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   Chapter 164 The Mysterious Night

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9138

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Marvin is a man who is healthy in body and mind. He has never been a gentleman who can't be bothered, and he's not a kid who hasn't tried anything. Naturally, he has the innate nature of a man.

Six years ago, that night, Marvin had been living as a 'Taoist' for many years. Therefore, he didn't have sex with women these years, not because of Lancy, but because he was a neat freak. He felt that those women were too dirty, and if it was not necessary, he did not want to have any contact at all.

But that didn't mean he was a virgin! Before reaching adulthood, Marvin had experienced the taste of love, which was the most impulsive and uncontrollable age for men. During the past few years, he had driven himself to the point where he couldn't get out to give vent to his sexual desire. However, as he grew older, he had almost reached the level of self-control, and his will was completely controlled by his body, even his physiological desire. Then he didn't have to surrender to the physiological needs against his will.

The night with Lancy was just an accident, and a man-made one. Marvin had suspected Lancy before. But when she disappeared six years ago, she appeared again. He knew that he and she were both calculated. But he didn't know who was behind all this, him or her.

After coughing, Marvin recovered from his own thoughts and shook his head with a laugh. At this moment, he was still thinking about something else. What happened in the past didn't matter anymore. What mattered now was.

A moment of wedding night was precious. The man who could continue to be cold at this crucial time was definitely not a man.

At the moment when the door was opened, Marvin spread all over the place as if he wanted to see what his boss who was aloof and arrogant all the time was like!


Do you know why humans are sure that the temperature in the world is getting warmer? That's because even the iceberg that hasn't melt for a thousand years began to melt.

Do you know why the iceberg is melting? That was because there was such a person in the world a professional fire fighter.

What did it have to do with them? "Ah hem! You can see it with your own eyes. By the way, please don't care about these details. Go and care about our boss. He is dying...

The screen turned, ouch! Look at our boss, he wore a sad face. What happened to him?

The man stiffened for a full minute, turned around slowly and closed the door. Then he walked up slowly. At the same time, he put out the fire and stared at her little trembling legs -- staring.

He was not bad at visual sight. Without thick spectacles or visions, what he saw in front of him was absolutely the most real scene.

Men would have pounced o

ere quite unique, in sharp contrast to the people around him. One of his hands was quietly hanging on his both sides, while the other one, who was in a mess, seemed to feel someone around him, immediately rolled into his arms.

Her rosy face rubbed against Marvin's arm, and hugged him with both hands and feet... Lancy, do you really think your boss can do nothing to you?

The woman reached out her hand and tried to take her hand back. Apparently, she felt something was wrong. Since Ray and Rani had moved out for long, they must be sleeping on their own.

Oh, my God! You get fat again! Lose weight! She couldn't hold her arms and thought: 'humph! If I don't lose weight, I won't sleep with you.'. Lancy told her that the size was not right. After all, she had just agreed to fit in? It's not easy to hold!

The fake bear and the real boss suddenly opened his eyes and turned to look at the girl.

The man's heart skipped a beat. He suddenly held Lancy in his arms and kissed her fiercely for several times before he was fully satisfied and closed his eyes again.

They acted in a tacit way. In her dream, Lancy couldn't help but burst into tears.

This was the wedding night of Marvin and Lancy. Sure enough, no one disturbed and it was very quiet. In other words, the wish of Marvin was fulfilled. It was real "lovers' world".

Now that she had been so tired, was he really determined to wake her up and bring her to justice? Boss told you that he wasn't in such a hurry?

Since Lancy was acting as usual, Marvin didn't notice a thing was wrong.

Boss, you have been teased, you know?

Boss, who had the guts to plot against you, actually succeeded?!

That was impossible!

At the same time, both Ray and Rani, who were drowsy in the arms of Sidney and Lakin, felt unprecedentedly satisfied.

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