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   Chapter 150 A Party For Single Girls

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Freda had never been so unruly like this and no one had been so shameless before. She was annoyed and amused, and poked her forehead impatiently. "Who dumped you? Stand up. Speak properly!"

Meanwhile, Lancy, who was staring at Freda with burning black eyes, calmed down a little and Freda covered her head. Finally, Freda reluctantly nodded.

"I'm glad to see you, Freda!" the girl cheered and rubbed Freda with her back. Lancy thought Freda was just a toy~

'Being held by a girl, I feel a little stiff, ' Freda told himself. Freda looked down at the fluffy head of a certain one with her black eyes and couldn't take Lancy as her sister-in-law. It was said that she looked like her mother-in-law, but she didn't look like an elder at all? He was just like a six-year-old kid.

Six-year-old Ray and Rani thought, 'As a matter of fact, she was only three years old~'

In fact, if not necessary, Freda had planned to be the bridesmaid! She had ever told Marvin and Myron that an unmarried girl could only be Bridesmaid three times at most, according to the customs of Alaska. Fortunately, she didn't have a third brother, which was good for her.

There is a hint of pleasure in the corner of Freda's mouth. 'But I won't admit that I enjoy Lancy's passion, ' Freda thought.

"Freda, there's one more thing..." the pretty woman raised her head, her eyes sparkling like two black pearls. She was even more beautiful than the stars in the night sky.

"…… Tell me! " Looking at the flattering expression of the girl, Freda narrowed her eyes slightly and her expression was a little similar to that of Marvin.

Thinking about it for a while, Lancy said excitedly, "A party for single people..."

"……" 'I didn't expect that there would be a single party, ' Freda thought. After all, in the eyes of others, Lancy had been the mother of two babies. As an old saying went, it was difficult for people to associate a mother with a party for her first love.

But then, for a second, the corner of Freda's mouth twitched, 'Does Charles know how much sister-in-law is expecting a single party?'?

Patting Freda, Lancy stared at Leila expectantly. Since Leila didn't say a word for a long time, she curled her lips and murmured, "I've checked. A single party is always held before we get married. Freda. How about we hold a one before the party?"

"……" Meanwhile, Freda turned to look at Charles and imagined his black face, asking, "Linda, you and Charles have been married for six years, right?" She was implying that it was a little late to hold a bachelor party?

They should have held a single party six years ago!

The girl put her head down. Lancy pointed at her finger and said, "Of course. I have got a girlfriend before." She had a good memory of getting married, let alone the bachelor party. She just wanted to take this opportunity to hold a wedding ce

p-notch customers.

Even the usherettes at the door were all young and stunning. It seemed that Night Club had a good reason to occupy a place in Alaska in just two years.

Although these "young handsome" men were quite young, they had received professional training. They smiled when they greeted the guests, but not in a fawning way. The two men who looked steadily at them now knew clearly what they should look at and what they shouldn't say. No matter how weird the guests were, they could face them in the best state of mind.

As per these two men in front of him.

The tall one was quite normal, but her companion was very interesting. It was already dark outside, but she wore a pair of sunglasses. It was probably because she didn't want to attract any attention. As for the effect, she knew it from the surprised eyes of the past.

The host of Night Club smiled. It was the first time that the ladies had come to this city. The two customers looked young and charming. As the host of Night Club, he would like to spend more time with them.

The two weird groups were Freda and Lancy.

Freda and Lancy were about to get drunk. Because of this, Freda had to sneak into this place. Who would command a group of people to come? It was too shameful.

However, although it was a "secret", the man next to her was too There was a big red mark of "well" carved on Freda's head. Then, Freda pulled at Lancy's sleeve and lowered her voice. "I'm impressed. Can you take off your sunglasses? Do you know how many people are staring at you? Can't you just try to justify yourself? "

Although Freda looked calm, it was nervous actually? After all, Freda was the daughter of the Lu Clan. The more nervous she was, the calmer she appeared. However, because of the stupid girl, she almost couldn't keep calm on the surface.

'Why is she so tired? Is it because she doesn't want to be swollen anymore?'?

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