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   Chapter 144 The Dispute Caused By Dowry

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It's a long list, but in fact, God knows what grandpa gave Lancy

Nina still remembered that many people admired her dowry when she got married, includin her sister-in-law. At that time, she was deeply moved by Nicholas' love for her.

Now, Nina couldn't help but want to laugh. Compared with Lancy's dowry, she was nothing? 'is this what a beggar should do?'?

The date of their marriage was close. At that time, those who were amazed or envious would all become those who laughed at her! She felt so humiliated. As the daughter of both the Lan Clan and the father, why were they treated so differently?

The innocent beggar blinked, stretched out his hands and pleased him.

She told the world that Lancy was the real legal daughter of the Lan Clan, and she was just a daughter of a concubine? What would the Han Clan think of her then? What would people think of her?

In fact, the dowry that could make the Han Clan gasp was also attractive? I'm just trying to piss her off. I don't want to be too greedy. ". In contrast to Nina's dowry, sneakers in the front were basically the same. There were more jewelry and jade weapons in the back, and a foundation exclusive to Lancy.

The expression on Nina's face was so strange that Kevin could only stare at her. But from the expression on her face, Kevin knew that she was unhappy.

Mr. Lakin frowned. He was dissatisfied with Nina for her gaffe, but his granddaughter seemed to be dissatisfied with his arrangement.

"Grandpa!" Nina spluttered.

"Grandpa!" Lancy happily ran towards him and uttered these words almost at the same time with Nina. Lancy waved her hand and continued, "Oh, I almost forget. Today is your wedding day. How's your wedding?"

Kevin smiled but didn't know how to answer her question. He could speak out some good words if someone else asked him.

Nina retorted without a kind word, "Of course you are very busy these days. How could I bother you with such a trifle as wedding? Good girl, you are in a good mood. You should be happy for your dowry. " They were not only happy, but also grinned from ear to ear.

"Nina!" Mr. Lakin pounded the table, with a bang. He could not stand it anymore.

Glancing at her grandfather and then at the livid Nina, Lancy took the form from Fannie and asked, "What dowry?" Mr. Lakin took charge of the preparation of the wedding and didn't allow her to meddle in it.

Therefore, Lancy really didn't know about dowry. If the baby hadn't been nagging about it all the time, she wouldn't have known when she would get married.

When she saw the list, she was shocked. She asked, "the dowry?" A gift for her? 'that's great!'.

"Hey, are you frightened now?" Nina said in a voice dripping with sarcasm. "See how much grandpa loves you. He almost used up the whole Lan Clan..."

"Enough! Shut up!" Mr. Lakin scolded her angrily. He thought that rosy should be a sensible woman after she got married, but now she just took it as it was before long? "You're getting bolder."

"Grandpa treats people differently. He is unfair!" For the first time, Nina shouted back. Maybe it was because she was not living a comfortabl

. Suddenly, he was caught by a soft hand. He stared blankly at his eyes that were filled with tears. He smiled with relief. He touched his granddaughter's head and sighed, "Lancy, don't feel sad. If they were God, they would know that Lancy has already been beautiful, obedient and sensible. They must be proud of it."

Although he lived in the outside, he never learned any of those bad habits and always maintained the heart of a barefoot! The one under her nose, however

While his shrewd eyes were filled with the distorted face of Nina, Mr. Lakin shook his head and said angrily, "So, Lancy, keep your dowry. That is your mother's love for you. As for the others, just because their mother was not capable of running the errand, they always failed to figure it out. "

Nina lowered her head awkwardly and could not lift her head any more. She was so embarrassed that she wished to find a crack to hide herself. At the same time, Jill happened to carry the fruit tray upstairs. When Jill heard Mr. Lakin's words, her face turned pale like a ghost.

She must have come back to visit him and made a fuss. But now, she had to pay for what she had done!

"What's wrong with Lancy's dowry?"? Fine. She chose to stay with me. Now that you're not satisfied with it, I'll go find my mother! She could get as much as she wanted. As for greedy people, who could like them?

If so, before Nina got married, according to Mr. Lakin's character, he would be halved! But he knew more about her than he loved her. He didn't expect that she would be so ungrateful and blame him for treating her unfairly and favorably Humph! You are nothing compared to Lancy! '

But Mr. Lakin wasn't afraid that his words would be heard by Jill. What else could she do? Perhaps it was because of the memory in the past, there was resentment and resentment in Mr. Lakin's eyes now. People's hearts were always attached to one another. It was already a great honor for them to get married to Lan Clan. If they wanted to bully others in the Lan Clan, they would never let them go, even if they were as old as they were!

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