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   Chapter 163 Rough Horseplay At Weddings

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Everyone in the Lu Clan, including Marvin, used to think that this kind of Wilson was the limitation of "playboy". After the incident, everyone was shocked, but also felt lingering fear. The dogs were pressed hard, and they would jump off the wall, let alone people? And a powerful man.

But that would be done later.

At this moment, Wilson could only endure. His blue veins were bulging. In order not to lose control, he lowered his eyes, and his thoughts wandered outside. And what Wilson had learnt in business all these years was patience and not listening to the outside world. He was really good at it when he didn't want to hear it or see it.

Others saw Wilson taking a sip of the wine casually and shaking the goblet in a leisurely manner, and the corners of his mouth seemed to slightly rise because he was satisfied with the wine. From what Wilson had seen, he was somewhat important.

Upon returning to the party, Marvin saw his 'good father' who debased himself to greet him. His cold eyes blinked as if it was an illusion.

Mrs. Wilson and Julie furrowed their brows. What was wrong with Wilson? Was he trying to fool him?

He looked down upon his son most. Those who greeted him with a smiling face were not even acting according to circumstances. Wilson had also laughed at Marvin from time to time. Those who laughed at him were mostly evil, cold, sarcastic, and creepy. Such smile could never be like this... It was too dazzling and bright without any darkness.

Wilson was just like a real kind father who was proud of his son...

Is he making trouble again?

However, Marvin didn't care about it at all. He just thought that this man was so bored that he wanted to play the game of "the best father in the world". Humph! What a play! Everyone here knew that they had been sad and lost contact for a long time, so they didn't want others to see his tricks?

However, Marvin was also willing to play with Wilson. After all, he was his "good son"!

The father and the son were at a stalemate. They were joyful on the surface, almost crying with each other. But people couldn't deceive by the bickering between the two men.

"Good boy. You have wife and son soon. As your father, I would like to congratulate you." Frank proposed as he clinked glasses with the man. Wilson emptied the glass without a single drop. This was the sincerity of a father.

However, Marvin was still far behind them. He drank up the wine and then turned his glass upside down. What a provocative move.

"Well, you are so lucky to have a son like Ray. You are the only one who has the chance to run the Lu Clan" Marvin could hear Wilson clearly, but he looked strangely calm, as if Wilson was really just stating the truth without any private emotions.

Marvin lowered his eyes and didn't look at him either. He said in a domineering and elegant tone, "It was mine ten years

me husband and wife, and everyone knew that.

As time went on, they became more and more unscrupulous about it. They didn't care about the excuse that the bridegroom drank wine with his bride's high heels, or that they stood at the same chair and ate apples hung in the air. It was already out of date The man frowned. Thinking of all the long stories on the website, if this could really be used on Lancy, he suddenly had an impulse to kill them.

What he couldn't accept most was that no matter how crazily the relatives and friends played, the new couple couldn't be angry.

Marvin frowned and thought, 'no way!' As long as he thought of that his wife was surrounded by so many people and he had to behave intimately and shamefully, he would definitely reject, even Lancy was the bride.

Fortunately, they didn't pester him anymore. Otherwise...

Jard and others left.

Marvin's cold face softened. He paused. Without those people who didn't disturb him, the man realized that as long as he pushed this door open, he could see the people who he had been waiting for a long time.

Also because there is no group of eyesight, their first night of marriage, will really live in their own right.

It was great to be disturbed! He was as calm as soar. When he faced the most important moment in his life, he couldn't help but get a little out of control. With his heart stirring, his cold eyes were almost as hot as the sun.

As his eyes turned, Marvin seemed to see Lancy, who was sitting straight on the edge of the bed. She was quiet and beautiful. At the moment when she saw her, her eyes must be brighter than ever.

He would be the only one in his watery eyes. His blushing face must be even more charming... The man's Adam's apple bobbed as he thought of her creamy white skin... The man gasped in surprise. Even his breathing became muffled and heavy, comparable to the best satin, smooth and tender...

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