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   Chapter 143 The Daily Life Of The Han Clan

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Women's self-care is very important, and the most important thing is that they are loved by their husband. In recent years, Susie got nothing to worry about. Everything went on smoothly and she was getting younger and prettier.

"Mother is the worst." Susie had already taken her mother-in-law as her own mother. It was not until she laughed enough that she came to her senses. "I was just worried about my new wife. It was too late last night and I forgot to remind her..."

Susie wanted to say something but hesitated. It was awkward to explain the whole thing clearly, but the old lady, Mrs. Caspar, understood immediately. Her words reminded the elders that her granddaughter in law was pregnant!

Then last night Mrs. Caspar and Mr. Caspar looked at each other. As the patriarch and a man of the family, naturally, Mr. Caspar could not say much about it. Mrs. Caspar frowned and muttered to herself, "It should be okay. I hope Kevin is a decent person. My granddaughter in law, Nina, looks very good. "

Nina was the daughter of an eminent family. She should know what happened without being reminded?

The difference between being a lady from a noble family and being a womanizer was that they wouldn't abandon each other just for having sex.

However, since it was about their eldest grandson's safety, Mr. Caspar became anxious. Finally, she saw her grandson and granddaughter in law.

"Grandpa, grandma, father and mother, I'm sorry. I'm late." She bowed to Jessie in embarrassment, looking particularly dignified and virtuous today.

"It's not late. Sit down, my granddaughter in law, Nina." As Mrs. Caspar spoke, she eyed Nina's pale face! When she found no difference, Mrs. Caspar secretly exchanged an eye contact with Susie. "Nina doesn't look well, but didn't she sleep well last night?"

After Nina washed up, she found that her face was a little pale because she had to do some makeup. Suddenly, she remembered the words that Kevin had said to her last night. She was a pregnant woman. How could a pregnant woman put on makeup? If she didn't have good makeup, the Han Clan would think that she didn't care about the baby in her belly, so she gave it up.

Susie frowned. There was a flash of disapproval in her eyes. How could Nina not understand it.

Nina pretended not to understand what they were talking about. She touched her face, smiled and said, "we went to bed early last night and slept well. Maybe it's because I'm not so used to sleeping on my own bed. "

When Mr. Caspar looked at his grandson, Kevin nodded, indicating that nothing happened last night. The faces of these elders immediately turned better.

"I'll get used to it soon." Susie clapped Nina's hands and thought that her daughter was quite sensible. "How about I call a doctor for you?"

Nina's heart skipped a beat when she heard her mother's words. She shook her head and replied, "no, mom. I'm good and just need some rest. It's not good to come here and see a doctor at the first day. "

What he said was indeed ominous.

Since there was no lust, it was okay. Mrs. Caspar nodded in approval. "That makes sense. If you feel really uncomfortable, don't force yourself. Although we are all


When they stepped into the house, she couldn't help but receive the couple. Seeing the bags in the servants' hands, Jill became more enthusiastic.

"Oh, you still haven't finished your work?" Jill was surprised. She poked her daughter's forehead and said, "what do you mean? It's just a gesture of courtesy. Why do you have so many gifts? People who don't know you might think that you have moved the whole Han Clan away. "

"Mom, what are you talking about? It's Han Clan's love for you, and it's also Kevins love for you." With a triumphant smile, Nina took Kevin's hand intimately.

Jill watched Nina from head to toe, her face flushing. She was satisfied with her son-in-law, Kevin, as Nina had a good time in the Han Clan.

However, there seemed to be a hint of displeasure on Jill's face.

When the three arrived at the living room, Nina understood whom her mother was angry at.

"The wedding date of Lancy has been set, so I can't live at her home for these days." A fake smile appeared on Jill's face. She was sad to see Lancy.

"The wedding date has been decided, that day?" There was a hint of distance in Nina's eyes. She didn't seem to have a strong sense of superiority.

"You are back." Mr. Lakin signaled them to take their seats. And he glanced at the gifts. It was enough for them to know that Nina had a good life in the Han Clan.

"Grandpa." Compared with her mother's joy and enthusiasm, Mr. Lakins reaction was a little colder. Nina's eyes darkened. The messy glass table caught her attention.

Mr. Lakin had been focusing on Lancy's wedding, so Mr. Lakin didn't care about Nina, his granddaughter and grandson in law. Nina randomly picked up one piece of paper, and what was written on it was Lancy's dowry.

Seeing this, Nina's face completely darkened and she couldn't even put on a smile. Stock prices of over one hundred million, two cars, two villas The size of the car and the location of the villa were too much for Nina to ask? What's more, she had never heard of all kinds of jewelry before. She knew at a glance that the necklace's name was of great value, which was just nominal.

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