much weight on his body? Lancy, your boss began to doubt life because of you. Do you know that?

However, Lancy didn't know that she was so focused on acting cute!

"Honey, I was wrong. Don't showed your anger. Forgive me, okay?" The little kitty squinted her eyes and carefully pulled the man's collar with her soft hands. The fluffy head rubbing and rubbing, then rolling away. If she really had a tail, she would have pouted her lips at the moment.

Lancy had broken into a million pieces in order to comfort her husband.

"Ouch... Honey... Ouch... Ouch..." She called him "honey" in a sweet voice, which stirred up an uproar in the room. "You told me that you could not do anything to her."

Her clear and tender fingers drew circles on the man's chest. She opened her clear eyes wide and stared at Marvin pitifully. "If you regret, I'll cry for you." it was her first time to bully and miscarry at their wedding day.

It was obvious that the girl was trying her best to act cute.

In fact, Lancy had long smiled to the sky without any explanation! She was so wise when she realized her boss was her husband!

Talking about the significance of recognized

However, the girl who spoke for herself was totally in a daze. Lancy didn't even notice that the under her body was stiffened at first and then the temperature rose all the way.

Lancy perfectly captured the essence of 'No Zuo No Die'. The whole audience at the restaurant responded. This scene was so perfect that they couldn't resist the temptation of it at all.

"Come on?" Lancy had no idea what she was going to face. She just twisted her body.

The man was expressionless, seemed to be struggling and tolerating, and even his voice became hoarse and low. "Lancy..."

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