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   Chapter 156 Strange Gift

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What Lancy didn't know was that she knew "schizophrenic" was actually Nina's intentional act. Nina always wore a courteous smile in front of people, but from time to time, she made every attempt to mock people. However, she had never responded to her attack. Nina was so distraught that she felt like myocardial infarction.

"……" Kevin didn't expect that Lancy would say so. On a second thought, he was enlightened. After all, Nina was her sister. No matter how bad she treated her, she still hoped that Nina could be happy. His eyes softened as he thought about this. It could only be said that this was a beautiful misunderstanding. It was the God's talk which took place in the same channel. "I know. Don't worry. She'll be fine."

This is the promise Kevin made. Kevin will give Nina a decent life. This is the only thing he can do for her.

The time with Lancy was always so short. Many people rushed in to separate Kevin and Lancy. Looking at the group of women, Kevin had to quietly retreat and try to return to his position as an ordinary guest. After what had happened, how could he not understand gossip?

Just like the words of Nina, which could bind her whole life. Her purpose was to prove that Linda was a woman and to disgrace the Lan Clan? How could Kevin be willing to hurt Lancy only because of his selfish interest?

One was a married man, and the other was going to be a wife, and the relationship between the two was the relationship between the brother-in-law and the younger sister of their family. If someone was really watching on, he or she would definitely be drowned.

Kevin left without hesitation, which surprised Nina. She didn't expect that he would come back so soon. She had waited so long for this chance and thought he would be infatuated with her!

Staring at the man who took the initiative to come back to his side, Nina's eyes did not light up, and she thought what her mother said was true. He really gave up the idea of going back to the Nalan clan as soon as Lancy got married. "The Lu Clan will be here soon. They must be busy." Nina blinked and asked tentatively.

"You don't have to get close to me. Your body matters most." Kevin said in a calm tone without any change of expression on his face, but to Nina, she was flattered. Was he caring about her?

Nina felt her mother's words were right. She was happy and excited. She finally had hope for her future life. She touched her belly subconsciously, trying to hide her anxiety.

Kevin sensed her uneasiness and asked worriedly, "Are you not feeling well?"

"I'm fine. Just a little tired." Nina smiled weakly.

"Go back to your room." Before Nina could refuse, Kevin held her arm and took her back to her room. As a father, he was more tolerant and loved his child. Besides, he had promised Lancy that he would take good care of Nina and he would keep his promise.

Although Nina was married off, her room was still kept in her parents' house. At the moment, she didn't care too much. She just stared at Kevin obsessively. With him supporting her, she felt dreamy.

As for when the Lu Clan came and how lively the outside world was, the two did not care at all. One of them was being single

ease don't act shamelessly before the snow, OK? She was so worried that her mouth would be killed, and she would be killed on the street. At this moment, the Lan Clan understood that this new son-in-law was not to be trifled with. Don't underestimate it. Everyone felt that there was a sinister world from the corner of their eyes.

Although the world dominated by humans was a kind of spiritual animal, they were not animals on earth? They all had a strong sense of six sense when their lives were threatened. They all cherished their lives.

Anyway, it was not their fault.

After self motivation, the Lan Clan followed.

The Lu Clan was different from the Han Clan and had a long history, which was inherited from generation to generation. While the Han Clan had a relatively weak background. Therefore, Lancy and Marvin's wedding had no reference to the choice of young people nowadays, especially that of Kevin and Nina. They didn't choose church, but went straight to the Lu Clan.

Everyone in Alaska knew the name of the Lu mansion. Many outsiders came here especially to have a look at it from a distance.

By no means, the building had become a wind symbol of Alaska, which was now the residence of a royal highness of the ancient emperor. Some people said that the Royal Highness was one of the ancestors of the Lu Clan, while some said that the Lu Clan was a residence that was adopted when they were in the Republic of China. No matter what had happened, one thing you could confirm was that in the Republic of China, in order to avoid being the target of public criticism, this royal mansion was completely transformed into a European style building, with the original area unchanged.

Since then, the Lu mansion was gradually changing, with a combination of Chinese and western. The expression of the mansion was more or less the same. For example, at the ancestral hall of the Lu Clan.

It was the place where the ancestors of the Lu Clan worshiped. In the eyes of the Lu Clan, it was more holy than church. Only by kneeling down before the ancestors of the Lu family could it be regarded as the real Lu Clan.

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