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   Chapter 162 The Speaker Has No Intention, The Hearer Has Intention

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9752

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No matter who appeared first, Ray and Rani would only see Lakin at the first sight. As their great grandfather, Sidney was going to be the backdrop, OK? As a result, Sidney was thrown into an unprecedented "crisis". Then, their 'peaceful and united forces' had burst out and entered the stage of 'fighting for the twin's favor'.

Yes, that's right. To win the favor of the babies by all means, to keep the battle upgrade. This is the real report.

It was said that kids were good at flattering. They would follow them obediently through candies and toys. However, it didn't seem to work. After being kidnapped for twice, the twins didn't even have a smile on their faces? All these were doubts and difficulties that the Lakin and Sidney had been searching for.

Ray subconsciously paused and twitched the corners of his mouth. After hesitating for more than three seconds, he took his sister and walked forward.

It's not because the kids are naughty Rani rubbed her cheeks, remembering that great-grandfather and great-grandpa had grinned from the day they saw her and her brother, the way a dog looked at bones and wagging its tail. Then, she found a doll in the morning, a new dress in the afternoon, and a bracelet in the evening. They had to circulate the bracelet around the next day

It was nice to receive a gift from him, but it was just too fast. They are only six years old. Was it really appropriate to be so extravagant? What's more, great-grandfather and great-grandpa laughed even more dreadfully. "Mommy, daddy, hurry up! I don't want to be defeated by them.".

They didn't know what was going on, so they hid themselves.

In fact, the real reason was not that the gifts were more and more expensive. More importantly, the gifts were so expensive that people would be flabbergasted. Ray and Rani also vaguely found out that the two old men were competing with each other. They even glared at each other secretly and thought that they had a grudge against each other. The twins wanted to hide first until they calmed down.

Nobody knew how the war started. The precocious baby doesn't think it's just "competing for favor". The two old men are powerful figures. They can't be so "naive"

Feeling coldness, Ray, who had regarded themselves as cannon fodder, firmly believed that he should stay away from them for the time being.

Ray finally made a mistake. How couldn't these two elders be childish!

Both of them mistook each other's words during these days. They had a hard time these days because of this. Finally, there was a chance for them to get close to twins again.

Ray pouted and took a look at his sister. Then two of them ran towards two seats in a tacit manner.

Ray, in a composed manner, walked up to Sidney and in a blink of an eye, hugged him. When he came to his senses, he had already sat steadily on his great grandpa's knees. Compared to him, Rani was more "consi

, they forgot that there were not only two old men in the both clan.

The power holder could control the whole situation, which could shake the heads of the four factions, but could not really control the heart of anyone, especially an arrogant ambition!

However, the former's words "with great grandpa's charm" and "there will be a successor" pissed them off. When Mrs. Wilson, Julie and Wilson heard that, their faces changed dramatically. They were livid with rage and completely darkened after that Sidney mocked them seemingly unintentionally.

Especially Wilson, who clenched his fist tightly under the table and stared at Ray who was in Sidney's arms. If his eyes could kill people, he would cut the bastard into pieces!

So he is the son of unfilial Marvin? This was his nature. Both the father and son wanted to take everything from him! The love and care that the Sidney had for the child were reflected in Wilson's turbid black eyes. His resentment was like a burst of magma eating his every blood vessel. At this moment, the last trace of family affection in his heart vanished.

In Marvin's eyes, The father has no relationship with him.

What he said was right, but also wrong. After all, no matter how bad a person was, there was a bottom line in his heart, and the last straw, which was not only the emotional sense, but also the sense of reason. Once the pressure was suppressed, it would be like a water was in the water, and he could no longer abandon any scruple. For example, killing for the first time was common for top killer. Because of this, they became more and more adept at killing, without any emotional fluctuation.

Wilson was cold-blooded. He didn't respect his father, his wife, or his children. He had a bunch of lovers but they were not loyal to him! It could be seen that Wilson didn't love anyone. He only loved himself. He always pursued power, money, social status and never a family member.

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