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   Chapter 151 Doing Something Bad In The Dark

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Lancy used one of her hands to hold the sunglasses. She blinked, "Freda, I'm not deceiving others." It didn't make sense that her face had been recognized.

"Well, don't try to justify yourself. What are you doing?" Freda stabed Lancy's hand. She goes out in sunglasses in the evening. It's just like a blind man. Without her presence, she couldn't even walk.

Lancy held the Freda more closely, and they walked into Night Club. The girl stretched out her sunglasses, looked around and whispered, "I'm a little afraid."

What if she accidentally saw something that she shouldn't see? Lancy was well prepared and had to wear a wedding dress the next day. How ugly the bride with a needle eye was.

Hearing this, Freda touched her chin, thinking, 'it makes sense!' Even though they indeed wanted to "see the world", they still had to protect themselves? Wait a minute. Night Club, is it so dangerous?

It had to be said that the two girls' images were in the same channel. No wonder they could become "bestfriends".

At the thought of this, Lancy took out another pair of sunglasses from her bag. Lancy stood straight and looked confident, trying to be praised.

Because of the compliment, Freda patted on Lancy's head, and then two sunglasses come out.

They didn't realize how eye-catching and eye-catching they were in the club. The two girls immediately straightened up at the thought of wearing a pair of sunglasses. Especially Freda, the imperial concubines couldn't explain the reason why she was so cool.

However, it was not like what the two had imagined in Night Club. At least, it looked like a normal club. There was neither a childish scene nor a romantic atmosphere. It was absolutely unbelievable.

Generally speaking, in a club, a man and a woman could match each other. To be exact, most of the couples there were "Ladies" and "young stars". Ladies were all dignified in manner and jewelry, though they were of high value. Besides, they gazed at each other very closely, as if their eyes were too bright to be opened.

There was no denying that all the male creatures in the Night Club had handsome faces. This was a real eye opening. Men could be so beautiful. Some were cute, some were young, and some were elegant and noble. Some were sick and coquettish. There was indeed something special about them.

This club was one of the best in domestic market. There were few similar shops in this area. But why did the Night Club stand out here? Besides its man, the quality of 'man' was even more important. Look at those people, even the most charming men, are gorgeous and not demon.

In the end, all they were elegant. Elegance is quite important. Men in Night Club wouldn't bow for money and trample on

il, so he soon became a favor of women.

To some extent, men and women are different, and can be said to be the same. It was said that a maid with a good countenance is a kind of emotions. However, men turned out to be more charming with mellow wine as they were getting older. In fact, the two statements are not contradictory. As long as the maintenance is proper, it is possible.

Actually, Paul was 35 years old. The problem was how he looked after himself. As a spoiled boy by women, Paul had been indulged in the decadent life and indulged himself in it. He thought it was fun to play with it. After he entered the Night Club, he was repeatedly admonished, but he didn't take it seriously.

In the end, all his body had been hollowed out by the wine, and even the "glamour" on the surface was not able to maintain. There were wrinkles in the corners of her eyes and her skin was no longer tight. It seemed that the bounce had lost its luster. As his figure was the same as other colors, Paul was out of the market.

He had no choice but to turn a blind eye to it, but to turn it into a "joke" from his first hand. He had owed a lot of money due to gambling, so he had no choice but to stay here.

When Lancy and Freda entered the door, Paul, who had been receiving an old woman over the past few months, was surprised by the scene. Subconsciously, Paul looked at his 'colleague' who as vigilantly as him, and walked up to accost her. At the same time, Paul gave a smile which he thought was most charming.

Under his affectionate gaze, Lancy felt goosebumps all over her body.

"Brady, bring two glasses of pink beauty for two beauty. Put them on my tab." Paul told the bartender that he was not far from Lancy and Freda since he was half leaning on the bar counter.

Is this the legendary man with BGM...

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