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   Chapter 147 Daddy Loves To Climb The Wall

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10054

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The two little babies turned a blind eye to the strange interaction between their mothers. How considerate their children were to be so obedient to their mothers!

Of course, this was also the case with the curiosity of little babies. You know, mommy has always been very mysterious about everything she does, deliberately hiding it from them. Well, it's very difficult to deceive them with mommy's intelligence. What mattered was why his mom suddenly changed her attitude?

With the fine tradition that everyone had to get to the bottom of it, Rani and Ray tried their best to support their eyelids which were about to close one night. Finally they got the answer.

Feeling distressed, the two little bun didn't look good. It seemed that they would break down soon! Her two babies were at the loss. If it were other children, they would have rushed to her and cried loudly!

What was she crying for? Both Rani and Ray rushed to her and hugged her mother's thighs, crying, "Mommy, you don't want your baby as long as you have daddy, do you? An uncle police, only this Mommy abandoned her child! ! And she was her biological daughter! !

The boy and girl twins really had the same tacit understanding. They even fantasized the same lines in their minds.

In the following two days, the baby boys were very depressed, unable to do anything, as if they were kicked out by their mommy! I thought Mommy would find out their sadness and comfort them. But it turns out I was wrong At the thought of this, Joe couldn't help feeling sad. He was greatly shocked by the scene that his mommy had hugged and kissed his mommy!

She must overturn the table, one after another!

The kids were only six years old after all, and they were very young. They were seriously hurt by their mother's great event. How could they calm down? They were not as steady and generous as they usually were, "small hurt birds in heart.".

It took two days for the twins to recover from the strange and weird feeling. Rani's eyes turned red, while Ray was very strong. He then changed to another topic, "if we don't look gloomy now, it will be more persuasive. Our babies, Rani and Ray, are looking at each other in the quilt. We are so moved. Luckily we have each other.".

Huh! Mommy is a bad guy, daddy is a bad guy. They is the worst guys. '.

The arrogant baby comforted each other. The nail sized wound finally healed! 'humph, they are the parents of the baby. They can continue to turn a blind eye to it. They are broad-minded and give them time and opportunity to answer the difficulty of lovesickness.'.

Both Rani and Ray gave thumbs up to themselves and felt instantly better.

But now, he seemed to be depressed because his mom was too careless and couldn't understand what he was thinking! Mommy, you thought that if she was only six years old, she wouldn't be so sad. Are you so eager to drive me and Joyce out of the house? He was burning with anger! !

The so-called dismiss was to coax the baby to sleep. A

o the woman he liked You can secretly find a doctor to examine her. "Indifferent" is a disease, which needs to be cured!

ADA MI, it was Marvin who climbed over the wall in the middle of the night. Judging from his appearance, it was obvious that this was not the first time that he had climbed over a wall. He was quite familiar with this place, and he even didn't blink his eyes. A trace of satisfaction flashed through the man's eyes. He was satisfied with the stubborn woman who said that she would close the window when she came back, but she refused every time.

Lancy was quite used to the big house now, where there was nobody else except for her and the twins. For a moment, Marvin didn't want to stay any longer. Although he knew that he shouldn't meet her before marriage, he couldn't help but agree with her.

He could do whatever he wanted. Marvin didn't care about those rules. As for the so-called ominous words, the man sneered. In many people's eyes, he was ominous; he wasn't afraid?

After hearing what Marvin said, in fact, Marvin just missed Lancy too much. If he could find a reason, he would not be able to win her heart? To be honest, Marvin had a crush on 'climbing the wall', right?

Ow, the cold man just lost his temper.

There was a sudden weird atmosphere on the paper. Lancy paused, holding the photo book and put it down slowly. Her eyes met the man's.

Marvin said with a playful smile. Lancy sat up on the bed, embarrassed.

It had only been ten days since Lancy came back to the Lan Clan. The first time Marvin had a jet lag was frightening her to death; the second time, the second time, the second time, the second time, the woman finally realized that the man was deeply hidden, and his agile movements were almost as magical as a superwoman. The second day after, the woman was already very calm, and if he were to fall down, she would still feel something.

That was enough to prove one thing, Marvin had high skill of cooking frogs with warm water.

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