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   Chapter 159 Bridal Bouquet

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Hearing that, Lancy could not help but giggle. She did not mind that the people was so enthusiastic because the bouquet in her hand, not herself.

Who wouldn't like a girl like her? Marvin smiled.

"Mrs. Lancy, this way." Someone shouted in the crowd, and the crowd responded.

"I'm here!"

It seemed that both ordinary girls and noble ladies had the same wish of loving people, which had nothing to do with their height, wealth or noble families. Among them, Freda was calm. If it weren't for the crowd, she would rather stay far away from them. She was more interested in the embarrassed Lancy than the bridal bouquet.

"Aren't you going to rob?"

A sudden thud was heard. Startled, Freda took a look and found it was Carl! 'when did he get close to me?'

Oh, Miss Freda, he haven't left you three meters away since the wedding. He was just following you without saying a word. Carl was ignored by her and felt sad. No wander he would love Freda, she was indeed special!

'yes, that's right. Carl never turns back when he looks at Freda. Now that he had made up his mind, of course he would love her without hesitation. Since they met again, he had made a thorough investigation and got to know Freda was the daughter of the Lu Clan.

In fact, Kenny should be in charge of such kind of social engagement, so Carl didn't take these things seriously. After Carl searched the information about Freda, he suddenly remembered the invitation letter from Lu Clan. It was the first time that he offered to help his brother and make contributions to the company. He was so excited.

So Carl came here. When he saw well-dressed Freda, the word 'amazing' was no longer enough to describe his feelings at that time. Anyway, from the moment when he saw Freda, all in Carl's eyes was just Freda, but this beautiful people didn't know it at all.

That was why Carl knew she was her bridesmaid... She was Marvin's sister, and she should be the bridesmaid. Then, Carl was not so pleased and couldn't smile at all. He thought that there was only a bridesmaid and a bridesmaid in this match. No Bridesmaid was the only one holding a wedding ceremony at this moment. When he realized this, Carl laughed.

'it's right to save a girl if she is in danger. To please Freda, Carl is willing to risk his life. But it seems that Freda... Ungrateful.

Oh, man is too modest, Miss Freda is obviously too ungrateful, OK? Not to mention gratitude, she didn't even have a smile, but Carl didn't mind coming close to her.

After giving a cold glance at Carl, Freda said impatiently, "if you want to go, go by yourself! But I don't know, if the man got a bouquet whether he could keep it or not.

It was strange that Freda had met Carl twice and he always helped her, but she couldn't help but get angry as


Hearing people's ridicule and congratulations, Freda curled her lips and gave a ferocious stare at Lancy.

Lancy scratched her head. What did she do? Why did Freda seem to be angry? It must be a good thing for her to get the thing they've been scrambling for. She was supposed to be happy. But why did Freda glare at her?

Her delicate face flushed slightly. Don't misunderstand. This is not because she is shy, but because she is angry. Is she a monkey? What did they see? Being ridiculed by so many people, she felt kind of embarrassed.

But Freda was not a mean person. If she was angry with Lancy, she could just bite her to vent her anger.

However, Carl was very happy. He was standing beside her, and the flowers fell from the sky. Wasn't this a God's will? She and he were meant to be a couple.

Touching his smooth chin, Carl thought happily He couldn't help laughing. Didn't he refuse to marry? His eyes were fixed on the woman with a red face. If it's her, hey, it's irresistible...

Freda stunned, feeling like someone was scheming against her.

At the same time, Lancy suddenly felt something cold and gloomy on her back. She looked back subconsciously. Why did she have a feeling of nausea and numbness? Girl, now you know the consequence of the match making?

Lancy had no idea what was going on with her. Hiding behind Marvin, she moved so close to him that Marvin felt her body warm, soft, fragrant, eyes brightened and his dashing eyebrows raised. Was she throwing herself at him? For this rare enthusiasm and enthusiasm, Marvin took this opportunity to hold her in his arms, with a pleasant expression on his face.

Lancy was stunned. Her little face rubbed against the strong chest of the man because of his masculine behavior. She looked up at Marvin with a dull look. 'Boss, before you hold me, could you tell me first?'

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