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   Chapter 160 Mrs. Wilson Look For Trouble

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Ah, no, they are married. This is their legitimate rights and obligation. Lancy started to reflect on herself.

The guests were more excited. Led by the people in Lu Clan, they sent the bride into the bridal chamber.

Where is the bridal chamber? After all, the Lu mansion was no place for Marvin to live. So they didn't have to worry about that. As long as Mr. Sidney was there, everything would be fine.

With Sidney's words, the attics in the main house were cleaned up. It was Sherry's room in the attic, but Sherry chose the innermost one to stay away from the view. As the master bedroom was still empty, the servants of Lu Clan clean it.

Everybody would be lazy. This building has been empty for more than ten years, and our master haven't moved back, so they won't have much effort to clean it. Sidney flared up for this.

The servants were also pitiful, but had to bear it in silence. Did they have to tell Sidney that it was not their slack behavior but the Mrs. Wilson's acquiescence? In the past ten years, the building of Lu mansion had lost its original meaning. It was no longer the residence of the master, but the place of prestige in the eyes of everyone became a taboo in Lu Clan.

But now, everything seemed to go back to the beginning point because of Mr. Sidney's words... No, it's not the process of restoration, but the change in layout. The Lu Clan, including Mrs. Wilson, couldn't help guessing whether it was the intention of Mr. Sidney to let Marvin and Lancy live in this house? They are the rightful owner and wife of the family. I'm afraid other people can only make way...

Mrs. Wilson looks at Lancy being sent to the attic. Her face is dim and unclear. She hesitates for a while and follows the guests into the attic.

As the wedding feast began, the guests gradually dispersed, and the surroundings quieted down.

If it were in ancient times, she would have long been with the bride wearing a red veil. When the bridegroom uncovered her, Lancy was about to change into her wedding dress and go out to toast. However, as she thought of it, she looked at Mrs. Wilson confusedly. Alas, what was she going to do? Should he go to her, to her or to her?

Mrs. Wilson pressed her lips into a line and took a glance at Lancy, but she couldn't focus on the decoration. The apartment was wet and cold because it was out of repair for many years. What's more, the attic was located near a small lake. Therefore, most of the old-fashioned furniture couldn't be used in the room. It was Mr. Sidney's decision to change all the furniture. Therefore, the master bedroom was in a modern style.

Mrs. Wilson didn't want to take the money... Mrs. Wilson's eyes were cold and she smiled coldly. If only money could solve the problem, that would be great. She looked at Lancy from head to toe but couldn't find anything special about her. Maybe it was for the sake of the Lan Clan that drew his attention?

Mrs. Wilson thought for a while and then came up with an idea. She just couldn't accept the reality. She only knew that she would get furious at the sight of this woman and her eyes turned red.

Lancy was confused. Her two eyebrows twisted into

s. Wilson was kind. Moreover, she was the babies' grandmother Well, it's better for me to have a face-to-face talk with them. If there is any misunderstanding, we should make it clear. Only in this way can the family be harmonious and happy.

Lancy's wish was awesome. She had never mentioned it, which had made it possible that Marvin and twins didn't know that. It was a happy day. No one expected that Mrs. Wilson would seize this chance to get into her room while she was changing her clothes? Even the shrewd babies may be overlooked sometimes. But they would soon know.

The so-called toast was mainly put on the elders of the Lan Clan and the Lu Clan. The people around couldn't stand that. Everyone got up before the newcomer came close. It was a great honor to be invited. It would be ridiculous if they really considered themselves as someone.

For some special reason, Lancy was forbidden to drink by Marvin. As a result, although they proposed toasts to the guests together, one of them drank the real wine, and the other drank the tea instead of the wine.

Lancy licked her lips subconsciously, with a look of admiration and greed in her eyes. She thought she would have a good chance to drink as much as possible this time, and her eyeballs were about to fall out from her eyes, hoping that the man could give her some sweet.

Unfortunately, after seeing the girl, who was drunk, Marvin didn't change his mind and had a firm stand. One table after another. When Lancy saw that she was almost drunk, Marvin, who was drinking, didn't seem to be drunk at all. His eyes were still deep, and his steps were still firm. It could be seen that he was a good drinker.

"Boss, you are a good drinker. Haha..." Lancy blinked her misty eyes and her face flushed due to the high temperature inside the room. Led by the man, she knew a lot of people, but almost none of them could be remembered, her head was dizzy and she even could not walk steadily. The girl struggled for a long time before she could clearly see the face of the predecessors. She grabbed his hand subconsciously. "Even more powerful than me."

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