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   Chapter 152 A Cool Guy

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As soon as Paul appeared, he walked all the way. In the eyes of Lancy and Freda, it was very strange. This man, arrogant, steps with wind? From the top to the bottom, from the left to the right, from the inside to the outside, there was a hint -- I am a good-looking man, I am a good-looking man, and all women love me. I am very arrogant

Perhaps because of the great power, a special breath came towards them. Freda and Lancy were surprised and a third of their faces got a little embarrassed. They just wanted to ask, where did this weirdo come from?

Noticing their shock on their faces, Paul assumed that they were mesmerized by his charm and his sudden beauty. It was no wonder that the man had the guess. Since it was the first time for Lancy and Freda to come to this place and it was also the first time that they had seen so many handsome men, a girl like them, for which the man believed that they wouldn't be mistaken.

Although in Night Club Paul was less better than before, but he was much better than other normal men. Obviously, he was more high-level. Paul had always been confident about himself. He didn't think it was a big deal to find a man more handsome than himself on the street?

As Paul caught a glimpse of other girls, he curled his lips at once. There was an old saying that in every profession, a man must be far more skilled than his peers in every aspect. He hated to be beaten to death by his rivals. The first thing he wanted to do was to strike first. These two girls would prove his charm.

"We haven't seen each other for a long time. Is that the first time you've come here?" Paul took a sip of the wine, still keeping the same posture. It was difficult for him to maintain such a long time. "Don't worry. Night Club is different from other clubs. We respect customers."

It was true that Night Club was not always customer first. The intention of "men" was also very important. Only when the two sides reach a consensus can they be brought out or other "projects" be carried out. How to make the "men" nodded depended on the practitioner's own ability. This was a fight between men and women, and it was natural to have fun.

Freda only wants to say that this man called them "guests", which shows their essence.

Freda, she stood in front of Lancy and said, "no, thanks. We just sit down and leave here then." 'He must be plotting something. He is such a bad guy, ' she thought.

Being rejected ruthlessly, the smile on Paul's face faded a little. He finally fixed his eyes on Lancy. "Haha, your sister is very kind to protect you. Don't be afraid. I'm a good man. My name is Paul. What's your name? "

Owing to the appearance of the Freda and Lancy, Lancy was softer.

Sister? Lancy fluttered her eyes innocently, while Freda was stunned. How old was she? Who was her elder sister? Thus, Freda had a worse impression of Paul. With a fake smile, he said, "Sir, could you please leave us alone? My sister is still young, and it's wrong for an old o

carefully looked at the man and found that although he was not as beautiful as Sky, which was the best in the Night Club, he was absolutely outstanding.

"Are you new here?" He had heard from his manager that a newcomer would work in the company. It was said that the company was invested in a good way. Looking at this cool and overbearing man, Paul thought his guess was right and he was clever. In his eyes, only in this way could this man be reasonable enough to explain that he had nothing to fear.

But this man held Paul even tighter.

"Ahhh!" Paul cried out in pain and shouted at his colleagues, "He just a new employee? When the director arrives, you'll regret! "

Since Paul had been taken hostage, the other people had been observing him coldly. Paul had a bad popularity. The manager of the Night Club came here because they felt a little hostile to that man because of Paul's yelling.

"Mr. King, someone is stirring up trouble."

Mr. King frowned and his face darkened. He cursed in his mind. 'How dare you make trouble in the Night Club! Do you want to die or what else?' What he hated most was that they make a scene today. Was he going to make an inspection tonight after he convinced his boss?

Having been waiting for a long time, Mr. King was already upset. Now someone was kicking the club, so he had to talk to that person, "talk about life.". According to Mr. King, he had spent a lot of time stretching himself ever since he embarked on the "bleaching" road with his boss. The taste of that kind of feeling overwhelmed him.

"Who is so bold to make trouble in my turf?" Mr. King didn't know whether he was too excited or just too angry that he accidentally spoke out the fact that he was a well behaved man, and his tone was as cold as ten years ago when he had just been a gang member.

The crowd moved aside to make way for them. Meanwhile, Freda took a glance at the man subconsciously. She wasn't worried about him, but it was true that he had helped her.

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