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   Chapter 158 The Best Man Flying Away

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Don't underestimate this garden. It's not worse than the imperial garden shown on TV. Apparently, it maintained the style of Prince Jing's mansion. The central garden was the largest. In addition to the front court garden, there was also the backyard. Each of the independent backyard also had a small garden. It was the first time that the guests of Lu Clan had come to visit, but they had not seen enough.

His wedding was also set at the central garden. In a short distance, it was the main house attic. It was obvious that Mr. Sidney had arranged it according to his plan.

The only unexpected thing was the disappearance of the groomsman. Under Freda's pressure, others didn't dare to hit on the bridesmaid. Even though Miss Freda was smiling, Freda was trying to kill someone.

It was the nature of Freda, and it was necessary to lift a table whenever and wherever!

Several days ago, when they were rehearsing, the boy was unusual. As a shifty eyed cultivator, Freda had known that he was in danger! If they were not the best man and bridesmaid, Cloris would not have worked for them.

The Groomsmen's tears streamed down his cheeks. Flying snowflakes in June! It was an injustice!

'If that brat makes a mistake, where does he meet the girls?' Freda thought.

The groom was several years younger than Freda, so he was always wearing a cheeky grin and could seize the opportunity to approach her. No wonder Freda was reluctant to meet him.

Since the wedding was about to be held at the ancestral hall, Freda had no choice but to go there and asked the Groomsmen to meet her.

The grand garden was covered with green trees and flowers, which added a sense of romance to the deliberately arranged garden. The whole venue was painted in purple color, which was Lancy's favorite color. The arch of flowers was made of violently colored flowers, which was decorated with peonies, camellia, Chinese calendar and so on. It was very beautiful.

Hearing that, Lancy could not help but smile. How could she feel satisfied! 'How can you stop me from loving you? Some loved flowers, some loved cars, and some even called him "honey" with their favorite hand model, Pickled cabbage, a dish of everyone's favorite.

The happiness of the girl affected Marvin. He pinched her soft hand, unwilling to let it go. His chest was so hot that it was burning. From now on, she only belonged to Marvin.

Lancy had sensed the man's eager eyes for a long time, but she pretended not to know. Her flushed face betrayed her. The pink bubbles were hovering between them, and nobody could step in.

As the wedding march sounded, Freda slowly walked over and stood behind them.

It was known to all that a wedding ceremony was held in a western style with showgirls in the front, the new couple in the middle and the bridesmaids and Groomsmen in the middle.

Freda was nervous because the seat beside it was empty and many people stared at it, and even Marvin couldn't help but look back.

How could she tell her brother that their wedding should be smooth, but the best man was missing? If she had known it earlier, it would be b

inish his vows, our bride was impatient to nod her head constantly to show her "willing".

It was the first time that she had seen such a beautiful bride.

The host here was different from the one in the ancestral hall. One was the wedding host, and the other was the symbol of the authority of the big family.

"Marvin, you can kiss your new wife. " The host tittered. There was a touch of teasing in his words. It was rare for a bride to be in such a hurry.

It turned out that they were all overthinking, and the bride was no exception. Some people even started to count, and they understood that this was not a simple kiss.

Hearing that, Lancy's face turned red, and her mouth opened slightly out of surprise, which was a good opportunity for the man to kiss her. In an instant, the only taste that could be smelled from her mouth was unprecedented deep.

All of a sudden, the guests started to shout to one another. However, on the other side, Lancy was unable to hear them clearly even though her body was soft and her head was completely blank. She felt that her chest was getting heavier and heavier It's not enough?

Just when Lancy was about to suffocate, Marvin released her. His eyes were full of frightening enthusiasm. Marvin knew that the girl in his arms was staring at him silly, but he did it on purpose. He licked his thin lips with the tip of his tongue indistinctly.

With a bang in her head, Lancy felt that she was going to explode. Some would be done when they were not familiar with each other.

Boss, haven't you said to be cold and unapproachable? Why don't you keep your words? The blood pool went out of Lancy's body because of excessive blood loss.

Marvin was satisfied with his impact on Lancy. His male dignity had never been satisfied before.

With the blessings of all the people present, the next step would be the most important part of the wedding, receiving bouquets! All the single ladies stared at Lancy who was holding a wedding gift and felt embarrassed for a while.

It was the first time that Lancy had been so popular.

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