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   Chapter 161 The Comparison Between The Two Daughters Of The Lan Clan

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In Lancy's mind, Marvin was better than her in every aspect, but it was also amazing that he could drink a lot Maybe she would sigh if Marvin ate two more bowls of rice than her!

Marvin rubbed his forehead and rubbed it. His face was cold, but his hands were gentle. He held her carefully and looked helpless. As the most experienced man, he had experienced a lot from embarrassment to being accustomed to it.

The person who didn't drink was drunk. Marvin didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. She was the only talent. "Lancy, be careful,"

"I'm very careful. You are here." Lancy smiled sweetly and her watery eyes reflected the figure of Marvin. Maybe it was just that alcohol does not intoxicate people who get drunk; perhaps it was also a very important day for Lancy. With the laughter and ridicule of the guests, she was more naive and bold than usual.

Their interaction attracted many eyes. Some admired, some were surprised, and some were jealous. No matter what, they were always smiling at each other.

In this way, the man in the president exchanged glances with each other. It was said that he was the other son-in-law of the Lan Clan, Kevin.

Many people had heard of the name of Kevin. He left the impression on people that he was "Bohemian" and willful. Such a self willed man should be a "waste". Generally speaking, he had a means and resourcefulness, which shocked everyone. At the same time, this kind of Kevin was also dangerous, because no one could match him.

Of course, the above was just rumors. But now, looking carefully, he indeed believed that Austin could do anything at will. She came to the wedding with an upset and uncertain look on her face. Was it really a good idea? Even if Kevin didn't care about the Lu Clan, he had to think about the Lan Clan? 'Kevin is Nina's husband. Even though he doesn't like to be a monk, he can be a Buddha. People who don't know him might think he is here for the funeral!'!

Bah! Bah! It was just a metaphor! Take it seriously!

Kevin cast a grim glance at the onlookers. The onlookers lowered their heads with disappointment. They were spineless?

Kevin laughed coldly and drank one after another. He, as a guest, drank more than the groom. Was he too happy or too happy?

'I don't think Mr. Kevin's face has anything to do with happiness?' Some believed that a plot was inevitable. The Lu Clan was in a dire situation, so was the Lan Clan.

As for Nina, although her family background was not perfect, Nina was raised up as the daughter of the eldest son. The situation of the Lan Clan was similar to that of the Lu Clan ten years ago. The only difference was that whether Mr. Lakin decided the successor from the branch of Lan Clan, or let Nina take over? Of course, it was just an objective way. In fact, because of Jill, Mr. Lakin never thought about letting Nina take over the Lan Clan.

From this point of view, it is very likely that Kevin as the son-in-law will take over the Lan Clan. But the problem was, the sudden appearance of the real granddaughter of

wo little bun had a sigh of relief at the moment he left. In front of his father, they should be cautious. As they turned around, the two kids put on the cute look.

"What did they see? Mr. Sidney put on a fake smile? Mr. Sidney didn't sneer or mock us. He was heartless. The affection between his eyes and brows was obvious.

In the younger generation of the Lu Clan, who had ever seen Mr. Sidney in this way? Even Julie, the daughter of the eldest daughter, was treated in a way that was rarely seen in 100 years.

The Lan Clan had been used to it. No matter how shocked they were, they could remain calm after seeing Mr. Lakin always quarrel with their babies.

"Ray and Rani, come here." Mr. Sidney's voice was soft and gentle. Fearing that they might be frightened, he waved at them.

It was really difficult for them to have both Mr. Lakin and Mr. Sidney at the same time. It was said that the problem of a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law would exist in the ancient times. But Ray and Rani expressed that at a particular time, Mr. Lakin and Mr. Sidney would face a more complicated problem than the problem of the ancient times.

When Mr. Lakin and Mr. Sidney were old, they became more and more funny. Lancy and Marvin's wedding was nothing big deal, and they had reached an agreement. They appreciated each other, got on well with each other.

When there was a problem, Mr. Sidney found that his great grandsons and daughters would get close to Mr. Lakin. They would kiss and kiss each other every day. A day passed, two days passed. After Mr. Sidney intentionally appeared in front of the twins four or five times earlier than Mr. Lakin, Mr. Sidney looked sad and dejected

Plain? As the "opponent" of Mr. Sidney, Mr. Lakin would definitely be the first one to disagree. In fact, he had been through a lot? For several times, Mr. Lakin had wanted to remind Mr. Sidney before he came to visit. Besides, he also asked him to take cool pills, myocardial infarction pills and first-aid pills in case he needed them.

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