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   Chapter 157 Kneel In The Ancestral Temple

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This was also the place where the clan members to discuss important affairs in the clan. The marriage, death, life and joy of the children of the family should come here first. For example, Mr. Sidney abdicated ten years ago and Marvin also ascended the office.

The Lu Clan attached great importance to rules, etiquette and traditional characteristics, which were far beyond the imagination of outsiders.

It was the place where Marvin and Lancy stood at first. It could be seen that the Lu Clan attached great importance to this granddaughter in law. Therefore, when the Lu Clan saw Lancy again, the expression in their eyes was different, which was respect, fear and consideration.

Some were displeased with the way Charles treated the girls, such as Wilson, Julie and Mrs. Wilson. But they had to shut up as Mr. Sidney appeared.

Everyone in the Lu Clan could see that Mr. Sidney was determined to marry his granddaughter in law. No one dared to say anything? Moreover, Marvin was in charge of the Lu Clan after all, and Lancy was his wife.

In this way, no matter the husband and wife in the Lu Clan didn't have love, they didn't divorce. He wouldn't be driven out of the Lu Clan unless he really did something unforgivable to damage the Lu Clan.

Although there were many strict rules in the Lu Clan, they were very tolerant to people on their own. As long as the person did not step out the bottom line, he would basically not be punished. At least, he was seemingly safe. Mrs. Wilson was a typical example to prove that.

Now, the guests stared at Mrs. Wilson, thinking about something. Mrs. Wilson's position was embarrassed.

In the past, although Marvin was in power, he had been single, his energy was basically spent in the Wilson Group, while the backyard was still controlled by Mrs. Wilson. Whether it was the family or the branches, the women all pay attention to her. No matter how dissatisfied she was, they will listen to her in public.

But now, Lancy was here, the real hostess. Therefore, it was reasonable for Mrs. Wilson to delegate power.

If Mrs. Wilson had a good relationship with the master, she might turn a blind eye to them Among the invited guests, many of them had displeased the Lu Clan a few days ago. They didn't even take their daughter out. In that case, Sheryl would hate them very much!

Since others could get this, Mrs. Wilson also wanted to get back at them. Even though Mrs. Wilson was smiling at them, she hated them so much in her heart. Even though she had been well prepared for this, she was still caught unprepared.

Who would have thought that he would arrange for Marvin and Lancy to the ancestral hall as soon as possible? According to the tradition, this arrangement should be arranged after the new daughter-in-law comes back. She felt so humiliated? That year, as her mother-in-law always held grudges against Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Wilson almost lost the chance of being calculated.

Originally, Mrs. Wilson was planning on following the original way on the original way, but she was stopped by Mr. Sidney?

They were a couple after all, so Mr. Sidney knew Mrs. Wilson best. She would never fold her hands for capture.

When their eyes met, Mrs. Wilson silently looked away, but Mr. Sidney's careless face was darkened with a subtle and gloating smile. When he saw the wedding car, his

d to stand at the edge. The branches and others around them were all serious and stood behind Wilson and Julie in an orderly fashion.

The rest of the guests were farther away. Many of them stood on tiptoe to watch, but no one complained.

Mr. Adrian looked at Rani and Ray out of instinct. After a moment of contemplation, he nodded to his two grandfathers and announced, "The Lu Clan will enter."

The grandmaster said the Lu Clan's children, but everyone present knew that the Lu Clan's children only referred to the two children. On the contrary, someone wanted to enter the room in a blocked breath, but was shocked by the dissatisfied grandmasters. He had to stand back.

With their eyes wide open, Rani and Ray stared at Mr. Adrian for a long while. Then Mr. Sidney nodded and ray and Portia walked into the room. The grandmasters all smiled with satisfaction.


With this order, he noticed that there was already a futon in front of the ancestral tablets. There were only two new seats in the second row.

All of a sudden, the rest turned pale.

At the moment when Lancy knelt down, Mr. Colin, the second grandmaster, put a red mark between her eyebrows before she could react. Xenia, who was kneeling behind her, was also treated the same.

Marvin had ever told Lancy about his reaction. It was the first time for Lancy to wear a wedding dress. Although she was forced to do so in a sexy way, it was still white. White was a pure symbol, but there was also an ominous meaning. Thus, it was replaced by red.

"Line up and line up our ancestors..."

Although Mr. Adrian was an old man with advanced experience, his voice was quite loud and deafening. Lancy was almost deafened by his roar.

It wasn't Lancy's fault, she was the person who planned the speech. Lancy could only use the guiding words. Fortunately, she didn't make any mistakes.

Her knees were numb and it was not until Marvin held her up that Lancy realized the procedure of worshiping ancestors was completed.

The wedding ceremony was naturally not over in this way. In order to make up for the pity that the bride couldn't hold their wedding in the church, the Lu Clan intentionally set up the venue in the garden of the Lu mansion.

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