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   Chapter 153 The Hero Saves A Beauty

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9733

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The man winked at Freda sweetly as if he had eyes on his back and knew that Freda was looking at him? He smiled. There was a trace of fool on his domineering face just now?

Mr. King rolled up his sleeves, rubbed his fists and glanced through the crowd. Finally he saw the man who had the crimes! They came and went at each other fiercely!

"Mr. King, this man!" Paul wanted to teach the man a good lesson, so he lost his manliness and dignity at once.

With his eyes wide open, Mr. King rushed to this man and stopped the moment he was about to bump into him! The expression was absolutely the same as the moment when he saw the devil. Her eyes almost popped out... 'well, can I ask for something in return?

Mr. King thought over and over again. It seemed that he didn't say any unreasonable words that would put the nine clans to death? Looking at the man's eyes, Mr. King felt a chill down his spine?

"Mr. King, this is a new comer. He not only snatched my guest but also fought with me." Paul added fuel to the fire.

Mr. King which is Ford. He stared at the man who was familiar with him, and wanted to slap Paul, over and over again...

Ford wiped the sweat from his forehead. When he was about to say something, that man raised his dashing eyebrow and indicated him to shut up. Em, shut up? What's going on now? Although Ford was confused, he did what he asked. He was angry at Paul. 'what the hell? Does he want to die?'

However, the result didn't surprise him. Instead, Paul was pleased with himself, thinking that his plan was working and he had successfully transferred the hatred to their boss. This man was doomed to die.

Meanwhile, Freda also believed that Ford was unfriendly to a man, so she replied, "I guess this is the boss of the Night Club, right? It's not his fault. He has gone through a lot of twists and turns. "

It was not until then that Ford noticed the Freda and Lancy. He realized what he was going to do as his eyes lit up. Wasn't this girl the one who had caught his boss's attention before? At the thought of this, Ford felt a dull pain in his back reflexively. However, he was thrown into the training room because he said the wrong word.

The conjecture in his mind was connected with what had happened before. A huge smile crept over his face. Ford unconsciously leaned forward and said, "this Guest, now that you say it is a mistake, it must be one. " Feeling that someone was staring at him fiercely, Ford was so furious that he almost bowed to her. If Freda says it is a misunderstanding, it was totally a misunderstanding.

'Has the owner of Night Club always been like this?' Freda confused. Are you treating your guests as God? Boss was so respectful to her that Freda felt that he might kowtow and worship her in a strange way.

Then Ford changed the subject immediately. He took Paul by the hand and said apologetically, "I'm sorry for disturbin

f women's attention. Why was he being treated like this when he was with her? Was he not the type that she liked?

Carl frowned and wondered what kind of man Freda liked. But he didn't. Even if he figured it out, would he still go through the plastic surgery? Carl had always been free and easy-going. But now, he was infatuated with Freda.

It seemed that they had forgotten about the other woman, and that was Lancy.

Lancy had never poured anything. She suddenly thought of something. She fumbled for her wallet and raised her head. She hesitated before saying, "Carl, do you expensive?" She would become the target of others' revenge if she didn't bring enough money? The situation was wired.

Are you expensive... No

For the first time in his life, Carl was frankly asked about the prices?

However, Lancy didn't realize there was something wrong at all. She stared at the man with her big black and white eyes. The corners of Carl's eyes twitched. He knew that the woman in front of him was really knowing nothing. "…… It's not expensive. "

"Then, how expensive is it?" Lancy insisted to get to the bottom of the matter. If he had a different understanding of "expensive", it would also be a disaster.

"…… You don't have to pay. " Carl rubbed his forehead in pain and wondered how she communicated with a girl through daily life. In fact, a man had been impressed by Freda, but Lancy had made a great contribution to it. The man's mind was racing wildly... Freda in Carl's eyes became clearer and clearer.

"No money?" Hearing that, Lancy covered her mouth with her hand and shook her head hastily. "No way. We have made a deal to take care of our business! Well, here is the thing. If it is not enough at the time to pay, you can give us a discount. Okay? "

"……" Feeling distressed, Carl went blank for a while. He really wanted to cry. He wondered if his heart was broken or not?

The girl was too persistent.

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