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   Chapter 154 I Have Many Money

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Freda angrily throws out the gold card and points Lancy's forehead: "I have many money."

The gesture, the action, was extremely handsome!

The girl held Freda's arm and rubbed against it, her eyes narrowed into a slit. It was as cute as a kitten. She hoped she could ride on the coattails of rich men~

Flames of fury were burning in his heart, and Carl couldn't bear to look at her anymore. The inexplicable blue veins stood out on his stomach, and his heart at the moment completely exposed. He was about to lose his temper.

It was a woman. Even so, he couldn't help but take a glance at Lancy. Her breasts were rubbed so heavily that he could not bear it. However, in his present position and status, he could do nothing but bear it.

'What's wrong with him?' Freda stared at Carl strangely.

Completely unable to receive any signal, Lancy's spirit light flashed and her body was burning. She leaned forward slightly and said, "Carl, my Freda is very rich. You don't need to worry about the discount. Can you do striptease? "

This is the rhythm of "striptease". Even Freda can't help but prick up her ears.

"……" Carl felt speechless? Especially for a pretty girl whose eyes were shining with excitement. It was said that she would get married tomorrow.

Before that, Carl wanted to kill himself.

As for whether Carl had lost his dignity or not, nor did Freda and Lancy have the chance to see the dance, so please allow himself to keep his secret.

Since that night, Freda and Lancy had been return home without being discovered.

The two girls didn't take Carl seriously. In Marvin's words, Lancy was a "heartless person", so she wouldn't be lenient to a passer-by who she had just met once. Meanwhile, Freda was confused by the strange feeling in her heart when she faced Carl, and was thrown into her head immediately. As long as they walked out of the gate of Night Club, she and Carl would never meet again, and she wouldn't solve the questions.

She had thought that they would never meet again, but to her surprise, they met again on the wedding of Marvin and Lancy.

The next morning, Lancy was waken up by the servants before the sun rose.

Muddleheaded, Lancy couldn't even open her eyes. Lancy went in and out of the house with servants, followed by the make-up artists painting on her face. After the girl finally opened her eyes, the sky outside the window had already been lit up. She had already been replaced by a wedding dress. Looking at the delicate face in the mirror, she was almost unable to recognize herself.

She subconsciously touched the mirror, pouted and winked, and was sure that the person in the mirror was herself. The girl touched her face and smiled awkwardly.

Just when Lancy was complacent about it, Ray and Rani were breaking in. The two babies looked at their mommy and chuckled. Ray was like a little gentleman now. Putting the suit on him, his seemingly serious face was a match.


In the past, Jill had been pretending to be nice, hoping that she could win Mr. Lakin's heart. But now, things were different. She had put on a fake smile and made up her mind that she wouldn't be that nice to him anymore. Anyway, she had entered the door of the Lan Clan. It was not easy to drive her away now.

It was enough for her to gain a firm foothold in the past ten years.

Therefore, since the preparation to the wedding, Jill had been cold to her. She had a grudge against her.

"Mom, is that okay?" Nina frowned and tried to remember what her grandfather was thinking about. Over the years, every time a similar case happened, it was the mother who showed up as the hostess. But this time... It was because it was obvious that the woman was Lancy.

Many people whispered, guessing if his mother was driven out of the office, or should he throw a face at Lancy?

Jill snorted and said in a low voice, "you know Mr. Lakin's attitude very well. I'm not so stupid as to give up the initiative because of being angry. It's because of Lancy, I will never show up. "

How could she not know that no matter whether Lakin really detested her or not, she would never let go of such an opportunity – the hostess of the house claimed her ownership to everyone.

But this time was the only exception. Jill gritted her teeth and said angrily! How could she help Belle's daughter to have the wedding. Just let them know that even if she was the eldest daughter, she still had no mother. In the mind of Mr. Lakin, Jill bit her teeth. She was a nuisance. Now that her daughter was married, she couldn't care less.

In fact, Jill shouldn't have thought that way. Jill shouldn't have treated her that way. Lakin was not happy about it. It didn't take long for him to come around. It seemed that the smart daughter-in-law in the world didn't want Jill to get involved, and the Mr. Lakin was happy that Jill didn't get involved. The whole family was quiet.

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