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   Chapter 148 I Will Never Forget It

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10005

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"Are you coming?" She was totally drowned in her opening remarks. Embarrassed, the girl touched her nose. She opened her mouth and tried to say something, but her pink tongue was coming out. Apparently, she realized how big her mouth was. She was like a rocket~

The next second, Lancy was truly dumbfounded. She stared at Marvin in embarrassment. Following his movement, she twisted her neck.

After that, Marvin lifted up a corner of the quilt and calmly leaned on Lancy. Lancy scratched her ear and remembered that Marvin sat beside the bed yesterday just with the bedding?

Lancy, are you sure you haven't found anything? From the layout of the bedroom, it was not difficult to find that Marvin's exact location was from the pear wood chair, sofa, soft bench and bedside. Step by step, the game finally arrived at the finish line.

She then realized that she couldn't miscarry?

Lancy opened her mouth slightly and wanted to say something, but she didn't know what to say. She realized that her boss behaved so naturally that she didn't know how to refute him and even lift the table!

She could only watch the man crawl into her quilt, with their shoulders leaning against each other. The scene was so beautiful that she couldn't bear to look at it.

"What are you looking at?" Marvin naturally took the photo book again and asked, "Is this you, Lancy?"

A second later, the girl quickly forgot all her concerns and self-criticism, stuck out her little head and smugly said, "Yeah, right. It's me. Swollen? Isn't it cute?" Can't you be more modest, a child's paper?

Marvin took a look at the photo and said to Lancy, "well, no wonder people say that a woman would change abruptly in eighteen years old." Her face was much younger than before, white and tender, which made her adorable.

"……" The girl giggled and thought it was strange. The eighteen year old girl suddenly changed her mind. Was she praising her? Right?

Marvin turned two pages in a row, and each of them was with a smile. Lancy didn't have a lot of crying to do. This one was an interesting one. Her round eyes were filled with tears, but before she could shed tears, Lancy was attracted by something outside the camera (someone) with curiosity on her face. She totally forgot crying.

Tears welled up in her eyes and poured down her cheeks.

Hearing that, a smile played at the corners of Marvin's mouth. He had not expected that Lancy had looked like this since she had been a child.

"Stop!" Lancy pointed at Marvin's hand and explained, "They are my father and mother."

"I know." Marvin nodded. Before he met with Lancy, Marvin had thoroughly investigated all things related to her, and the Lan Clan was naturally the key point.

It was not his fault to arouse Marvin's suspicions. He had to be careful because he and Lancy were friends at that time. What's more, as far as Marvin knew, men and women in that place were orphans without parents. How could she have a grandpa and so-called fam

o have an egg. It was her wedding ceremony. But it was his grandfather who said "I want to show my true colors" on his face? Hahaha, she perfect the images of the boss and grandfather.

Sweet dream. My grandpa and my husband always dream of having a girlfriend. Do they know that?

In any case, the whole Lan Clan's businesses concerning the wedding were taken by Mr. Lakin, while the people at the Lu Clan were in the same situation. Mr. Sidney was the leader of the two most powerful and influential figures. Although he had kept his nose in the business, he was still a powerful man.

Even though they knew that Mrs. Wilson was not happy, in fact, they were not happy except for Mr. Sidney and Freda, including their father, Wilson. As for the servants in the Lu Clan, they had no choice but to listen to her and do things with all their heart, and they didn't want to be the cannon fodder. They would do whatever Mr. Sidney said. If they were blamed by Lord Nalan, they could just tell the truth.

The whole Lu mansion seemed to be husky. People all kept silent. It was much more efficient than before. This made Mrs. Wilson frustrated.

She had a feeling that her power was taken over overnight. In fact, she was the same. In front of the so-called Mr. Sidney, Mrs. Wilson always lowered her head and dared not to express her opinions. However, her subordinates didn't listen to her either. They only said the words that Mr. Sidney told them to Even though she was angry, she had to hold back.

She had to endure humiliation and pretend to be gentle. Mrs. Wilson was almost mad. Fortunately, Mr. Sidney didn't live with her. Otherwise, he couldn't sleep well at night.

For the first time, Mrs. Wilson felt so lucky that the couple had left early. She was so tired that she didn't have the energy to consider about "what's right for a husband to sleep in the same bed with his wife". Besides, they were not that old. Even if they slept together, they just slept under the quilt.

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