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   Chapter 145 Parents' Past

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Mr. Lakin always thought that if Jill didn't come to make trouble, the daughter-in-law wouldn't be dispirited or divorce her son, and they wouldn't, wouldn't die, leaving him alone!

Mr. Lakin knew that his son didn't want to divorce with Belle. His son's red eyes appeared in his head, but he pretended to be strong. That was his last memory of him.

The night before they went to go through the formalities, his son came to find him, perhaps because he was too sad and painful, and finally he couldn't bear to listen to his father.

Tears, desperation... It's not enough for my son to be alive! '! After all, Mr. Lakin hated Jill very much?

As for the reason why he agreed to let Jill come in and accept Nina. Mr. Lakin couldn't help smiling bitterly. At that time, Lancy had disappeared, and it was hard to say whether he could find her or not. And Nina was his only blood, and how could he not nod in agreement?

Mr. Lakin hated her so much but he had to accept her. No one could understand how aggrieved Mr. Lakin's was? Although he didn't mention what happened in the past and treated her coldly, he didn't deliberately make things difficult for Jill, which didn't mean that he had forgotten and actually forgave her.

The glance from Mr. Lakin was full of hatred and killing intent. Jill was weak all over, her hands trembling uncontrollably. Had she lived a comfortable life for too long, or was she deceived by Mr. Lakin's acting skill? She had forgotten that Mr. Lakin was the most frightening and frightening person in the Lan Clan.

Jill would have collapsed onto the ground if it were not for Kevin and her dignity. It was at that moment that Jill realized how much Mr. Lakin hated her.

"Mr. Lakin!" Jill called weakly, her eyes filled with grievance. At least, she had served him for ten years, hadn't she? There might be merits, but there must be merits? How could he say that in front of the child?

However, she was afraid and resentful.

"Grandpa!" Nina thought that it was an unreasonable request for her grandfather to fire an woman in such a rude manner in front of her husband and mother.

Too mean? Mr. Lakin sneered. Today he really saw that his granddaughter resembled her mother, Jill. After raising her for more than twenty years, she turned out to be an ungrateful woman. Even though she was the apple of his eye, it could not warm her heart.

However, no matter how hard he tried to teach Austin, it was useless.

"Lancy, come with Grandpa," Giving a cold look to this mother and daughter, Mr. Lakin pulled Lancy into the study.

Nina had been blaming her grandfather for abandoning her face. But she didn't know that her grandfather was indifferent to her because of her nonsensical behavior. What's more, she also expressed her past grievances that had been hidden for ten years. In addition, her mother was involved into this affair, which resulted in a series of unforeseen events later.

There was a saying that no Zuo no die!

Nina and Jill watched them leave reluctantly and the resentful expression on their faces couldn't be hidden any mo

s own unique ideas. His biggest weakness is that he is too kind. Such a character is not suitable for the plots in business. But fortunately, he is smart enough. He won't be easily cheated. "

Lancy got a little embarrased. Was this her grandfather's way of praising her father?

After reading her granddaughter's protest, Mr. Lakin couldn't help laughing. How could a father dislike his own son? No matter how clever or stupid his son was, he was his own son? "I hope you can understand your father well."

"All right!" Lancy touched the tip of her nose, tilted her head and asked confusedly, "Grandpa, as you said, Dad loves mom so much, then why... Why did he cheat on her?"

"…… Lancy, you can achieve your goal with someone's schemes. Considering your father's character and your love for your mother, I believe him. It's a pity that after your mother lost you, she was so vulnerable that she lost her usual calmness We have to admit the existence of Nina. "

This was the result of the sudden collapse of trust. It turned into complete doubt. At that time, no matter how hard Jay explained to Belle, even if he explained to her, Belle would not believe a single word from Jay. Belle would ruin the friendship between them and would try her best to get a divorce.

Lancy didn't fully understand what her grandfather said. Her grandfather's words and the fact that she just met were contradictory. She was in a complicated mood and didn't know what to say. It was improper for a son to say anything about his father's death, not to mention that her father had passed away.

Patting on Lancy's head, Mr. Lakin heaved a deep sigh and said, "what's done is done. It's meaningless to find out who is right and who is wrong. You are their only daughter, so they naturally should know what happened to them, and that is also the reason why grandpa told you. But I don't want you to resent him or think that he is such a person in your heart. Lancy, trust me, your father is not that kind of person. Even if he did something wrong, he didn't deserve to die. "

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