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   Chapter 155 Kevin Gave Up

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It was undeniable that although Jill was reluctant to admit it, she still overestimated herself. She didn't take this chance to let Mr. Lakin know that she actually had other things to do.

However, no one paid any attention to her. It was no wonder that Jill was even more resentful.

Nina pouted her lips and didn't say anything. She looked at the guests in the room and felt that her mother was disappointed. Lancy did not have a mother. She was supposed to make a fool of herself when she was sent to marry.

However, they didn't expect that these old guys would come here... Nina hated to see that, and she felt even more resentful when she knew that the woman who was going to dress for Lancy.

The Aunt of the Lan Clan was highly respected. It was said that she remained single for the sake of the Lan Clan, and even the Mr. Lakin respected her. She was also the sister of the Lakin - Aunt Yan.

Although she was still single, everyone in the Lan Clan respected her very much. However, Aunt Yan had been keeping a low profile all the time. She seemed to be carefree and unconcerned, but it was obvious that she didn't want to get involved in the Lan Clan's affairs.

The several concubines, in particular, had been trying hard to win the favor of their mothers in law for so many years, and they had employed a variety of methods. Some of them even were willing to be her sons just in order to get her support. This showed how important her aunt was to the Lan Clan and the Lakin.

However, she remained unmoved and stood by her own side.

The last time she attended such an event was at the birthday party of Mr. Lakin, and at that time she hadn't shown up for two or three years.

Therefore, when Aunt Yan cleaned up the hair for the dead Lancy's mother, no one looked down upon Lancy. Instead, it made people feel more sure that Lancy was the most important person in Mr. Lakin's heart. It was no wonder that Nina and Jill almost gnashed their teeth with hatred.

It was obvious that different from the mother and daughter, Kevin attended the party as the son-in-law of the Lan Clan.

While saying that, the sadness between his eyebrows was partly hidden and partly visible. Was there anything else heartbroken than seeing the one he loved marry another man? However, he hid his true emotion very soon and tried not to care about the sadness in his heart. His smile was full of wishes for Lancy.

Struggling for a while, Kevin couldn't help but go upstairs to have a look at her wedding dress. In the engagement banquet that day, he personally selected the dress for Lancy, but he had never seen her in it. The smile beside his lips seemed deeper, with a trace of bitterness that could not be noticed by others.

After the engagement party, unexpectedly, Patricia missed out. Kevin won't forgive himself all his life. He should seize it.

"Kevin, where are you going?" Nina then realized that it was obvious that they were heading upstairs. At this time, there was only one purpose for anyone to go upstairs at this time. "What There are too many guests. Let's entertain them for mother, "

Before she could blurt out the question, Nina was held back. She w

eautiful today."

Hearing his praise, Lancy lowered her eyes shyly, her face flushed and she smiled awkwardly. "It is because of Lin, haha." She was not used to being praised in front of others.

Hearing that, Kevin's black eyes turned dark. He stared closely at the dazzling red and white skin, and his Adam's apple bobbed in his throat, "Marvin is luckier than me. Please be happy, Lancy! "

Confused, Lancy looked at him. She didn't understand what he meant by saying that "he is luckier than me." but the last sentence was understood. She nodded heavily and said, "thank you, Kevin. I wish you and Nina a lifetime happiness. Wish you grow old together! Wish our baby a healthy, smart and lively life. "

Lancy was not good at making excuses and she had limited eloquence. However, these were her true words from the bottom of her heart, and there was no falsehood. It was said that wretched people must be hateful. There was also a reason for it. Nina always saw that Lancy was spoiled by everyone. She would only blame them for their unfair treatment. She would never dig to the real reason. She did not gaze at Lancy and would not reflect on herself.

Hearing that, Kevin fell into silence. They would unite together forever... For him, it was an extravagant hope since the moment he married Nina. "I'm glad that you're fine."

Lancy raised her eyes and looked at his eyes. The look in her eyes was filled with deep meaning, while the look in his eyes was pure. It was not until this moment that Lancy noticed that his face seemed a little pale. "Well, sometimes her temper is a little inexplicable. But she is a pregnant woman. Don't blame her. A mother who is pregnant cannot be angry, or the baby will be in a bad mood."

Lancy gave her great advice. Although they hadn't spent much time together, they had known each other for a long time. The girl was too restless to know what was going on. She liked staring at her without knowing why, but she smiled at her the next second... Is it very weird? Does everyone get confused? She might suffer from split personality and need to take medicine to cure it.

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