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   Chapter 146 The Little Secret Of My Mommy

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10080

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Jay didn't commit a crime that didn't deserve to die, which referred to the full deny of Jay by her mother, Belle. As Jay's daughter, she couldn't treat her father in such a way. She couldn't.

Lancy looked at him blankly as if it was her first time to see him. The deep begging in Grandpa's eyes inevitably touched her heart. It was the last and most important thing that a father wanted to do for his son.

Mr. Lakin became more silent because of Lancy's silence. Was he still not good enough? The reason why he didn't let Lancy see these till now was that Lancy had completely integrated with the Lan Clan and had feelings for Lan Clan and her grandfather. On top of that, if he told her anything about his parents, he thought it would be easier for her to accept.

Just as Mr. Lakin was disappointed, a small hand patted him on the shoulder. He paused and suddenly looked up, only to see his granddaughter staring at him with her big black and white eyes.

"…… ?" What did he mean?

The girl looked down at the photo album and smiled brightly after a silence. "Grandpa, I don't remember anything about the past. I can tell from these photos that my parents love me very much. That's enough. As for the rest, just as Grandpa said, we should let the past be the past. "

Lancy pretended to nod seriously, and this was the lines of a TV series she chased recently. More importantly, Lancy didn't think she had a position to blame her father. For one thing, she couldn't tell who was lying on the bed after a long time. Only those who were concerned about the truth could know the truth. For another, her son didn't mind her mother's misery. No matter how wrong her father was, she was not supposed to be the one to blame.

To be frank, he had sacrificed his life for his daughter's sake. He owed nothing to her. Lancy held the album tightly. Her parents loved her, but she just didn't get lost for a long time He had abandoned her, as he had suspected.

Having prepared for the worst, Mr. Lakin suddenly felt powerless. Did Lancy agree? Not knowing what to say, Mr. Lakin looked at Lancy more affectionately. It took him a long time to react before he said regretfully, "good girl, you are a good girl. If only you hadn't been lost that year, Lancy should not have lived a hard life outside. "

She thought that her granddaughter was so sweet that she deserved the best.

It was a pity that the God was so unfair that Nicole suffered a lot They were like his son and daughter-in-law. They passed away at the right time in their youth.

"Grandpa, don't worry. I'm fine. After all, I don't remember anything." Hearing that, Lancy smiled innocently. Since she could not feel bitter, why would she feel bitter? All the girls knew was that, recalling her current memory, she was all living her life, eating, buying, playing and playing. Every day she slept, she laughed, and it was not painful at all.

If she had to tell her the "bitter" experience, she would try her best to answer the question. Yes, s

trary, Lancy was born to be insensitive. Everyone was just eating or drinking as they wished. The weird atmosphere finally ended.

After dinner, Nina and Kevin went back to their room. When they passed by Lancy, she was so arrogant that she just showed her temper.

Lancy was not angry at all! She didn't care about it at all? She just thought that Nina had a cold and had difficulty in breathing, so it was normal for her to hum.

She just wanted to smell the two steamed stuffed buns and then lull them to sleep~

Hearing that, Ray was speechless. Looking at the clock on the wall, which was still pointing at 8, he found that little Bun's round face looked a little fatter. Although children should go to bed early, there was no such early family?

Mommy, can we stop here?

Ray was thrilled and expectant when he saw the irrepressible delight and expectation in his mother's eyes. At last, he couldn't help but roll his eyes. In a second, a sentence was clearly written in his black grape like eyes - "heavy color but light color.".

Mommy, aren't we biological?

"Sister, do you know what is emergency?" Ray turned around, unable to look directly at his mother, and shifted the topic to his sister.

'I'm too old to go through this. It had to be started a few days ago.

When they came back to Grandpa's house, they always slept in the same bed with mommy. Suddenly, one day, "Mommy specially prepared a room. The one outside the bedroom was next to it. The name of the room was a personal room prepared for her and her brother. It was said that she worried that they would not be able to sleep well after they got used to living with their father.

Mommy, you really can't lie to me. What can I do to you? She didn't want to show her guilt in her eyes. She wanted to be a little calmer and told him a good acting skill, which was so dangerous that she couldn't fool a six-year-old child? Depressed, Ray and Rani hung their heads. Were they too smart to miscarry? Was it so unshakable?

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