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   Chapter 149 Crack Down On The Lan Clan

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Mrs. Wilson also remembered that when she was forced to have a baby, she was so angry that she even shouted at Mr. Sidney, "How could you have a son with different beds?"

At that time, she failed to change Mr. Sidney's mind. But now, Mrs. Wilson was disappointed.

Mrs. Wilson was drinking her tea. God knew how many cups it was. Mr. Sidney was so busy that she couldn't just sit there and do nothing. She had no choice but to wait aside.

But Mr. Sidney didn't say anything. He just ignored her existence.

That was the courage sent to Mr. Sidney from the Lan Clan. Mr. Sidney burst into laughter. Mrs. Wilson shivered and almost pissed.

What the hell was going on here? Mrs. Wilson couldn't figure out what was on Mr. Sidney's mind. Was he laughing with anger, or was he happy from the bottom of his heart? Mrs. Wilson had never seen him so "licentious" like this before.

"My Lord, is there anything that makes you so happy?" Since Rani was in trouble because of slapping her in the face, Mrs. Wilson wasn't afraid of getting into any trouble. She behaved like a submissive daughter-in-law. She said so many words and pondered over them over and over again. She was afraid that she would run into a pit of her own digging. That way, she would get even with him for all the old and new accounts.

It turned out that when Mr. Sidney returned to the Lu mansion from the hospital, he didn't go to get even with Mrs. Wilson immediately. Moreover, he never mentioned that to her.

As the saying went, if one didn't explode in silence, he would perish in it. Mrs. Wilson wasn't stupid enough to think that he had moved on It would be much more horrible?

It was no wonder that Mrs. Wilson was terrified all day long, such as treading on thin ice. She even had such ideas like "Mr. Sidney is getting rid of me", "the agreed retirement", "it's better to separate with him". All these years she had been hoping for him had shattered into pieces in just a few days, and gone with wind.

Mrs. Wilson thought it would be another silent indifference, which made her smile like a stone The so-called face refinement. In a few seconds, Elsa's face was wearing a mask, and she put it on her own face, and then she merged the two together.

After thinking for a while, Mr. Sidney handed the receipt to her and said, "have a look."

This simple gesture from Wendy was enough to warm Mrs. Wilson's heart. Mrs. Wilson was almost moved to tears. She didn't take Wendy as an invisible person anymore. She took it over with her trembling hands. The next second, all the sensual feeling was like clouds. She was in a very bad state and wanted to poke her eyes in the face.

It was said that only three seconds had passed since Peter touched her.

Distressed, Mrs. Wilson's face twisted. She stared at the prescription and looked down. The corner of Mrs. Wilson's mouth twitched. The Lan Clan was really generous! Look at these villas, castles, even antique cyan porcelain. They are not new rich. Does it need to be like this?

'Of course I know that dowry represents a woman's face.

son a lot. He was submissive in front of Mr. Sidney as if he was a wuss who had no guts. No wonder Mr. Sidney excluded him from the very beginning.

As a matter of fact, no one in the Lu Clan was worse than her. Wilson was surely not in a good mood. Mrs. Wilson felt much better when someone felt more frustrated than her.

Mrs. Wilson gave Wilson a deep look and turned to go upstairs silently. Sometimes, he looked more depressed than when he spoke. If Mrs. Wilson give way to Lancy for Marvin, would Wilson be as good as Mrs. Wilson was?

Gazing at Mrs. Wilson's back which looked a little bleak, Wilson's lip corners slightly closed. A storm was raging deep in his eyes. As time went on, he returned to calm again. Calm was just an appearance. Since Mr. Sidney was loosened, he had to suppress that dark side of his body However, depression was not a permanent solution. Eventually, it would break out one day.

But at this moment, Lancy, the bride to be, had a big problem. She didn't have many friends in Alaska, and she didn't know many bridesmaids or Groomsmen. Nina has married. Of course she can't be her bridesmaid A girl suddenly came up with an idea.

With the shouts and callings, she pulled him out. With her big eyes blinking, Lancy looked up at him with an ingratiating smile. She was Freda, her best friend.

If it was given by Lancy, Miss Freda would not admit it.

But Freda ignored Lancy's big wet eyes, forced herself to calm down and said, "One finger is enough, isn't it?" However, her arrogant sister to be didn't care about her future sister-in-law at all.

After suffering a heavy blow, Lancy covered her chest and held Freda tightly. "Little Freda, I want you to help me. Just once, okay?"

"Gross! Let me go!" Though reluctant, Freda's ears turned red. In other words, Lancy was a tough girl. "Name anyone in the form!" Due to little Freda, Freda was gooseflesh.

"Freda, our best friends are here. Do you really have the heart to abandon me?" With the misty eyes, Lancy rode Freda and behaved like a rascal.

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